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Damian just had a nasty break-up and James decided that the best way to make him happy is to go to L.A. and pick up some girls. Unfortunately something happens along the way. Will they make it to L.A. or will Damian be forever without love. It is a twist of action, adventure and romance that will blow your mind! 


”Flight 435 to Los Angeles is now boarding,” announced a woman voice.

“I guess that’s us dude, let’s go,” said Damian. They grabbed their carry-on bags and walked up to the man behind the counter to check their ticket so they could board the flight.

“Have a nice flight,” the man said after he checked their tickets. James smiled and boarded the plane.

Everybody shuffled into the plane and buckled up in their seats. After about five minutes the plane started to go on to the airstrip.

” My name is Mike Franks, I will be your captain for today,” said a man over the speakers. “This is the flight from New York to Los Angeles. The weather in Los Angeles looks pretty good for today, uh; about 65 degrees, clear skies. It should be a pretty good flight, uh, sit back, relax and we will have you in the air in couple of minutes.”

James and Damian were going to Los Angeles to chill out and meet some girls. Ever since Damian broke up with his girlfriend a couple of months ago, he has been a little down. James was there all along trying to help him out to get back in the game and meet some girls. So James thought, what better place to meet girls than on the sands of the west coast?’

“So you think there will be a lot of girls there?” asked Damian.

“Dude, don’t worry about it, I guarantee you there will be a lot of girls.”

“I’m just trying to make sure, cause I don’t want to look at you the whole spring break and wonder why I ever let you talk me in to this.” said Damian.

“D, I’m telling you, as soon as you get off this plane you’re going to want to stay there for the rest of your life,” reassured James.

“And if I don’t?” asked Damian.

“We can take the first flight back to New York,” said James.

“Really?!” asked Damian surprisingly, “you would actually pass over a chance to meet all those pretty girls you ramble on about, just to make me feel better?”

“ Yep, cause the only reason I thought we should go on this trip was to make you happy. But if you’re not going to be happy there, we can take the first flight out,” said James.

The plane started to gain speed and slowly took off.

“Whoa, that’s a side of you I haven’t seen in like, ever!” exclaimed Damian

“Well I know what a break up can do. I’ve had a few and each one hurts more than the one before,” said James.

“Hey, man don’t get all teary-eyed here and embarrass me,” exclaimed Damian.

“Sorry, I guess I kind of went a little too deep there.”

“We have now reached 30,000 feet. Feel free to get up and go the lavatory in the back of the plane. The flight attendants will come around with some beverages and snacks. You may also feel free to turn on your electronic devices.”

“Yo, I’m going to try to get some shut eye, I stayed up all night trying to find this flight to LAX,” said James, yawning.

Damian took out his iPod and began listening to music. He only paused it when he heard the captain speak.” We had to change our route due to bad weather up ahead. We should have you on the ground around our scheduled time.”

Damian was just about to play his music when he heard something in the back.

“We’re going to crash,” screamed a fairly young woman,” Stop this plane! We’re going to crash.”

All of the people, who weren’t sleeping started murmuring to each other and asking all kinds of questions. Both flight attendants walked up to the woman.

“Ma’am we’re going to need you to sit down,” one said, as the other went to the back of the plane and brought back a cup of water. The woman drank it and immediately fell asleep.

After about five minutes all of the questions and murmuring stopped and it was quiet again. Damian didn’t think anything of it, because people often start hyperventilating on the plane and start freaking out. Damian already seen these kinds of situations before and wasn’t even surprised. He took out his iPod and pressed “play”.

The flight time was about five hours. They had been on the plane for about two hours. Damian was getting tired of sitting around looking out the window. He pressed the button on the top by the light and a stewardess came.

“Can I get one of those movie players?” asked Damian.

“Sure,” she said.” Well if you would just give me your credit card and I’ll be right back,”

“All right,” he took out his credit card,” here you go,”. She took it and walked off to the back. “Wow! She is cute,” Damian said to James. But when he looked at him and he was still sleeping.

“Sucker,” Damian said with a hint of happiness. A minute later the stewardess came back with one movie player.

“Here you go, Mr. Sullivan,” she said, after she read his name on the credit card.

“Call me, Damian,” he said and took the movie player and his credit card. When he opened his wallet to put the credit card back in.

“I’m Sara,” she said pointing to her nametag.” Is that your girlfriend?” she was looking at girl in the picture in his wallet.

“Was my girlfriend” he answered, stressing the ‘was’. “We broke up a long time ago; I don’t why I still keep it in my wallet. I guess I never got to it,” he lied. He didn’t want her to know that he still cared for his ex, even though she didn’t care about him.

“I know how it feels. My boyfriend broke up with me not too long ago and I still can’t get over him,” she replied.

The plane shook mildly and the captain spoke through the speakers. “We ran into some turbulence here, folks, so you would just remain in your seats.”

“I guess I better go to my seat and let you be with your movies,” she said, quietly, trying not disturb others. She was just about to leave when Damian spoke up.

“Hey! When do you get off from work, maybe we can get together and sulk about being alone, together?”

“Yeah, um, here let give you my number,” she scratched something on his palm. “I get off from work really late and I will probably be really tired. Wait, are you staying in L.A. Maybe, tomorrow night at eight,”

“Actually, I am. Yeah, cool. I’ll call you tomorrow,” he smiled at her. She walked to the front of the plane. Damian watched her the whole way. He felt something nudge into his side. He turned to the right and James was sitting there smiling at him.

“Dude! That is a hot chick! Are you going to introduce me?” he asked pleadingly.

“I don’t think that she has to know you,” he joked.

“Oh, c’mon man! When have I ever not introduced you to the girls I meet?” he pleaded again.

“Alright fine I’ll introduce her to you as soon –Suddenly the whole plane shook really bad and woke up all the babies. The babies started crying.

“Whoa! That was quite a shake,” said Damian.

The plane started shaking again and took about a 100 foot dip. This time everybody screamed.

“One of the jets is on fire!” somebody screamed.

“We’re all gonna die!” somebody else shouted.

The plane aimed at the ground and started gaining speed. Papers, books, coats, anything that was loose flew all over the place. The oxygen masks fell out of the overhead compartments. Mothers put them on to their young and then themselves.

A strange high-pitched noise from the engine filled the air. Passengers were closing their ears. Boom! A piece of the ceiling flew off. Anything loose flew out of the hole, even some of the passengers.

The constant loud noise was too much for Damian to take. His ears got plugged up by the sudden decrease of elevation and hear couldn’t hear anything. CRASH! The plane had hit the ground and was sliding over the rocks and snow at over 300mph. The plane broke off into two pieces and the back half of the plane hit some big rocks and flipped over. Luckily James and Damian were sitting closer to the front.

Damian looked back and the force of the speed of then plane and his body weight had broken his seatbelt. He fell onto the floor and started sliding pats the rows of seats. He wanted to grab onto something, but it was too late.

Damian woke up in deep snow. There was fire all around him. He saw seats scattered around on the snow. At first he thought he fell asleep and was dreaming, but when he started to get up he felt a very sharp pain in his arm. At that moment he knew that it was as real as it gets He looked at it and saw that his sleeve on his sweater was covered in blood. He carefully took off his seatbelt and got up.

“Is anybody out there,” he managed to say. He looked all around him and saw nothing but snow and fire. He saw the trail the plane had made when it slid through the ice and snow. He followed the trail up a hill and saw the half of the he was in. He ran as fast as he could. He was so in shock that he didn’t even feel the cold that surrounded him. When he reached the plane he saw people lying on the ground, dead. He saw suitcases, fire, dead bodies, his head was spinning or was it that he was spinning, Damian couldn’t tell. Then he saw James.

“James!” he shouted as he ran up to him. When got closer he saw why his friend didn’t respond. He was missing half of his body. His guts were on the snow around him. He looked and saw a blood trail leading to a seat. There, lying on the seat was the rest of James’s body. The force of the landing had ripped his body through his seat belt.

“Oh my god,” Damian whispered to himself.

“Help me,” said a voice behind Damian. Damian realized it was his buddy. He quickly ran to James. Sliding toward his buddy he sent snow flying in every direction. He picked up whatever was left of James.

“James, James! Can you hear me? Say something!” Damian screamed, but James was staring into space and kept saying, “Help me, help me.” Slowly his eyes closed and he stopped breathing.

“No, James, stay with me, stay with me. Stay with me!” Damian screamed even though he knew it was no point.

He spent a long time with his friend. He knew that if he didn’t find shelter soon, he would freeze to death. He went to the plane and carefully climbed inside of the plane. Most of the seats were gone. There were still people lying all over the place, but Damian had no time to check if they were alive or not.

He had checked all of the overhead compartments and found a few blankets and some carry-on suitcases that contained some food. He decided that the cockpit would probably be the best place as a shelter. As he walked toward the cockpit he saw a familiar face. Sara. He hurried toward her. She looked dead, but when he checked her pulse, she was alive. He put her in a better position on the floor. He opened the door to the cockpit and saw two bodies, the pilot and the co-pilot. Their heads were smashed through the control board. He carefully removed them out of the room, so he wouldn’t have to sit by them the whole time. Damian found a couple pieces of papers and lit them up from the sparks and small fires on the control board.

Damian taken out the food in the suitcases he found and put them in the fire. He covered the floor with some blankets and some coats he found in the plane. Carefully he brought Sara inside the warm cockpit. After five minutes Sara woke up.

“Damian, is that you? What happened?”

“We were in a plane crash, and I think we’re the only ones that survived.”

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Actually, I’m not that sure. Do you think you can move?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Maybe we go check out the place in the morning when it gets light,” said Damian.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Right now we are in the cockpit. The windows are broken, but I’ve started us a fire.

“No I mean, where are we, like, in the world,” she corrected.

“I don’t know, but it is all snowy outside. Where could we be that has snow during the spring season,” he replied, puzzled.

“Wait, remember when we changed our route, the route was to fly over the Rocky Mountains. Do you think?”

“It is the only possible answer for all the snow,” he said. He noticed that she kept looking at his arm.

“I think I broke it when I flew out of the plane, when we landed.”

“Oh my god! You fell out of the plane? How did you survive?” she asked.

“I don’t know how, but my buddy didn’t make,” he said.

“Really!? I’m so sorry,” she said.

“Thanks. You know the only reason I went on this flight was because of him. He wanted me go to L.A. was to meet some girls. I guess he finished that task before he went.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. He raised his eye brows and gave a “hello” kind of look. At first she looked confused, but then she realized what he meant. ”Oh,” she said and laughed a little. “Sorry.”

Damian saw a flash light propped to a wall.

“I’m gonna go outside and grab some more suitcases for the fire.” He grabbed the flashlight and went outside. He searched the whole plane and didn’t find anything. He decided to get off the plane and search in the snow. As he was waiving his flashlight back and forth he saw something move.

“Is somebody out there?” he asked.

“Come here, we need some help!” someone shouted from the dark. That has to be more survivors Damian thought. He followed the voice’s direction.

He finally reached the place where the voice had come from. He saw five people huddling by the fire and surrounded one person that was lying on the ground.

“What happened to him?” asked Damian, looking at a fourteen year-old kid, covered in blood.

“He was lying here when we found him,” said a milled-aged man, shivering.

“I have one of the flight attendants back at the plane, maybe she knows where the first-aid kit is,” said Damian.

“Alright, lead the way,” said the same man.

They picked up the boy and brought him to the plane. They put him near the fire.

“Sara, do you think you might tell me where the first-aid kit is?” asked Damian.

“Sure. It is right out this cockpit and on the wall to the right.” One of the woman that was with the group overheard and quickly brought it in. They covered the boy with gauze to stop the bleeding.

They were all tired and sleepy, that once all the commotion had stopped they immediately fell asleep.

Damian woke up to Sara’s voice.

“Damian, wake up they’re here, they’re here!”

“Who’s here, who’s here?” he quickly asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Help! Help is here!” she screamed.

Damian could hear a faint sound of a chopper. He immediately stood up, forgetting about his arm, and followed Sara out of the plane.

When they got outside, snow was flying all over the place as the chopper was landing. The seven of them waited until the doors opened. Three paramedics got out and quickly ran to the group.

“My name is Dr. George Malone. We are with the National Guard. We are here to help you,” the doctor shouted over the loud sound of the chopper. “Is this all of you that survived the crash?”

“My name is Jack Burstein. I was the Air Marshall for this flight,” said the middle-aged man.” At first it was just five of us and that kid over there. Then he found us and brought us to this plane. I don’t know if there are others.”

“Alright. Let’s get the kid in the plane and get him some medical attention.” The other two paramedics carefully put the kid on a stretcher and put him inside the chopper.” Is anybody else injured?”

“I think I broke my arm,” Damian spoke.

“What’s your name, son? Asked the doctor.

“My name is Damian, this is Sara. She was the flight attendant.”

“Okay let’s get you inside there.” One paramedic came back and helped him inside the plane.

“Can I go with him? We met on the plane,” asked Sara.

“Okay, you can go with him, but we will be full. Can the rest of you stay here?

The other chopper is about ten minutes out.”

“Sure. We can wait,” said Jack.

“Okay. Let’s roll out,” George told the pilot.

When they got to the nearest hospital they patched up Damian and took care of Sara. The next day they were out of the hospital.

“Hello,” said Sara after she picked up her phone. “Who is this?”

“Turn around,” said Damian. Sara turned around and closed her phone. She walked up to him.

“So, when can we do the eight-o’clock,” he asked. She smiled and said. “shut up and kiss me.”

5 Responses to Stefan’s Page

  1. Suzanne says:

    Good story Steve! Narrative needs some revision, but tells a complete story. Excellent use of dialogue to keep story moving forward. Love the last line “‘Shut up, and kiss me!'”. All of your hard work shows.

  2. Yakov Kuzmin says:

    Pretty nice story Stefan. I liked how you wrote the story in a descriptive way. There was a lot of gore and romance, you little charmer you. All in all it was a cool story.

  3. Mike says:

    I agree with Mz Suzanne. Your story was great and how you explained the buddy ripped in half, awesome dude! There was one part i noticed, when you said LAX, you parbably mean LA, right? Good story and it seemed you knew about planes, very facinating.

  4. Max says:

    haha I liked how you wrote about James being split in half and how his guts spilled out. I think Damian is pretty lucky guy who survives a plane crash and gets a hot chik:) And the last line is vey catchy. Nice work!

  5. Suzanne says:

    From Alexander, Kirian, & Mavrickie:
    “We really liked the ending / Good story because of the hot flight attendant. / We liked that the friend died. / Why did the plane crash? Why did James die?”

    From Iraida, Azary, Luba & Larry:
    “We liked: when she said ‘shut-up and kiss me’; when he asked her out; they went to LA to meet some girls; when they were crashing. How did he survive?”

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