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007 Secret Agent

There was this one young man who was called James Bond. He was a secret agent since he was a teenager. He was the best at his job, already killed 7,122 people. He had a partner before, actually he was his best friend, but he died in the line of duty. After that Bond worked alone. He didn’t want to go through all that emotion and trouble again.

Bonds had a lot of skills with guns, bullets, knifes, grenades, bombs, and other Explosives and dangerous stuff. But his specialty was with an assault rifle called M85, which can shoot 15 bullets per second, and a clip can hold up to 75 bullets. It also has a grenade launcher, and the best scope, called Leopold, that magnifies up to thousands of yards.

James Bond once had a partner and he was his best friend named Cody Rider. Both their parents died in a terrorist bomb attack. They swore to themselves and each other that they will become secret spies and kill the entire terrorist group that was responsible. Their dreams came true, unfortunately one day Cody died in the line of duty. After that bad tragedy he never ever wanted another partner. The company tried assigning a new agent but he just refused. From that day on he worked alone. The company gave him a five year vacation with all expenses paid and they paid him 22 billion dollars for all he’s done for his country.

Half way through his vacation he got a call on his red phone. It meant there was only a big problem and the world needed his help. He picked up and it was the President of the United States.

“Hello Mr. President,”

“James we got a serious problem on our hands, and we need you to stop it.”

“We have some friendlies in this organization, they call themselves the Ali Babas and this organization is big and the people are crazy.”  “Well we got a message that there planning on killing billions and billions of people with their nuclear bomb, and Bond this isn’t just a nuclear bomb; this thing is 22 times stronger.” Obama replied.

“Well what do you want me to do?” asked bond.

“I want you to go and stop that terrorist group and save billions of lives and without killing any civilians.” President Obama replied,

James Bond replied “yes sir, anything for the country sir.”

Bond flew back to Washington to the secret underground headquarters, where he gathered all his favorite guns, knives, and explosives into his bag and was ready to go. Out of know where a big limo and three SUVs drove in. It was the President. They stopped and his body guard checked the perimeter. President Obama got out of the limo and he had someone with him, it wasn’t his body guard. They walked over to Bond.

“Bond meet your new partner, his name is Vin Diesel. He’s top in his class of the Navy seals. He’s the best there, well except from you, and he’s going to help you with the mission.” Obama then said.

“But Mr. President I work alone.” Said Bond

“I know you do, but I can’t risk billions of lives on just one man, plus I am the President and I can do whatever I want.”

Bond replied, “yes sir, whatever you want sir, but if he dies it won’t be my fault.” Then he turned away and started walking towards the plane. So did Vin Diesel. They got on the 747 and flew off to California.

The terrorist were smart and they put the bomb under the San Andreas Fault. The entire San Andreas Fault system is more than 800 miles long and extends to depths of at least 10 miles within the Earth. The perfect place for a bomb. The bomb weighs 5,000 pounds and its 100 feet tall and 500 feet wide. It took these Ali Babas over half a year to put this humongous bomb together.

Bonds plan was try to go through the top and kill as much people as they could and disarm the bomb. Vin Diesel didn’t like that idea. His plan was go through one of the tunnels and kill the guards secretly so that they wouldn’t have to deal with all the terrorists. They argued and argued and finally went with Vin Diesels idea.

Everything was going to plan but the terrorist were a little smarter than expected, they had video cameras and they seen Bond and Vin Diesel run through some tunnels. They found out what was going on and they started searching through all tunnels. But luckily Bond and Vin Diesel hid under the bomb before anyone could see them. But there was one problem, in order to disarm the bomb they needed to climb to the top of it and disarm it there.

Since Bond was more expert with bomb disarming, that meant he had to go and Vin Diesel had to cover him. Half way through disarming the bomb, one of the terrorist secretly crawled up and shot Bond right into the shoulder. Blood was flying every were and bond then started falling off the bomb but he grabbed onto some wires and saved himself. But he accidently triggered off the bomb; they had 22:22 before the bomb exploded. Then that terrorist tried shooting bond again but Vin Diesel put two bullets into his head. His whole head just exploded and he died. The entire terrorist group heard those gun shots and started running toward them.  They suddenly stopped because they heard the beeping sound of the bomb. They turned around and ran out of the tunnels toward their vehicles and drove as far as they could from the bomb.

Bond and Diesel were left alone with a bomb that was about to explode any minute. The weird thing was that neither of them had ever seen any bomb like this. Whenever they do something the bomb started clicking down faster. There were so many wires that they couldn’t even count them. They thought about running but it’s going to be no use because they would just die.

Bond came up with an idea. Let’s just start cutting wires; one of them should disarm the bomb. So that’s what they did, they started cutting, they cut over 100 wires but it still didn’t disarm the bomb.

10… 9… 8…Vin Diesel and James Bond took their last wires. Then Bond said “Hey, it’s been good knowing you, let’s hope these wires work” ha ha 5..4.. Bond cut his wire and nothing happened the bomb was at 3 seconds. Vin Diesel closed his eyes and cut the wire and then there was silence and when Vin Diesel opened his eyes looked at the bomb timer it was stopped at 1 second, it was a miracle they stopped the nuclear bomb.

Bond and Vin diesel were both relieved, they started laughing and then got out of that hole as fast as they could, just in case. They called the President. Obama picked up and said, “Yes?”

“Sir, we got the job done, the bomb is secure.” All he heard in the back ground is his staff yelling and cheering. The President thanked them for a good job done, and tells them that they did a huge favor for their country.  Later on the president send the secret service to take apart the bomb and take it to an underground facility. James Bond and Vin Diesel got paid 22 billion dollars each for their services. Now Bond and Vin Diesel are best friends, they both live in some hot sunny places on a beach.

Ashford Castle by Mark Reutov

Biggest bombing in the world, over 7,000 dead and a dozen were wounded. It was a terrorist attack, 7th one this month, by the same terrorist group called Ahmed.

They are unstoppable said the chief of police when they were investigating the burned castle, the only things that was left from the crash was, only scraps of pieces from the airplane, couple human bones here and there and the rest was ash.

This all began when the owner John Jr. Jr. the 22 decided to invite all the movie stars and the important people. He decided to make the biggest party in the world, even show it to the whole world how awesome this party was going to be. That way he thought he will attract more customers to the nicest, coolest, most expensive castle in the whole world called Ashford Castle. It’s were all the rich people and the movie stars go on vacation, relax and have a good time.

This castle has over 1,500 rooms and over 5,000 servants. It also has a lot of cool and fun entertaining stuff like: golf course, ice rink, bowling alley, gym, home theatre, home game room, casino, pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, paintballing field, racetracks, for cars, and horses, wine tasting, and a gentlemen’s clubs for smoking Cubin cigars. Basically whatever the rich want they have it, if not then they will get it.

This party took over 171 man hours and 50 million dollars. Finally it was all finished. One of the servants there was an Arabian named Ali and he worked for Ahmed. When the party was being planned the Arabians were planning their own special party. They stole a 747 and packed it up with dynamites, C4, different explosives and gasoline.  When they hit the castle the airplane exploded and so did the explosives which killed over 7,000 people. This was Osama’s biggest terrorist attack ever; actually, this was the biggest attack on England soil.

There were no leads or actual evidence that the Ahmed terrorist did it so the police couldn’t arrest anyone, so thousands of people died and no one to blame it on. The chief of police said “this is going to be a mystery for the rest of our lives.”

In line for castle was Johnny Jr. Jr. the 23. The multibillion Air. 2 days after the crash he told the media he will rebuild the castle, have better security and that the castle will be a better, safer, funnier, place for the kids and parents.

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  1. katya says:

    Its funny how both your stories have terrorists in them bombing something. They`re pretty good stories. (:

  2. Varya(: says:

    I liked your 007 story. It was very intense and it was awesome how you put Vin Desiel in with James Bond. Cool story. But the Ashford Castle story wasn’t as exciting. But good job anyways. 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    Interesting story about 007. u mixed it up a bit awesome! 😀

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