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In a galaxy far away, an alien race is being slowly destroyed by their enemy. Not strong enough and outnumbered, they are losing hope. But in the midst of their trouble, a secret program is created that might just save them all. They have created soldiers with extraordinaty abilities to defeat their enemy. These soldiers are trained to do anything and everything. But being part of this program, they have to pass a test before going into battle. They must to go to far away planet and survive for a year. One of the men being sent on this expidition is Lance and he is traveling to Earth.


L.A.                                                                                                                                                            Yakov Kuzmin

Legendary Lance

Lance was born on the planet Lareen, home of Lareenians. The Lareenians were a highly advanced alien race in the field of technology and warfare. The Lareenians had conquered many planets and destroyed the civilizations on them. During their military campaigns, they met another race with technology that matched their own. This new race was mechanical and they were called Cytorgs. They were created by beings that were later destroyed by their own creation. A little later, a war ensued between the two. Being overpowered by the Cytorgs, the Lareenians had to think up of a way to defeat the new enemy. They started to experiment on their kind and create super soldiers. Children would be chosen, trained and experimented upon.

Lance was one of the few chosen to join the program. He was altered by the scientists. When they were done, he could run faster, jump farther, fight longer and had several other skills and mutations. Lance was about ready to be shipped out to the front lines on the battlefields, but the colony’s commander could not send him to war just yet. Lance had to pass the hardest test first. Lance needed to go to a planet outside of their control to train for one final year. He would be sent to some random planet of their choosing.

Lance was walking around the Command Center. He was nervous to hear to what planet he would be going to train on. He had heard stories of past recruits going to faraway places and struggling to survive. He heard that only one fourth of every soldier sent came back alive. On the other hand, not everybody was chosen to join the program, not all made it past basic training and survived the experiments. Lance passed it all like a quick breeze. Only the best of the best were chosen and he was one of them. This was going to the hardest test of his life.

When Lance heard to what planet he was going to, he felt cheated and betrayed. His Commanding officer had chosen it for him. Lance would be traveling to Earth. Lareenians knew that earth was a strange and weak planet. Plus, it had a race of beings called humans. Their technology was a few centuries behind the Lareenians. It was also vastly inhabited by Earth’s creatures. That ruled out trying to stay perfectly hidden for a year. Lance became furious with his Commanders decision. But there was nothing he could do to change it.

Before being sent to earth, he was given a weapon, a spear or what Lance liked to called a lance. When the scientist gave him the lance, he told Lance that it was a lightning lance. That it could call lightning in a storm, like a lightning rod. Then he was ready to go. Lance traveled in an intergalactic wormhole from Lareen to earth. His first time inside an intergalactic wormhole, Lance never felt so alive in his entire life. His only concern was where he would appear on Earth.

Lance got dropped off right in the middle of a freeway surrounded by tall buildings. He had no idea what was happening. He took out his lance and prepared to fight. Out of the blue, a semi truck came running straight into him. Lance didn’t know what to think of this mechanical beast, so he struck the front the semi in the wheels with his lance. The truck swerved down the freeway and crashed into another car and started to burn. Lance was surprised by what transpired. He didn’t know what to do. All the other vehicles stopped around the demolished truck and near him. Suddenly he heard a strange cry or sirens going off in the distance. Lance started to run towards the crash. Then he saw humans everywhere. He had to get away.

Lance began to look for some place to hide, an escape route. Then he saw it; an alley. When he ran inside, he only saw another human. This one looked banged up and dirty. His clothes were cut up and old. He looked homeless. The hobo didn’t see Lance hiding near him at first. The hobo was muttering to himself the whole time about the government who was everywhere, spreading its destruction. Lance started to look around to see if the coast was clear. But a siren noise was going off and it began to sound louder. A police car showed up and stopped nearby. Two men got out and started to look around.

“It’s the government, dey is everywhere.” whispered the hobo. “Come with me, if you want to hide from dem.”

Lance didn’t hesitate to join the human in his plan to hide elsewhere. As they were creeping out of the alley, Lance accidently knocked over a trash can. It alarmed the cops and they saw both of them. Now Lance was in bigger trouble than last time.

“Stop!” yelled one of the policemen.

Lance quickly covered his face with the cloak he wore. Not wanting to cause more panic, he stopped and waited for the cops to get near him. But it didn’t look like the cops wanted to talk to them. Both of them had pistols and a pair of handcuffs out. The hobo told him they were going to be arrested.

As soon as the police were in touching distance, Lance shot his fist into one of the officers and quickly tackled the other. This other cop was huge. He and the police officer started to roll around on the ground. The hobo took the gun from the cop who looked like had been hit badly enough that he was in a coma and smashed it into the other cops face. Bam! It knocked out the officer and his teeth.

“Come on now! Let’s git out of here.” said the hobo.

Lance thanked the hobo. He had been getting in trouble the moment he got to Earth. How would he survive on earth if he kept attracting everybody to his where bouts? He thought about it a little bit, and then decided to use the hobo for his plans in hiding and training. The hobo had saved Lance before and probably would do it again. It was the perfect plan in his mind.

What they didn’t know was a few security cameras caught him in his endeavors with the hobo. The tapes of the footage were sent straight to the highest officials in the government. Then it was handed over to a special branch in the government that dealt with these kinds of problems. They did whatever necessary to get what they wanted. The governments number one priority became that Lance be immobilized and taken in. The special branch in the government sent in their best.

Lance and the hobo were hiding in a parking garage after the incident with the cops. They would’ve been able to lay low except police cars kept surprising them wherever they went. Then Lance decided it was time he told the hobo who he was. After lance told the hobo everything about himself, the hobo didn’t believe Lance for a second. Then Lance asked the hobo who he was. The hobo also told him about his past and how he fought in Vietnam.

“Dey coll me hobo, jus hobo.” said the hobo.” What do dey coll you?”

“Lance.” replied Lance.

After exchanging stories, they became partners. The hobo agreed to help Lance by showing him around for a year and where he could train. Not a minute later, two armored vehicle showed up outside of the garage and stopped at all the exits. A group of men in black suits got out with semi-automatics in their hands and went inside. Lance didn’t know enough to know his way around a human building to escape. Both of them started to brainstorm how to get out the building.

“Let’s go to the roof, it’s the only way to get away from dem pesky government people.” the hobo shouted.

Lance agreed and they went dashing up to the roof. They ran onto the roof to see rain pouring down on them and a flash of lightning go by.  Lance remembered what one of the scientists said. The lance could call forth lightning. Now was the perfect time to do that. He took out the lance. It only looked 2 feet long at the most. Then Lance twisted it and the lance began to grow and stopped at about 7 feet. The hobo seemed pretty amazed by what happened.

“It’s not magical if that’s what you’re thinking, its mechanical.” exclaimed Lance.

The hobo had never seen such a weapon and thought it was amazing. He examined every inch of the spear like weapon.The tip of the lance had a strange metal with wires running into it. It was the same green like color like Lances cloak. The hobo looked at Lance closely for the first time and saw that he wore green on everything.

Lance heard the humans climbing up the stairs with his acute hearing. He got ready and the hobo hid behind a pipe. A little later, a flash bang and smoke grenade flew through the door near them. Bang! A blinding light flashed, but it didn’t affect him much because of Lances specially engineered eyes. The other grenade had white smoke streaming out of it at an incredible speed. A while later and the roof was engulfed by smoke. Lance struck his lance into the sky and a lightning bolt zapped the lance. Volts of electricity ran through it, like an electrical charged rifle.

A silent bullet tore into Lance’s shoulder and he shouted in fury. He let loose the thunder in the lance into the direction of the bullets firing point. A large yellow flash of 100 billion volts of electricity shot through the air into the human soldiers. It fried them completely inside out and left their ashes on the ground. The other unit of soldiers heard the screams and shrieks and stopped right away. The first soldier in the line was only a few feet from the entrance to the roof. The soldier saw ashes flying away with the wind and the rest of the smoke had almost been depleted. In the middle of the roof he saw Lance on his knees grasping onto his left shoulder and grunting in pain.

“It’s clear to advance.” the soldier whispered to the rest of the unit.

In the matter of seconds, they surrounded Lance. Now he was in the biggest trouble ever. The hobo was still hiding behind the pipe and saw everything. He looked around and grabbed a metal bar. He threw it at one of the soldiers and the soldier fell unconscious. The rest of the government soldiers turned around started firing at him. The hobo jumped away from the bullets, but got hit. Lance immediately took his lance and slashed the human closest to him. Then he struck another and threw the lance into another. There was one more soldier left. The soldier noticed Lance and turned to fire at him. Lance dodged the bullets and simultaneously knocked the human out.

“Need some help here!” yelled the hobo.

Lance hurried to the hobo’s location. The hobo was bleeding out from a gunshot wound in the stomach. Lance ripped of a piece off his cape and tightened it around the hobo. It stopped the bleeding momentarily. The hobo said he’d seen wounds like this in Vietnam and he wasn’t going to make it. Lance asked him if he knew anyplace that he could stay at.

“Just go to the alley we met in, and through there is a dumpster/homeless refugee. And you might want to get rid of your clothes too or somebody might recognize you.” replied the hobo.

Lance left and didn’t look back. He retraced his steps back to the alley and found himself a place to live. He stayed on the lookout for the government for the rest of the year. By the time his sentence on earth was ending, he had grown fond of humans. Lance knew his people were going to conquer earth after his training ended. He overheard it before going to earth. A space ship would come for him and start its invasion. But it was too late. The Cytorgs found earth. They had followed the Lareenian warship to Earth and blew it up just outside earth’s orbit. Then the machines dropped 100 super bombs on Earth and it was obliterated to a bunch of rocks floating in space. There were no survivors except for Lance who used a teleportation device to escape to a nearby planet in the solar system under Lareenian control.

2 Responses to Yakov’s Page

  1. Mr. R. says:

    These Lareenians seem like ruthless people.
    Yakov, it’s writing like this that shows me how great of a sense of humor you have. Your ability to tie together in an entertaining way:
    Alien race
    Lance and his weapon of choice: a lance
    The hobo who served in Vietnam
    Government people
    Magic vs. mechanics
    100 million volt gun
    100 super bombs
    You did this in a way that convinced me that any rock floating in space was created by some Lareenian agression.
    Thank you for lightening my day!

    Mr. R.

  2. katya says:

    I like how you made it aliens v machines. Haven`t heard that before. But your ending seemed like it was rushed. You should add more detial and i think it would be a better ending. But the ending was still good but why do the humans die? lol

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