Ksenia Reutov

Jamey 1990-2008

On a very beautiful night Damien climbed up the house and knocked on Jamey’s window. She freaked out and slowly walked to her window and glanced who it was.

“Hey open the window Jamey before I fall off your roof.” Said Damian

Jamey laughed and opened the window.

“Hey you’re not supposed to be here if my parents see you here I don’t even want to know what they’re going to do to you.” She shrieked

“Jamey they can’t stop true love from happening.” He uttered.

He gave her a long kiss because he hasn’t seen her for half a week. They loved each other but there parents didn’t approve of their relationship. They sat there and talked about running away from their homes but they didn’t know when it would be the right time. So they both kept postponing there breakout. They both went to the same school. The name was Diamond View School, it was a nice school it had a gym and pool well pretty much everything a school really had. Jamey was a senior in that school she loved her life she wasn’t a bully or the one who was being bullied. During school she isn’t noticed and she is noticed. She was one of those normal kids there school had 200 students in each class.

On the night Damien came over he forgot his cap on Jamey’s desk she forgot to hide it from her parents. She left to school and her mom came in to drop off her laundry and saw that Damien was in there house again she got so furious with Jamey. She left the laundry and left her room. When Jamey came home from school she saw that her mom left the laundry on her bed. Then on the corner of her eyes she saw the cap. She started freaking out and thinking oh no what will my mom say.

“Jamey! Down stairs right now!” her mom screamed.

Oh no she thought I knew she was going to say something oh you Damien.

“Okay mom I’ll be right down in a minute.” She uttered. As she was walking down the stairs she thought of what to say to her mom but she couldn’t think of anything. She walked into her mother’s room and stood there with silence. “Yes mother did you need something.” She stated

“Yes my darling I saw Damien’s hat in your room what is that all about? I know that you are not going to listen to your parents but you should listen to our rules because you still live under our roof.” She declared

“Ugh ugh” she stuttered. She didn’t know what to say to her mom. “Well he just came over to say bye” she lied without hesitating.

“What why where is he going?” she asked

“Well he’s going to go see his grandma in Florida.” She said

“Oh okay well dinner will be ready soon so be ready.”

Wow she thought that was really close hopefully soon enough I will be out of this house and I don’t need to listen to her blab the whole day. Damian texted her that tonight was the night that they would run away from their homes. She started freaking out oh no she thought what if something happens but then she calmed herself down. Okay first need some clothes, shoes, sweaters, and some accessories. She packed everything and through it out of her window. Ten minutes later she got another text okay I’m outside come out. Wow well here goes nothing she said. Just as she was getting out her mom knocked on the door and said

“Honey dinners ready.”

“Okay I’ll be down in a minute” she said then she kept getting out she finally got out of the house she ran up to Damien’s truck and got in. “Hey babe missed you.” She said then she kissed him well here we go they both yelled.

“So where are we going do you have any ideas?” Damien said

“Well I heard that Mexico is good this time of year.” Ha-ha he laughed

“whoa there girl slow down somewhere closer.” Just as they were driving off their mom saw Jamey sitting in his truck. She first thought oh not again that girl will never understand. Jamey’s mom put on her white with black stripped jacket and got in to her car. She drove so fast she was trying to catch them they didn’t notice that Jamey’s mom was following them until someone honked. They both looked back then boom they went into oncoming traffic. The first car scratched them the second one hit them on the edge and Damien’s truck started spinning it was out of control. They thought it was all over but just as they opened their eyes and looked up a huge semi hit the passenger side Jamey died instantly.

Damian was stuck in the car it was to wrecked he had to wait for the fire department to come and get him out. Jamey’s mom sat there crying for her daughter’s life.

“You stupid boy I knew something was ought to happen to my sweet sweet little girl it’s all your fault she’s dead.”  Damien had tears rolling down his cheeks as if some kind of tsunami just came. He wasn’t crying because he had a broken leg and arm but because he killed his own girlfriend. The fire department finally came and it took them two straight hours to get both Damien and Jamey out of the car. The ambulance took Damien to the hospital they put on his casts. His parents picked him up and drove him home.  He was much tiered he went straight to bed.

The night after Jamey’s funeral Damien went to the cemetery to drop off some flowers. As he was dropping off the flowers he sat down and took a little nap he wanted to stay with her for a little while more before he left and never came back again. When he woke up he looked at the time.

“Holy moly I’m late! It’s past my curfew, my mom will kill me.” Damien still so sleepy gets in his truck and starts driving fast. He drove for a couple miles.  Just as he dozed off he heard a honking sound and he opened his eyes and crash he flew onto the intersection and a big semi crashed right into him. Just as the life was draining out of him Jamey popped into his head.

“Please don’t die you should have fun for me and you live the greatest life you could ever. Like if I was there with you.” Before you knew it all the life was draining back in. He slowly regained conscious and slowly with a whisper.

“I will always love you and I will live the fullest life you could ever imagine.




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  1. Mike says:

    Wow ksenia..you made this story great.. i almost cried lol. But awesome story you seem to get the hang of writing really well.

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