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My story Fallen Angel: Nikita, is a romantic fiction about an angel, Nikita and a cop, Leo. The story explains how Nikita brakes God’s rules and gets banned from Heaven and sent to Earth to save a small town from evil. There, she meets Leo and falls in love, but after a year she has completed her mission and is being sent back to heaven.

Will she forget about Leo and move on? Or will she stay on Earth and be with Leo? Read to find out! 😀

Varya Reutov

Fallen Angel: Nikita

Nikita, one of God’s finest creation, or so God thought. God may know what comes of humans, but he does not know what His own angels do, and think. They are the one thing God trusts the most. His angels are like the elves that help out Santa during Christmas, those trustworthy little helpers that save the day.

For many years Nikita was sent on many missions and assignments. Assignments that ranged from: personally helping god with problems; helping people get to heaven; and being a guardian angel to humans. She had always done a very good job with anything and everything. God could always count on her to always get the job done and to never make any mistakes. He had always thought of her as his own guardian angel. But on one specific mission, Nikita made an enormous mistake! She betrayed God just as the power of darkness, Satan, had betrayed Him, but not as bad actually.

When Nikita was on an assignment to divide the good and the bad people and where to send them she saw a young girl who was declared as bad. Nikita’s first thought was that she did not deserve what she is getting; she was still a young soul. Her second thought was, this was God’s decision and I will not question it. But when they asked Nikita to be the one who leads them to hell, she couldn’t do it! So as soon as the others left, Nikita grabbed the 16 year old girl. Using her powers to control the girl, Nikita hid her under her wings. Then both of them started walking through the main hall, which leads to the human control room. It’s a room that holds a portal which sends angels back and forth between Earth. Nikita was going to use that portal to send her back.

During the whole process Nikita’s mind was flying all over the place and she couldn’t concentrate which made her powers weaken. That lead to the teenager being able to control herself once again.

“Hey! Wha..? Where am I? What am I doing here?” Asked the young blonde.

Nikita jumped in surprise, almost falling into the portal, which would not be such a good idea. “What is wrong with me?” The angel asked herself. “Since when have I ever been this on edge and reckless? My God, what am I doing?” Then she froze.

“Wait, how were you being able to withstand my mind control? I am one of the most powerful angels.” Nikita asked as questions raced through her mind.

“Mind control? Angel? What are you talking about?! Where am I?” Screamed the confused teenager.

Nikita saw a tear form at the edge of the teenager’s right eye, “No please don’t cry. I’m trying to help you. My name is Nikita, I am an angel.” This was part of an angel’s worst job telling the human where he or she really is and why, “You are in God’s house.” she paused, “You died. But I am trying to help you get back to Earth; I’m giving you a second chance.” That said Nikita gave the girl a warm smile. “Everything is going to be okay.” Even though she knew it was far from okay.

The confused girl looked at the beautiful glowing lady standing before her, smiled back and replied, “Hi Nikita. My name is Alexandra Burkoff.” Alexandra talked with a Russian accent and stumbled in English, but was clear enough for Nikita to understand. It didn’t matter what language Alexandra had spoken, Nikita would’ve understood her. One of the gifts God gave angels was the power to speak and understand all 832 spoken languages on Earth.

“Nikita I am very thankful for what you are trying to do for me but..”

“Shhh, someone is coming!” Nikita whispered as she shut the girl’s mouth with her soft skinned hand.

“Good.” The young girl replied, “Because I am not letting you send me back to that cold- hearted, dark place! I was thankful and ready to die. Leave that awful place to come here!”

Nikita gasped in surprise: “But if you stay here, you will go to…to hell.”

But that didn’t seem to surprise nor sadden Alexandra, “Yes, I figured that much. Well, thank you very much for trying but I am more than happy to get what is coming. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone you were trying to help me.”

Even if the young Russian girl did keep her mouth shut, Nikita knew that God already knew there was no excuse for her actions. She didn’t want the young girl to feel bad, so Nikita shut and sent Alexandra off. With that done Nikita sent herself off to God, to confess her sin and receive the punishment.

God frowned, “Nikita.” He waved for everyone to leave the room and continued, “You have disappointed me dearly, even though you are my most valued Angel. Still I must punish you and make an example out of you. I do not pick favorites, everyone is treated and punished equally. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Just one thing Father. I am most deeply sorry for what I have done, but, if I had to do it again, I would not change my actions. I do not regret what I have done. I am ready to get what is coming. That is all, sir.” Nikita answered truthfully and thoughtfully.

“Very well then.” He turned towards the white door that was on his left, “Through that door is your punishment Nikita. It is a small town in Maine. There, you will get rid of the lurking evil. Yes, you will have help. But who and how you will discover for yourself.” He motioned Nikita towards the door, “Your journey awaits you dear. Oh, before you go, here” God handed Nikita a beautiful white feather, “This is the only magic you will have on Earth. It can convince people to do things that you need. But the must be selfless things that will help you save the town. The feather also makes people forget things, turns little things from bad to good and it gives insight on a person’s soul.”

Nikita smiled and walked towards the door without complaining about anything, “Before I go…” But it was too late, everything started to fade and Nikita disappeared.

“Oh dang, my head.” Nikita moaned as she opened her eyes. Looking around the room she noticed the three red, white and black paintings hanging on the cream colored wall. The furniture and everything else looked antique, but new at the same time. “I am in the bed room.” She thought as she guided her hand through the white silk sheets that covered half her body. The sun was just rising and she could feel the warm, on her face, sending a warm chill down her body.

“Ahh, what a beautiful morning. Humans are lucky to wake up to this every morning.” Nikita said out loud. When she realized she was talking out loud, she stopped and wondered if someone might hear her and think she is some crazy person. She got off the queen size bed and explored where she would be living her life for now.

She heard a knock on the door, “Ooh, my first visitor!” She squealed. As she went for the door she thought of what God had told her earlier about how she will meet a human that will help her with her mission on Earth, “He better be a male, and cute if he plans to ‘impact’ my life.” She whispered to herself with a face. As she opened the door a tall, dark, blue eyed, handsome 28 year old man spoke,

“Hi neighbor! I heard you move in last night and just wanted to be the first to welcome you to the building before I go to work. So I guess, welcome! My name is Leo.” He chuckled and waited for Nikita’s reaction. But Nikita didn’t have one. She just stood there dumbstruck. After about what felt like an hour, Nikita came back to reality and replied,

“Oh gosh, sorry. Umm, I mean thank you. That is very kind of you.” She blushed, “Excuse me manners, would you like to come in? Have a fresh cup of coffee with me?” she asked, hoping he would say yes.

Leo looked at his watch, scratched his head, smiled and replied, “I do have an hour until my shift, so why not.” As he came into the apartment his smile changed into what looked like a face that just discovered a new race, “Wow! How in the world did you manage to set everything up in one night?”

Nikita started to panic, but she put on a cute, girly smile and lied, “Well I can’t take all the credit. My two younger sisters were here last night helping me out until like four o’clock in the morning. They are pretty much my life savers, I am very thankful to have them.”

Leo seemed to relax after hearing her answer. He looked around then sat down at the counter waiting to get served some coffee from the pretty, young lady that he seemed to be attracted to. After an hour of talking, but for Nikita, lying, Nikita found out that Leo was a cop, a detective to be more accurate. He loved his job, was never married, was single at the moment, (yay for her) and loved to do the right thing. Doing the right thing was pretty much why he became a cop in the first place.

Through Nikita and Leo’s conversation all Nikita could think about was, well, make that two things she couldn’t stop thinking about. One: how hot Leo looked in his uniform, and two: she should join the police squad and help out the town that way. But she just couldn’t think of a way to ask him so she excused herself and went to get her magical feather, and returned.

“Hey Leo, can I ask you for a favor? I know we just met but, it’s kind of a big deal for me.” Nikita asked cautiously, making sure that she used all the right words.

“Yeah sure, what’s up?” he answered casually, like it was no big deal a stranger was asking him for a personal favor.

“Well, you know you can say no if you want, but I was wondering if you could ask your captain if I could maybe tag along with you on your cases and help you out. Because I am also really into helping people out and, this is a bonus, I am super good in problem solving and finding the smallest clues people usually miss. So, what do you say cop?” Nikita said, giving Leo a hopeful, but cute smile as she gently touched his arm with the feather,

“Yeah, definitely!” Leo exclaimed, “I would be psyched to have you on my squad.”

Nikita smiled and pretended to look surprised, “Wait, you mean it? You’re actually going to do it?” she laughed, “Wow that comes as a total surprise! But wait, aren’t you like, suppose to ask your captain first, since he’s your boss and all?”

Leo smiled, put his hand on his chin and looked out into the distance like he was thinking something over and replied, “Well, the captain and I talking about it, and he decided to let you join the team, but as a consultant. What do you say Nikita?”

The confused angel first looked at the man sitting in her kitchen, on her stool then, smiled greatly, laughed and replied, “Well you could’ve told me you were the captain.”

Leo laughed, something he hadn’t done in a while, “What would be the fun of that?” he then looked at his watch, frowned and said, “Wow I guess it’s true about what they say, time does fly when you are having fun, because now I am twenty minutes late for work.”

Nikita smiled then blushed, “That makes two of us. I’ll just grab my jacket and we can go.” Nikita was super excited.

“Okay, let’s go partner!” Leo exclaimed, also super excited.

When Nikita and Leo walked into the police station side by side, everyone stared at them. Someone even whistled, “Oh shut up Bossley.” Leo said to a tall cop that was walking towards them,

“Hey Mack, got you a case. Guess the feds didn’t think it fit their jerusdiction, so they passed it to us. Bunch of lazy old ladies.” He handed Leo the case file and looked at me, “Excuse me manners miss…”

“White, Nikita White.” Nikita answered.

“Oh hey, I’m Bossley, the smart one.”  Bossley chuckled, “Oh and Leo we got only three days to solve this thing, boss says so.”

On the way to Leo’s office, Leo told Bossley that Nikita was going to be helping out around the office and assisting them on cases,

“Well this is your lucky day Nikita, because you’re going to help us find out who had assaulted and robbed three citizens of our small town of Saltville.” Said Bossley,

“Excellent!” squeaked Nikita excitedly, “Can’t wait to get started.”

Driving up to one of the victims’ house Nikita knew she had to do something impressive to convince Leo that she was worth keeping around. Nikita reached into her pocket to make sure that the feather was still there. She knew that if she wanted to really impress him, she would need some help. Nikita smiled and patted her pocket, locked and loaded.

When Leo knocked on the house door, a woman in her thirties, with a black eye answered, “Hi, you must be Detective Mack.”

“Yes, but you can call me Leo.” Leo replied.

After some tea and chit chat Leo put on his cop mode and got down to business,

“Miss Tee, I know this can be painful for you, but I need to find out what exactly happened on the night of your assault, at uh…” he looked at his notepad, “the fifth of June.”

At first the woman hesitated, but then told them everything that happened. But Nikita had a feeling that she was lying about something. Either Miss Tee was making something up about her story, or she knew who assaulted her but didn’t want to tell anyone. When Miss Tee left the room to grab some snacks Nikita turned to Leo and said,

“I have a feeling she’s lying about something.”

“Yeah,” Leo agreed “Same here. Like she’s not telling us something.”

Before they could take the conversation any further Miss Tee came back,

“Miss Tee, can I ask you something?” Nikita asked, jumping for the only open window she thought she would get in this interview,

“Yeah, sure.”

Nikita secretly took out her feather from her pocket and hid it under her sleeve. Then she slowly moved close enough to Miss Tee and gently touched her with the feather and asked,

“Miss Tee, what is it that you are not telling us?”

A tear ran down the victim’s cheek,

“It’s okay, you can tell us.” Nikita said trying to comfort the victim,

“My ex boyfriend, Josh, he did this to me. After I broke up with him that night, he got very mad and hit me. Then…” A waterfall of tears washed down her face, “Then he grabbed me by my wrists…” But she couldn’t finish the sentence,

Nikita hugged the hurt lady and said, “It’s okay, you’ll be fine. We will find that idiot and he’ll be gone for a long time.”

After Leo and Nikita left the victim’s house, they went to grab some lunch at the town’s favorite café,

“Wow, you did awesome on the interview. I have never seen anyone do that before.”

Nikita smiled, “Thanks Leo, means a lot coming from you.”

“Hey Nikita, would you like to go to dinner with me sometime?”

“Yeah I would love to!”

“Okay awesome. Well we better finish up with our breakfast, got to get back to the office.”

When they got back to the station, there were three more cases on Leo’s desk. Then two more and this went on for months. Together Nikita and Leo were able to solve case after case, problem free. Both of them enjoyed it because they got to be in each other’s company almost 24/7. Sometimes the even thought of their cases as dates. Leo would always say that the best couples go on the most dates, and that made Nikita happy to know that Leo was really committed to their relationship, but it also really scared her. Because she knew that they were too attached and that she might be going back up to heaven whenever God thought she was ready. Nikita was really dreading that day.

After being on earth and dating Leo for a year and three months, Nikita finally got a message from upstairs. They had sent her a talking white dove that told her that after she solves her current case she would be taken back home, “If this was last year I would’ve been happy to go back home.” Nikita prayed, “But I have changed, and I love it here. So God, can you please let me stay here? It will do well to both of us.” But she didn’t get an answer. Nikita was devastated, but she knew what she had to do, and she was going to solve the case, say good bye to Leo, and go back home.

The next day when Nikita came to work and saw Leo, she almost burst into tears. Because this might be the last day Nikita was going to see him,

“Hey Nikki, you okay?” one of the cops that Nikita had become friends with asked.

Nikita wiped her tears away and said, “Me? Yeah I’m fine, don’t worry about it. Just had something stuck in my eye that’s all.”

As the man walked away Nikita went into Leo’s office and hugged him. She wanted to touch, smell, and enjoy being in his arms for the last time in a long time.

“Hey, hey, are you okay babe?” Leo asked, concerned.

“I’m fine. What I can’t hug my extremely cute and smart boyfriend?”

“Of course you can love, anytime you want.” They both looked at each other and smiled. But as Leo was reaching in for a kiss they both heard a tap on the door and then a head popped in,

“Hey you two, get a room why don’t you.” Smiled Bossley, “Oh and we got a lead on that Keller killing.”

“Nice!” Leo said, he lightly kissed Nikita on the forehead and went to grab his coat. Nikita frowned in disappointment but didn’t say anything and quietly followed after Leo.

When they got to suspect’s house, they found everything they needed to convict him, so case closed. Which meant it was time for Nikita to go home. Not her home in the apartment across the hall from Leo, but the home that  she has been banned from almost two years ago. And honestly she really didn’t want to go back, ever.

During Nikita’s ride back to her apartment, a white light shone brightly in front of her, blinding Nikita completely. A tiny tear slipped down her cheek as she sadly said, “Good bye Leo, I love you more than anything else I the world.” And she secretly disappeared from the world, leaving the Leo’s broken heart whenever he will find out that Nikita had left without a warning.

“Nikita, you are welcomed with a job well done.”

Nikita adjusted her vision and saw that it was God talking to her,

“Thank you Father.” She replied in a dull voice.

“Well you sure don’t seem happy to be home. From what I can remember, when we were sending you out, you didn’t seem at all happy to leave. Now you don’t seem at all happy to come back. Did Earth and life grow on you?”

“Yes Father, I guess you can say that it has.” She frowned and continued, “What is that you want me to do next?”

“Nothing for now, just go to your chambers and relax for a few hours. I know how tiring it is to travel like that.”

Nikita forced a smile and said, “Thank you, that is very kind of you sir.” And she went to her room to cry over Leo.

For three hours Nikita lay in her bed and sobbed, it had left like the end of the world for her. Because to Nikita, Leo was her reason to live, her whole purpose of life, her own little private heaven. But her mourning was interrupted by a knock on the door,

“Nikita, it is I, can I come in?”

Nikita quickly sat up, wiped away her tears and replied, “Yeah, go ahead.”

God came in, sat beside Nikita and said, “Wow, your language sure has changed during your trip.”

“Oh, well you don’t have to worry, I’ll change it back.”

God looked at Nikita with these eyes that said that he couldn’t wait to share good news, “Actually that’s what I’m here to talk to you about. Nikita, since you have come back from Earth, I see the sadness that is now in your eyes, and the broken heart that you now posses, and I cannot stand knowing that I did this to you. So I have decided to send you back to Earth, back to Leo, and back to your real life.”

Nikita’s mouth dropped open, she could not believe what she was hearing, “Are you serious? Boy you better not be playing with me!” She jumped up and threw her arms around God, “Oh my gosh, this is totally awesome!” she screamed.

God was also surprised. Surprised that she hugged him, “Nikita please contain yourself, you are still in my house. And of course I’m not, how did you say it, playing with you. I am being quite serious.”

“Oh, oops, sorry.” Nikita apologized, “So when do I leave?”

Just as soon as Nikita’s feet hit the Earth, the first place she went to was Leo’s apartment. But when she got there, he wasn’t home. So she cooked him a fancy dinner, cleaned up his apartment, lit up some scented candles and waited for him.

“Wow, what’s all this for?” Leo said as he first came in.

Nikita smiled, “Just to show you how much I love you.”

Leo took Nikita into his arms, kissed her, and said, “I love you too babe.”

She smiled, looked up and whispered, “Thank you.”

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  1. Mike says:

    Nice story! Awesomely written! 😀

  2. Leedia says:

    Aww so cute 🙂 This is such a sweet story.

  3. Suzanne says:

    It was delightful to read how you finished this 11 page story! The end is very romantic and satisfactory. I like the way Nikita and God talked – seemed like father and daughter.

    A memorable line you wrote twice (so I thought it was on purpose) was “excuse me manners”. Once seemed like a mistake and twice was a fun twist on the usual excuse my manners.

  4. katya says:

    Very cute.(: I think its so true that God wants us to be happy and wouldn`t want one of his angels sad in his house. I also like how she hugged God. That is so totaly you.

  5. Max says:

    Cool story I liked how you compared the god and daughter like santa and elves. I didnt know there were 832 languages! If it werent for your story i wouldnt have known:)

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