Anthony 1989-2003

I was raised in a tough neighborhood in Detroit. I am 14 years old and I am an African American. My older brother is never home because he is hanging out with his gang and doing something illegal. So I have to stay home with my young sister and two brothers until my mom comes back from work. We have to stay inside the old apartment the whole day because it’s too dangerous to even walk across the street.

That faithful morning, my mom had to go to a meeting so I had to baby sit the whole day again, couple hour’s later kids woke up, and they started running around the house.

Can you make us some food and later play hide and seek later,” Said Darrel.

I will make you guys some cereal but I am not playing hide and seek. A few minutes later Nancy and DJ came to me.

Can you play one game with us, said DJ and Nancy?

No! Stop asking me or I will put you guys in your rooms. There was peace and quiet for three hours until it became dark.

All of them at the same time approached me; politely they asked if I could play one game with them they will never ask me ever again. I somehow agreed to it, so they went hiding like rabbits and I was the wolf.

“1, 2, 3” I started counting to fifty.

When I finished I heard a little thud in the closet. I lightly walked across the living room and opened the door; it was Nancy my little sister. She came out of the closet and I heard a rustling sound under the stairs. I walked over with Nancy and swung the door open. It was the youngest brother Darrel, under some old pillows and blankets. He got out and we all started looking for the brother, DJ. Named after our Father Drake Jr.

We all searched for him for twenty minutes.

I give up DJ so come out. There was no answer. So I said it again, but louder this time, still no answer.

I saw DJ leave out the back door and hide somewhere outside,” said Darrel. Outside in the dark is the worst time to be out in my neighborhood. It’s when all the drug deals go down, and if someone is caught in the middle of a deal, they won’t hesitate to pull the trigger. I put on my jacket, told Nancy to watch Darrel, and if mom comes tell her that I went looking for DJ. She nodded her head and I was on my way.

While I walked down the street I yelled DJ! Every time I called there was no answer. At the T-intersection two blocks to the right, I saw a little boy turn the corner. He was headed to the ally where the deals always happen. I took a short cut over some fences and arrived just in time. I told DJ to go home right away. Then I heard some shouting from behind, it was DE Sawn and his gang.

“Yo who is this? “Asked, DE Shawn.”

I heard a familiar voice.

Let’s cap this kid,” said Jamarkus.”

It was really dark in the ally. I heard a bang! That’s when I started running, more loud bangs went off and the next thing I knew, I way lying on the ground looking up at the sky and the full moon was looking down on me. One of the guys from DE Shawn’s crew came up to me and I noticed it was my older brother Jamarkus. He was crying over me, I closed my eyes and a white light started to appear.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hm. Nice got a sad sending and it touched me somewhere.lol, but that is awesome the details were rite and you stayed on the same trail throught. nice.

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