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To Kill A Dragon


Jack Coleman is a regular kid with a regular life until he sees some differences. His eyes turn gold, and gets a strange phone call from a man and is told to meet him at his high school. Puzzeled, Jack goes and meets him and is given a mission, to find and retreive a golden egg. Without knowledge of what is happening, Jack is sent to a different world of magic and creatures. Trust and betrayal makes Jack’s mission harder, but the worst part is to fight a dragon for a egg. Jack struggles in this adventure of To Kill A Dragon for a wish and the truth of who he can be.



Lie, Run, Dissapear


A man named Van McCoy is a top most greatest theif and is in a second home to all criminals, prison. He tells his life story of how an awesome criminal got into prison. Van McCoy is a theif that got caught and is sentenced to serve for robbery and theft. Betrayal, trust, anger and revengae all play in this fiction story and of how only the best criminals get caught. Is it worth robberying for big money? Find out in this adventure of Lie, Run, Dissapear, a story of that will steal your mind.

To Kill a Dragon              By Mike

My Hero’s Journey

Jack woke up when the New York cars drove by and the rays of the sun hit his eyes. He was happy because he knew there was no school for another three months. Jack was 15 yesterday and yesterday was the last day of school. He was going to be in 10th grade next year and he got his driver’s license two days ago. He got out of bed, not tired any more, got dressed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. When he just finished washing, he looked at the mirror and jumped back with fright. His eyes were a golden color, and they were shining like a gold coin. With confusion, Jack rubbed his eyes, and looked at the mirror again and his eyes turned back to his normal green color. He shook his head and went to eat breakfast. It was now 10:36 and Jack sat down to eat his favorite breakfast, French toast. French toast is a piece of bread covered with raw eggs, cooked with oil, and eaten with maple syrup with light whipping cream.

“Hey Jack” Said Jacks big sister, Emily.

“Hey sis, you’re in a good mood today. What’s up?

“It’s none of your biz.” She said with a smile.

“I know, just asking. Where’s mom?”

“There is a note on the counter!” She yelled as she was closing her room door that said “keep out!” Jack looked around and found the note that sat on the corner of the counter. Jack took it and the note said.

“Dear Emily and Jack,

I’m going to Montana for a job rehearsal. The number is: 1-406-499-2383. Call if you have any questions or problems. And don’t crash when driving; you’re lucky I left the keys, ok?

Love Mom

P.S. Dad is coming home next two weeks; I’ll be home in three weeks. Have fun!

“Cool, no school and parents. Nice!” Jack jumped up.

Jack took his leather jacket and car keys, when Emily shouted from her room, “Dibs on the car!”

“Why do I always forget to call dibs?” Jack said as he hung up the keys.

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re a loser that forgets things.” Said Emily, She stood dressed behind Jack.

“Right back at ya, sis” Jack took the keys and threw them to Emily because she was the best baseball player in our school.

“Don’t do anything stupid. Got it?” Emily said when she opened the door. The phone started ringing.

“OK. You too.” Jack said, pointing at her. He picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Yes, is this Jack Coleman?” Said a rough, loud voice,

“Yes. Who is this?” Jack asked with curiosity.

“That’s not important right now. What is important is that you meet me at Red Eye High School soccer field” said the man.

“You know what? I waited all school year to stay away from that place, so no.” Jack said. He wondered who this could be.

“Please” said the voice.

“Ok, fine. I’m bored anyway. What time?” Jack looked at his watch.

“Right now would be the best, the faster the better.” The man hung up. Jack put the phone down.

“First I was imagine my eyes gold, then a man calls me to meet him at my school. I don’t know what was going on but I think I need to sleep more.” Jack opened the door and waves at his sister to wait. She drove back from the road and opens the window,

“This better be good.” Said Emily, “what do you want?”

“A ride to the soccer field at our school, don’t ask. You mind?” He asked.

“Get in.” His sister said after a pause. Jack got in their red Camaro smiling “Thanks.”

They drove to the school soccer field and Jack saw the man standing in the middle if the field. He was an old man wearing some gold robe and holding a gold staff. On the tip of the staff was a red, perfect, oval diamond. The staff glowed as the sun hit the old man’s stick. Just then Jacks vision got bright. Gold was everywhere he looked. Jack rubbed his eyes and the golden color slowly disappeared.

“This is a bit awkward, don’t you think?” Emily asked as she stopped in front of the school.

“What?” Jack asked while opening their Camaro door.

“That.” Emily said pointing at the slow old man.

“You can leave now, Emily. “ Jack said closing the door.

“You bet I will. I am not sticking around this place.” Emily backed up and drove away.

“Jack Coleman?” the old man asked.

“The same, what do you want?” Jack asked putting his hands in his pockets.

“Sorry about the gold eyes and stuff. My staff here doesn’t have any manners. I am a wizard. You have been chosen to do me a job.” The wizard stood there watching Jack cautiously.

“Is this a joke? You? A wizard?” Jack laughed. “C’mon man. Who made you do this? Was it Carl? Did he want you to…?” Jack almost fell on the floor laughing.

“I will send you to the beginning destination.” He snapped his fingers and there was a crack of lightning and Jack stopped laughing. “This will help you on your journey. “He snapped his fingers again, and then Jack felt something in his pocket. He checked and pulled out a smooth stick.

“What is this?” Jack asked confused.

“Your wand, succeed this mission and you will be given a wish. Get me a dragon’s egg. Good luck.” Then a lightning bolt struck Jack.

“Wait!” Jack cried. There was a gold flash around him and he appeared in a dark forest.

“Where in the world am I?” He walked along a narrow path until he reached a house. The house was about 20 feet away and he caught a scent of burning oil. He starts to walk slower, making sure nobody is home. Then he felt something fuzzy, by his feet. Jack jumps up and sees a small weasel with a small backpack.

“Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you!” said the creature

“What… Why… Where in the world am I?” Jack asked, freaked out of his mind.

“You are in Claire’s Forest.” The weasel said now looking around nervous.

“Um… OK. Are you scared or something? Because you’re looking around in a weird way” Jack asked the weasel.

“No. I’m just lost and I am looking for route to take. Mind if I stick around with you?” Jack nodded. They walked to the house and knocked. The door flew open.

“Come in. “Said an old women sitting by a table with all sorts of dolls and puppets. “Would you like something?” She asked.

“No. I want to ask a question.” Jack said looking around.

“You are here for the egg of Draco. I cannot believe that Gold would send another one.” The witch said looking at Jack.

“What are you talking about? How do you know all this? Who is Gold?” Jack said sitting down by the witch.

“Gold is the wizard that sent you. He wants the egg. He looks for people like you to get it from the dragon Draco. I know this because I’m a witch. What do you expect?” The witch said laughing.

“She has a point, Jack.” The weasel said, folding his hands.

“OK. Um, where can I get the… egg?” Jack asked.

“Just go up north, and you can’t miss the mountain.  Then on top of the mountain there you will find the egg sitting on top of a gold stand.” The witch pointed where north is and said. “Beware. There are monsters and traps everywhere.”

“Noted and will be remembered.” Jack said closing the door.

“Hey, I never got your name.” Jack asked the weasel.

“Oh, I am Jeer Jander. Call me JJ.” The weasel said in a kind tone, and bowed to jack politely.

They walked north until they came by a creek. “Well, here it is. And there’s the mountain.”

Jack nodded as the weasel spoke. From behind, they heard a loud roar. They spun around and saw a huge half man and half bear creature.

“It’s a Crusher!” yelled JJ, when he saw the beast, who was breaking trees down as he came closer.

They ran but a tree landed in front of them, blocking their path. Then JJ saw the wand in Jack’s pocket.

“The wand, use it!” JJ yelled pointing at the pocket.

Jack took it and pointed at the Crusher, closed his eyes and yelled out, “Go away!” Instantly the beast stopped moving, stood there for five seconds, and walked away.

“That was close. What kind of blood thirsty world is this?” Jack said looking at JJ.

“This world is with a place with evil and magic.” JJ said in return. From behind someone said,

“That was awesome!” Jack looked behind and saw a kid, same height and age, jumping up and down and speaking, “Gold must have given it to you to get the egg. He told me that I was the chosen one, but his magic staff made a mistake. It’s alive you know.” The kid said with a smile. “My name is Zany Becket. Call me Z.”

Then the thrown tree moved and rocked, making a weird noise. A spider twice as big as Jack, emerged from under the tree.

“Everybody! Up the mountain! There should be a cave up there!” Yelled JJ.

They all ran up for their lives. Soon enough, there was a cave and they all ran inside. Luckily, the spider was too big to enter. The cave was dark and had only one entrance. A white thick string then started to cover the hole.

“The spider is doing a trapping spell! We will suffocate!” The cave went into complete darkness.

“Great,” Jack said as he sat down, “this day keeps getting better and better.” He took his wand and inside his heads he said, “Let us free.” But, nothing happened.

“Don’t bother trying, Jack. The spell is stronger. You have to be a wizard break the spell.” JJ sat down alongside Jack.

“Maybe he is. Jack you were chosen for a reason. I was chosen by mistake. You can get us out of here. That stick is part of you, use it!” Z said with excitement.

”He has a point Jack.”

Jack got up, and thought in his mind,

“OK, concentrate.” He let out a big breath. “Concentrate.” And for the first time in his life he thought hard. Harder than he thought he could. He saw flashes of his past with his family. He thought about school, and his friends. He aimed the wand at the web, and said, “My name is Jack Coleman and I command this wand to break the spell!” He then yelled, “Now!” There was a gold flash, and the web split open and warmth touched Jack again.

“That a boy, Jack.” JJ said clapping his hands. Z smiled like he was the smartest person in the world. Jack and JJ laughed.

The group proceeded up the mountain. When light began to fade, JJ said, “We should stop for the night. We did a lot of climbing.”

“He’s right.” Said Z, “and tomorrow is going to be twice as hard.”

“OK” Jack said looking around. He found a flat surface and made a fire with some spell that JJ has seen in his child hood. After a while something was chirped in the night sky. “Since when do birds fly at night?” Jack asked JJ.

“Well, you got all wrong. Those are gargoyles. They look like people, are usually gray and…”

“OK, I think I know what they are now, creepy.” Jack said looking around.

“They’re actually very nice. They only eat bugs and stuff, like bats except human-looking.” Z said picking at the fire.

“Um… OK cool. I’m going to hit the sack now. See you guys tomorrow.” Jack said laying down he shut his eyes and fell into a not so comfortable sleep, but good enough to stay asleep.

In the middle of the night, Jack felt something touching his pockets. He opened his eyes and saw Z trying to take his wand. Z grabbed Jack’s throat and started to choke him. Luckily, JJ heard and jumped on Z and bit his ear. Z jumped back, howling in pain. Jack got up holding his throat, coughing. He looked at Z in a confused way. Z betrayed Jack and JJ, and they weren’t happy about it. He ran up to Z and punched him in the face. Z fell over.

“The wand can get me out of this stupid world! Give it to me!” Z demanded

“No! You betrayed me and JJ. We could have been both free.” Jack said. Z smiled at Jack.

“You just don’t get it, do you?” Z grimaced “You can’t defeat Draco. He has beaten people stronger than you. He is a dragon! Think about it” He stepped on a round rock, slipped and tumbled down the mountain. Jack watched Z’s body come to a stop. It was clear that he was dead.

Jack looked at JJ, “are you going to do the same?” Jack asked, still wheezing from being choked. JJ stood there, silent. Then finally said,

“No. I want to help you on your journey. You are my only friend.” JJ said pointing up, “shall we proceed?”

“We shall.” Jack said nodding. Once again they started climbing up the steep mountain.

After a while, the skies turned a dark gray, then black. It smelled like ash and was hot.

“I think we’re almost to the top!” JJ yelled.

“You think?!” Jack yelled back sarcastically.

Half an hour later, they reached the top. It was all smooth and the whole top was flat. In the middle, there was a gold oval standing on a gold stand, shining more than a light bulb.

“The golden egg! We traveled all this way we went to get a guy some hard breakfast?” Asked JJ,

“I know, right? Weird. I have no idea why he wants it.” Jack asked, exchanging looks with JJ. Then there was a loud roar. “That doesn’t sound good.” Jack said looking around. The sky was all black with smoke.

“Where is all this smoke coming from?” asked Jack. Then a black dragon appeared through the smoke and roar again, black smoke and fire came out of his mouth and nostrils.

“Does that answer your question?” JJ said, frozen on his spot.

“Um, yes.” Jack said. The dragon slowly bent down and charged at Jack.  Jack jumped to the left and landed with a thud. The dragon didn’t stop and fell down the mountain. “That was easy.” Jack said with a relief. He looked around and didn’t see JJ. He looked at the egg, the gold sparkling like sunlight on the sea. Just before he took the egg, there was a swooping sound. Jack turned around to see the dragon flying, landing near him and angry charged. Jack thought he was helpless. He tried to take his wand but accidently dropped it. It rolled down the mountain side. Jack jumped to the side but it wasn’t far enough. The dragon now tried to step on him but then a small animal jumped on the dragons back pulled on its black horns, “JJ?” Jack said. “What is he doing?”

JJ then yelled out while the dragon tried to shake him off, “Jack, get the egg! As soon as you do, you will be taken to your own world!”

“What about you? I want you to come with me!” Jack yelled back.

“Some one has to hold off the dragon! Now go!” JJ yelled holding on for his life. Jack ran for the egg and grabbed it. There was gold lightning everywhere, Jack looked back and said to JJ,

“Good luck, buddy.” A lightning bolt hit Jack with a loud crack and appeared right in front of jack stood the golden wizard.

“Hello, Jack. Only took you three minutes.” Gold said with a chuckle. Jack looked around and saw the same old school, the same old soccer field, and the same old sunny morning.

“It only took me three minutes?” Jack asked panting and confused.

“Yes. Now the egg, please. In return, I will grant you a wish.” Jack gave the egg to Gold. Jack stood there thinking. He only had one wish and he wanted a reasonable wish.

“OK, I have decided. I wish that all the awesome things I got from this crazy journey, except the egg, I would have in the real world. The wand, my friend, the knowledge, everything I enjoyed and liked, I would want to keep it.” Jack said in a smile. Gold thought about it, then said, “Fine. It was a pleasure doing business with you Jack Coleman.”

“It was.” Just then Jack felt something in his pocket, “Thanks.” Then from behind Jack heard a voice it sounded like a small weasel talking.

“Missed me?” Jack turned around and saw JJ. He pointed to his shoulder and JJ sat on it.

“OK. I’m done here. By the way, you two can’t be showing off magic. It’s enough that you know Jack.” Jack nodded. He looked at JJ and asked him,

“I’m hungry. Want to go to Taco Bell?” Jack asked. JJ stood there confused.

“I have no idea what that is, but it sound interesting.” JJ said with a smile. They turned around and left. With JJ on his side and the wand with him, life would be so much more fun now.

When Jack and JJ came to Taco Bell, they order two tacos and a coca cola. They sat down at a table and talked about the awesome journey they had. A man overheard them and sat down across Jack.

“Who are you?” Jack asked. The man had a cap on and a hood over it.

“My name is Alcatraz. And I got a job for you homie. You feelin me?” The man said.

“Um, no. Not really.” Jack said.

“C’mon, Jack. You did a job for some old guy. Why not do something you say, awesome?” The man said, revealing his face. He was a young man and had a hip hop look.

“Oh. You are a wizard.” Jack said, looking at JJ. “Alright, what is the job?”

Alcatraz smiled. “OK. I want you to steal the egg back and give it to me. You feelin me this time?”

Jack looked at JJ. “This is so not cool.”                                    THE END

Lie, Run, Disappear

By Mike Reutov

It’s not easy being a criminal. You lie, you run then you have to disappear. There is no one to trust, no one to help you, and when being beat up by some drug dealer, there is no one to stop the scum bags. But life isn’t fair. The first time I heard that saying was when my dad helped me get through a breakup.  Those days sucked. Where I am now, sucks even more.

Being in a maximum security prison is not that bad, though. Better than the outside world. All I get here is bad food to eat, get beaten up every day, and go outside for only half an hour a day. Best of all, it’s all free. But I want to tell you the story of how I got here. With betrayal, trust, anger, guilt, etc. I sit here in a ten by ten foot cell, marking my weeks on a gray cement wall. Two years have passed, and I am still alive. Oh yeah, my story. My name is Van McCoy and I’m a criminal.

I’m not that bad of a criminal, I don’t murder or kill people. I’m only a thief, in other words I steal things that I would like to have as my own. I’m a collector as some might say. My favorite things to steal are artifacts. Man! Ancient stuff is awesome. I stole around 40 different kinds of Roman and Greek vessels. Anyway, here is the beginning of my story.

I am 29 years old and started to be a thief when I was 13. I lived in Alaska that time, in an old Anchorage apartment that stands by a hotel called, Aspen Hotel. I helped my dad fish in Kodiak and Cordova and those places are quite hard to fish in. With all those waves and 50 mph winds, blowing me off my feet. One day I finally finished for the week and headed home. Seemed like a month with all that working 24/7.

Dad was with me and his name is Jeremy McCoy people call him Jerry. We stopped by a gas station; I don’t recall what it was called. Dad was filled the tank of our old GMC truck. I entered the store to get some snacks. I usually short on cash and mom wanted a pizza, I promised, I will get one right? So I did something I thought I would never be smart enough to get away with. I stole the pizza.

Funny, isn’t it? Here is how I did it. You know there is a back door to every store, right? Well, I took a candy and threw it at a shelf on the other side of the room. The clerk and every other person looked at a box of gum fell on the floor. I faked a surprise, dropped the pizza, and kicked it by the back door. I then walked normally out, the pizza with me.

I saw this in a movie once, but the thief got caught. I didn’t because I acted like I was surprised and looked like a regular kid. That was pretty smart, right? Well, it’s nothing compared to what I did when I was 18. Anyhow, from then on I was smart with my actions and never was caught. At age 17, I had a license, a truck (a 2012 GMC), and I moved out. My dad gave me his apartment and moved to Montana. He gave me his fishing boat and told me to be careful. Family stuff.

At age 15, my mom died by liver infection or a liver cancer, I don’t know, they sound the same. She drank a lot, more than I ever known. My dad was very sad and didn’t speak for weeks. He gave me everything I pretty much wanted so he can feel better. I don’t know if that helped. Me? I was lonely. I was lost in a world of pain, and I quit school. I was able to because I was in 11th grade. I’m pretty smart if you ask me.

I thought my life was over and I was going to suffer with all this agony and memories. At age 16, I found a way to avoid the feelings. I had a hobby. I was a thief. I stole almost everything I wanted, and then sold them for some good money. I wasn’t ready to rob a bank… yet. That’s when I stepped up a notch, a step closer to be the best thief ever.

I’m almost at the part of how I got this second home. This prison if you’re wondering. All these other criminals in here are all like my older brothers that like to beat me up. I even stole things from them, but I get caught because a criminal mind is smarter than any other.

So, at age 17, I was a first class thief. The only weapon I liked to carry would be a medium sized, swift army knife. Very useful to open doors and break locks. So I decided to go up a level, do something harder, a challenge. At age 18, I decided to rob a store.

The store said Safeway, and I knew it pretty well. I knew where all the cameras stood watching everyone’s move, and how long it took for them to turn 180 degrees. I knew what time it closed and opened. I also knew that there was only one way I can rob he store while all the security was on. My plan, be inside when it closes.

At about 11:00 inside the store, I went to the bathroom. By the bathroom there are a couple of spots where the cameras don’t look. After a camera turned away, I walked toward the grocery isle. There were two cameras; I took an orange and weighed it while the camera facing me. Here’s a tip: never look at a camera more than two seconds. It’s noticeable when someone could be up to something.

The camera turned the other way and I proceeded to walk to the back of the store. I took an apple with me and took a bite. Don’t judge me, I’m a hungry thief. I walked until I reached a small restaurant looking place where there were cakes and donuts everywhere. A camera turned to face me and I slowly turned toward the donuts. I took some and put them in a bag until the camera passed. I then jumped behind the restaurant counter and crawled toward the kitchen. I sat there, eating the donuts, waiting for closing time. Half an hour passed and I saw the lights turn off. It’s show time.

I got up cautiously; there is still one person in the store with a pepper spray. I wasn’t afraid to get sprayed; my worst fear would be getting caught by the cameras. I snuck up from behind and took his pepper spray and hit him in the back of his neck. He fell on the clean floor out cold. I took him and gagged him with tape in the corner. I used the pepper spray to spray it on the cameras. The cameras shut down and it was time to commence the robbery. I took a black bag and put in candy, money, fruits (I love fruits), and cans of energy drinks. I left no sign of breaking out, I just opened a window got out, and closed it. From that day on, I was the greatest thief ever.

But that was not the reason I’m stuck here in prison. No. I am here by an accident I made during a robbery. I am going to tell you the greatest bank robbery that was written by the news people. Watch the news sometimes; you might get a glimpse at me. I am going to tell you how a thief gets caught, how a criminal gets caught. I’m going to tell you about the robbery of 50,000,000 dollars. You want to hear it? Here it is.

Banks in Anchorage are hard to rob, or so I have been told. That’s why I rented an apartment across the road. I looked in with binoculars, checking when it closed and when it opened. I took notes about everything and found out that I needed a team. About a mile away there was a group of pro thieves, not as good as me, and I said that the cash that was stolen will be split evenly. Each person gets 12,500,000 dollars, that a lot of money. They agreed on one condition, I don’t betray them in any way. A thief never brakes a promise to another thief. I agreed to them and I went back to get another good glance of the bank.

That night I called all my new team. A buff guy named Tiny, in charge of lookout. Tim and I were the robbers of the safe, and the last guy was Johnny, in charge of security. No last names were going to be said, because it’s better of not knowing each other completely. We made hours of planning, like 11:00pm to 5:00 in the morning. The plan was finally set we got the equipment and went to my apartment. We watched as almost every worker left. Two guys were left to count the money. The lights were out, which was perfectly part of the plan. The banks name, Wells Fargo, lit up in a red color. I nodded to my team and we commenced our robbery.

We took an armored van, painted black without a license plate. We sped to the bank and slowly stopped. We came in to the bank and put on our rubber masks. Mine had a skull painted on it, pretty scary. We walked toward a tan door that said “employees only” and unlocked it. Aware of security, I used my army knife to cut the wires of the alarm system. I nodded to the team and we split up. One guy goes to the security room, one is a look out, and one comes with me to rob the safe. We came in slowly and saw two people counting the money. The people not noticing, we hit both guys in the back of the neck. They went out cold and I tied them up while the other puts cash in white laundry bags.

We took 50,000,000, dollars in total and cleaned up around us. Which means whatever we touched by accident was taken. We left the bank with a lot of money and drove away.            Tiny laughed and said, “Well, ladies we got the dough. Johnny! Did you erase the tapes of us in the bank?”

The driver yelled back. “Yup!”

I looked around and saw all these “brothers” I had. All these smiles of good thieves made me smile too.

So that was that, 50,000,000 dollars stolen by some awesome crooks, but that’s not all that happened that night, I was betrayed.

After we stopped by the end of town we went into a different vehicle and put a few C4s in the armored sedan. We blew the underworld out of the car. I stood there watching the burning vehicle. I knew the police were going to be here any minute. Then at that moment, something hard hit me in the head, all went black and the last thing I heard was laughter of three traitors. I awoke by sirens and was surrounded by Beretta 92 FSs. Cop guns.

I was hand cuffed by a guy named Ralph on his badge and put me inside a police car. They told me my Miranda rights and asked me some questions. All I said was “Take me to court.” They all decided to do just that. The court room was small and the judge was small and wide himself. Just kidding. He was a regular judge, with a regular black dress of some kind, a bit weird even for a judge. Every one sat down and I sat beside the judge’s stand. A lawyer started to ask me questions, but all I did was pick up a finger, and said “I confess to the robbery of the Wells Fargo bank of Anchorage. The car you saw beside me when I was out cold was our getaway car. We stole 50,000,000 dollars. And by we, I mean me and three other thieves.” People gasped and murmured among each other.

Then a lawyer asked me a question that I told the complete truth about, “We didn’t know that you were even close to the robbery, what made you confess?” I got up and took a pen out of my pocket; it was the judge’s pen. The judge was shocked; he was wondering how I got that pen without him noticing. Like I said, I’m good.

“A thief gets caught sometimes, right? Isn’t it best for every one?” I said putting the pen back on the judge’s table.

“Ok then, who else helped you on the robbery, do you have an address or a name?” a reporter asked in the stands.

“Oh, I have something better than that.” I said. I then took out three IDs from my sock. “I stole these from my team,  just in case.” The crowd went wild. Reporters and lawyers asked me questions.

All I did was smile. First time in a court room, I couldn’t get more excited. The judge then hammered his table with a wooden hammer-looking thing.

“Order in the court!” The judge yelled. After an hour of talking, the judge finally sentenced me 19 years in prison. I was choked about it but I knew I deserved it. Luckily my dad is far away from here getting married to a woman even I dislike. For one thing, she wasn’t rich so I couldn’t steal anything from her, but whatever. Good for Dad.

Anyway, that is how I got stuck in this prison. But I’m not done with my story yet. I am going to do so big that even I think it’s impossible to do in a life time, I’m giving this a shot. I’m going to break out of this maximum prison! A bit farfetched, huh? Well, once a criminal, always a criminal. My name is Van McCoy, an awesome criminal.

The End

10 Responses to Mike’s Page

  1. Xander says:

    Your story is pretty good. It had a little of everything in it. A little magic, some danger, a dragon, and Taco Bell. You are a good writer.

  2. KUZ-3 says:

    Well the story is awesome dude, but how can he get his licence when he is only 15 years old. Other then that is cool weird last part was funny.

  3. vars says:

    Wow Mike, nice story. IS there going to be another one connecting to this one because i want to know what jack will do next:)

  4. Mike says:

    TO VARA: mabey

  5. Mike says:

    I mean to vars:there mite be a next one

  6. Varya(: says:

    I love the story Kill The Dragon! It is so interesting, and discriptive. You did an awesome job writing it! I really enjoyed reading it, very cool. Would be awesome if you kept writing about what would happen if he took the second job. (=

  7. Xander says:

    I really liked the story about Jack. You had action, betrayal, and suspense. One of my favorite things about this story was that Jack had no idea that he was powerful, yet everyone seemed to believe in him, just like in most hero books.

    Who was JJ before he met Jack? Why was Jack his only friend? Why is the golden egg so prized? These are just some of the questions that I thought while reading your story.

    A major thing that threw me off was his sister. What happened to her during the three minutes that Jack was in the other world? She was there when he vanished, but was gone when he returned.

    Apart from that and some minor backstory questions, I thought this was an excellent story. Write a sequel. Like immediately.

  8. Kosta says:

    I like your story because it is really good to read it. you have a really nice ending and how he is a hip-hop Wizard. The cool thing was that he met a friend Weezel JJ, and it was only 3 minutes and way longer in the other place.

  9. Suzanne says:

    From Iraida, Azary, Luba & Larry:
    “We liked: he had a gold eye; the part about Alcatraz; what he wanted back; that he is 15 and had a driver’s license. Why didn’t he kill the dragon with his wand?”

    From Vasilian, Rosie T, Ignaty and Savio:
    “We liked: he could wish for anything; he found a friend; he had a magic wand; that he had a red Camero; I liked his funny sister and the end it was funny with the ‘what’s up homie’. Why did Jack have gold eyes in the morning? How could Jack’s Mom forget the keys if she was at home writing the letter?

  10. Mike says:

    to xander: the questions were going to be answerd in the next story in which i did not have time to do.

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