The Day We Died           By Evgeny

          The day I died was the best day of my life. Let me tell you about that day. It started of really good. I went shopping with my girlfriend at the mall. She loved to shop and spend money. What if I merry this girl and she spends all my money I was thinking while we walked by the jewelry store. Just then I got an idea.

As she went to her store I sneaked out to the jewelry store. I walked up and saw right there in the glass the ring that I needed. We have been going out for almost a year and I think it’s time. I bought it but I didn’t take it because they needed to polish it and resize it because my girl’s fingers are tiny.

I went back to the store she was shopping at and found her with a bunch of cloths in her hands. I laughed and said, “Having fun?” After shopping, on the way to the parking lot I asked her if she wants to go to dinner tonight and she agreed.

Its seven already and I’m very nervous. I drove to the store and picked it up. When I picked it up my hand was shaking uncontrollably. The cashier laughed at me and said, “Good luck.”

I drove to her house and by the time I reached it I was a bit late. When I knocked on the door she answered and she was beautiful. I apologized for being late and we got in to the car. I was very nervous and hoping that she would not notice that I’m really nervous. Making small talk was going well, she was laughing then at an intersection a drunk driver ran a red light.

He ran in to my door so hard that the car flipped several times and lay there on its roof. We woke up several minutes later and tried to wiggle out but we were in too much pain. I could see my legs bleeding everywhere. My girlfriend was bleeding also but from her head and badly. I tried to wiggle out again with no luck but the engagement ring slipped out of my pocket and landed on the ceiling.

My girlfriend smiled at me and said yes. I picked it up and put it on her finger. She moved closer to me and hugged me and said, “I love it.” Slowly we both started to fall asleep and faded away from this world in each other’s arms.

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  1. Mike says:

    It was alrite. Not enough details and it was short but otherwise ok.

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