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Anne who is a total complete party girl and Lizzi the educated one got scholarships to go to Manhattan college in New York. Lizzi surprised Anne and told her that she got accepted to Manhattan College, she was phyced for her! In the summer Lizzi flied out to New York and started on her classes. On her first day she met a very handsome guy that sat next to her. They both talked and he asked her out on a date for some drinks later that night. While Dex and Lizzi are having a great time, her best friend Anne who came and ‘suprised’ Lizzi, and something major happened that made Lizzi’s heart go cold and her eyes teared up. you wanna know what happened?. . .READ my fiction story.  


The backstabbing Friend.   By: Mariamia Reutov

There were two teenage girls named Lizzi and Anne. They were best friends. Both dreamed about living in Manhattan, and wearing the most expensive designer clothes like Gucci, Prada, and Marc Jacobs! But that was only their dream; they both knew it would never happen. Years  passed by, they promoted from middle school, and then senior year and got scholarships. Lizzi was the only one, who accepted scholarships. Anne didn’t care about school; she told herself that she wouldn’t go to college. After high school, she was done with work, it was all “Party! Party!”  To her.

The day of the graduation Lizzi and Anne dressed up to look there very best for their special day. Both of them wore short pastel color summer dresses with a lacy bottom. After their elongated preparation, they scurried out of the house,  jumped in Anne’s white Acura and drove to school for the last time.

“Anne, my grandma drives faster than this! Speed it up, or we’ll be late!”

“Lizzi! Don’t worry. I always make it in time.” Anne replied. Seconds later they drove into the high school parking lot. It was all jammed with cars.

“Great! Now we have to find a space to park!” Anne whined.

“I told you that you had to drive faster! Ha!” Lizzi said with a smart remark. Anne glanced at her with a serious face.

“Don’t judge me by the way I drive.” She said.

“Ooo! There’s a free spot! Speed it up before the hummer takes up the whole spot.” Anne pushed her gas pedal and made it which left the hummer to a disappointment. They both giggled. Anne and Lizzi both got out of the car and ran straight to the sign that said enter here. They opened the door and both scurried through the long hallway that was filled with posters of all the graduates. They slowed down a little bit when they got closer to the door. They fixed up their curly hair and did some touch ups with their eyes.

“Look good Lizzi?” Anne asked as she pulled back her blonde curls on her open back.

“You look fabulous Anne. Well here we go. You ready?”

“Ohmigosh! I hate moments like these!” Anne said with a frightened voice.

Lizzi opened the door with shaking hands and felt a breeze going through her hair. Just what she wanted, a fresh breeze for this big day! Lizzi and Anne grabbed there gowns and caps and went to their assigned seats. Anne was sitting in the back alphabetically with another two thousand students. Lizzi was sitting with the valedictorians up front. She made her trip to the stage quickly. After her brief speech the principal handed her three scholarships and an award for being one of the best students.

After all the commotion at the graduation, Anne heard a sound coming from her beaded beige handbag. She opened the bag and grabbed her iPhone. It was a text from her good buddy from history class, saying there was an after party at a beach house.

“Oh my Gosh!! Lizzi there’s an after party at the beach house in Malibu! You want to go?” she exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Well. . .” before she could even say not really, Anne forced her to go.

She needed to get away from school work and go out once in a blue moon. Both of them were lingering around Anne’s car and arguing. After forcing Lizzi to go, drove to the beach house. Lizzi had the homesick look on her face, like she wanted to go home, and relax, get away from the party. She dozed off into the blue sky and started daydreaming. Hmm. . .I wonder if I’ll ever get a guy in mind, who’s special and all? She thought to herself. She was looking out the open window, her hair was flying everywhere from the crazy wind!.

“Lizzi?. . . Lizzi!!” Anne shrieked with a high pitch voice. “Are you deaf?”

“No, sorry couldn’t really hear through the noisy wind blowing through my ears.” She answered. Anne, closed the window by Lizzi, and gave her a oh whatever, look.

“Can you hear me now?” she asked in a straight face. But Lizzi knew she was joking, they both had inside jokes,  and a sense of humor. A really good one too. Anne turned her steering wheel towards Lizzi’s way, “We’re here! Finally!” Anne said. “Lizzi come on! At least be excited about going to this party? Please?” Anne asked, as she was holding Lizzi’s hands and smiling awkwardly.

“Okay, but just for you!” Lizzi answered, with just a slight bit of attitude.

“Oh my Gosh! Thanks! Love you! Now let’s go have some fun?”

“Oh yeah!” they entered the entrance door and stared with wide-eye  amazement. Like they had never seen a door before. The tannish front door was absolutely enormous! It was a tannish color with big bold rims around it, And a shiny door knob.

“Wow! This door looks awesome!” Anne said acting like a total complete blonde.

“Okay, let’s go in and not stare at this door forever, like were going to rob it or something.” Lizzi told Anne with a giggle. “Should we ring the doorbell?”

“No! You think people are going to hear us? Can’t you hear the loud music?!” she answered with a smirk.

They both opened the door and walked in. The place was beautiful with big huge silver mirrors on the walls, the kitchen looked absolutely fancy and the stairs rails were black and had the fanciest designs on them. The house looked pretty richly.  They found their buddies. Anne was having a time of their life. Dancing to music, and flirting with tall, muscular, beach body babes.

Lizzi excused herself from Anne’s little own party and went outside onto the patio to get some air. Should I go home? Or stay here with Anne? She thought to herself. She carefully turned her head around ad took a glance at Anne. It seemed that she already forgot all about Lizzi. Oh whatever I’ll just catch a cab and go home, she decided.

Lizzi opened her bedroom door and slammed it closed. She stood in front of her mirror and glanced at herself, and stared wiping all her makeup off. She sat on her bed and took the scholarships out of fancy black coal color purse. She read them one by one. Lizzi was already so excited about the college and that she got in! When she was done reading her scholarship she opened her mouth and screamed so loud that she plugged up her own ears!

The next morning Anne showed up in Lizzi’s room still a little drunk from the party.

“Anne, when did you leave the party?”

“Umm . . . right now. Why?”

“Oh my Gosh! Are you serious? Wow must’ve been one heck of a night for you.”

“Yes, I had a lot of fun! Why’d you leave so early?”

“I don’t know. Wasn’t really my kind of crowd.” Lizzi replied.

“Oh.” Anne said with a quiet voice.

“You are never going to guess where I got into! I’m going to New York, Manhattan!”

“Are you serious right now? Oh my Gosh that was our dream to live there! That is so awesome that you got in! When are you going to start packing?” Anne asked.

“I already packed and I’m ready to go!”

“What!!? Are you serious? When are you leaving? Why so early though?”

“I was planning on leaving tomorrow and look for an apartment.”

The next day, Lizzi landed in Manhattan and checked Into the college just to get all prepared. She crashed at one of the dorms at the college. Seven hours later the sunlight shone through the window and on her face and she woke up and thought to herself, Oh man! I have to get going. She quickly left the college and went to search for an apartment. After looking at twenty apartments she found the one. She really loved it! The place wasn’t that all big. It was very cozy looking and the walls were a pastel color with old fashion frames on it.

The next week she had her first classes. She carried her heavy books to the room. Sat down and got organized. Lizzi neatly put her text book and her turquoise notebook in front of her with three pencils.

A tall man asked, “Hey, is this seat taken?”


“Do you mind if I sit by you?”

“No go for it!” He smiled and sat down.

Lizzi glanced at him again. His smile was perfect, with straight white teeth just completed it. He had nice skin and his hair was gelled just a little bit.

“I’m sorry to bother you again.. Can I borrow a pencil from you, since you have three of them.” He asked with a chuckle that she actually has three pencils.

Lizzi laughed. “Sure.” She pulled her hand out with the pencil in her hand, when he grabbed it, he touched her finger and looked at her. Lizzi immediately smiled and blushed.

“I’m so sorry for not introducing myself. I’m Dexter.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lizzi.”

He stuck his hand out and Lizzi shacked it. She felt something, like a connection. She had a warm tingly feeling in her stomach, Oh my Gosh! I have the butterflies, she thought. Dexter glanced at her and caught her smiling. He obviously thought he was the one who made her smile. Both of them kept glancing at each other. Finally Dexter popped the question.

“Would you like to go for some drinks with me?”

“I have a lot of stuff to do at my apartment, sorry.”

“Oh common! Its only one drink. Please?”

“Okay but only one. Got it?”

“Okay, deal.” He smiled at Lizzi.

The class was over and they caught a ride in a cab to a bar. They ordered some drinks and talked. Lizzi started getting used to going out with Dexter. They were going out to different places for six months together. Both of them were so falling for each other. They had long stares at each other and had a lot of fun together. The night they went out Lizzi got a text from Anne asking her where she was. Lizzi texted her back that she was at the Tile Bar. But after saying where she was, Anne never texted her back. Anne was actually in Manhattan and wanted to surprise Lizzi.

Anne got into a cab and told the driver to drive to the Tile Bar. While Dexter and Lizzi were enjoying each other and having fun, Anne walked in the bar and spotted Lizzi sitting on a round table with a Dexter.

“Oh my Gosh! What a surprise Lizzi.” Lizzi almost choked on her drink.

“Oh my Gosh! When did you arrive in Manhattan?”

“I came all the way to Manhattan just to surprise you.” She got up and gave her a big hug.

“I missed you so much!”

“Me too! I didn’t know what I would do without you. So I decided to go and visit you for a while.”

“Awe, that’s really sweet of you!”

“Who’s your boyfriend?” she asked with a smile and she sounded so interested.

“His name is Dexter, and were not going out.” She told Anne.

Dexter looked at her with a confused face. He thought: are you serious? We’ve been going on dates for six months already and you don’t see us like a thing or even going out?

“Well when is he going to ask you out?”

“I don’t know.” She said with a confused look on her face.

“Well then Dexter, ask me out.” Anne said with a smile as she was touching his shoulder. Lizzi’s face turned pale, like she wanted to go and suffocate herself in a pillow. How can her friend do this to her? Her Best friend. She couldn’t believe it. She felt a tear coming out of her eye.

“I’m sorry, excuse me. I have to use the restroom.” Lizzi ran to the bathroom quickly and started crying. She was in the bathroom for more than ten minutes and didn’t want to come out. While Dexter was sitting at the table with Anne he was looking back every single second to see when Lizzi was going to come out. His feet started shaking and he was worried. Come out already. Lizzi come on pleas, he said to himself. Dexter wanted to get out of the table and ask Lizzi if she was okay, but Anne was talking non-stop and she didn’t let him move one muscle. It was like he was trapped and couldn’t go anywhere.

Lizzi finally came out of the bathroom and went back to the table.

“Lizzi are you okay? Your eyes are red. What happened?” Dexter asked

“Oh nothing. It’s all good, don’t worry about me.” Lizzi replied  “I’m just going to leave you guys alone; she didn’t even make eye contact with both of them. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the door. she started walking in the rain on the side of the street.

“Lizzi! Is that really how you felt? Not going out with me?” Dexter yelled to her through the pouring rain.

“I really don’t mind if you go out with her.” Lizzi replied as she was crying.

“But why Lizzi?”

“I’m sorry I have to go.” As she vanished into dark street. Lizzi didn’t know what she was thinking. She cried all night and regretted what she said back in the Tile Bar.

Days, months a year in a half passed and then, Anne got engaged to Dexter. When Lizzi heard the news, she nearly fainted from disbelief! She didn’t realize how a couple words would change her life. Anne called Lizzi and asked her if she could come to her dress fitting, and of course Lizzi wouldn’t say no to her best friend. At the dress fitting, Anne tried on many gorgeous gowns and Lizzi almost started crying inside and thinking if she wouldn’t say those couple words, she would be the one trying on the gorgeous gowns instead of Anne. Lizzi started buzzing of into daydreaming while Anne was all over her gowns and smiling. Lizzi’s first thought meeting Dexter at the college and how he smiled at her with that handsome smile of his.

“Lizzi!” Anne snapped her fingers. “Stop daydreaming! Help me out here. I can’t make up my mind whether or not to wear this one or that one. Which one would Dexter love to see me in? You’re the smart one here, you knew Dexter longer enough.”

“Yes I did.” Lizzi whispered.

Lizzie knew that she knew Dexter better than Anne did.

After the fitting, Anne, Lizzi, Dexter, and his best man, Chad. They went to a beach house that was across the city. The ride was a pain for Lizzi, looking at Anne touching Dexter hands while they were lying on the consul. She quickly looked. Lizzi was sitting in the backseat behind Dexter, she was having a nice time with a new buddy in the backseat. Lizzi was laughing and showing off her beautiful smile. Dexter looked in the rearview mirror and glanced at her. She noticed him glancing at her, after a couple times they didn’t glance at each other, they stared deeply into their eyes. Then Lizzi turned around and started talking.

“So, Dexter… when are we going to get to the beach house?”

“Actually were already here!” he exclaimed.

“Oh wow! Baby, its beautiful out here!” Anne enthused.

“Right? I wanted to surprise you.” He kissed her on the cheek. Dexter didn’t feel comfortable kissing Anne on the lips in front of Lizzi because he still loved her.


“What’s wrong Lizzi?” Dexter ran to her with worries.

“It’s nothing, the suitcase fell on my feet.”

“It’s not nothing. Look Lizzi I have to talk to you in private. It’s about us. Meet me at the Beach Bomb at eight.” He whispered to Lizzi and touched her arm. Lizzi’s heart was beating like crazy! She couldn’t believe it. All of them got settled in the place and started drinking and having fun. Dexter and Lizzi were both staring at each other on and off. It was time to go and meet Dexter at the Beach Bomb.

“Okay, well I’m off for a walk. See you guys later.” A few minutes later Dexter told Anne and his other buddies that he was going to the store to buy some more wine. Both of them met up at the beach and talked.

“I’m curious why you said were not going out?”

“I was just scared, that if I would say yes, you wouldn’t like me. I didn’t know that you had feelings for me.” Lizzi lied about that excuse. She didn’t know what to do that evening. “I panicked, you know Anne, she always gets what she wants. Obviously she took you away from me.”

“Ever since you left that bar I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just want to be with you. When you said we weren’t going out, I just wanted to be closer to you. And wanted you even more.” Lizzi felt speechless and played with her fingers because she couldn’t get words out of her mouth. Dexter kissed her on the lips.

“I missed you Lizzi.” Lizzi wanted to say it back too but she got distracted a phone call from Anne.


“Where are you?” Anne demanded.

“Coming back from my walk on the beach, I’ll be there in ten.”

“Okay, oh and Lizzi did you see where Dexter went?” Dexter was sitting right next to her phone and could hear everything.

“Tell her you don’t know.” He nodded and whispered.

“I actually don’t know where he went. Okay Anne I have to go.” She hung up the phone quickly.

The next morning both of them had breakfast together and talked again. Dexter wasn’t even in the mood to be with his fiancé, he wanted time with Lizzi. They continued doing this for the whole trip. Making up lame excuses that they had to go and shop and the other one wanted to take walks on the beach. Lizzi got sick and tired of lying to her friend. She packed up all her stuff and came down stairs and said that she was leaving.

“What! Why are you leaving?” Dexter asked.

“I got a call from my boss saying that I have to finish the last piece of work on the bills and other stuff.” That was a total lie. But she had to get away from Dexter.

“Well at least let me give you a ride to the city.”

“Its okay I can catch a cab.”

“Ptssh! Lizzi let Dex give you a ride.” Anne suggested. Lizzi agreed. Dexter took her bags and they both got into the car. The whole ride to the city was silent.

“Okay you can drop me off right here.” She said.

Lizzi got out of the car and started taking her bags out. Dexter quickly got out of the car and told her that he could take it out for her. He handed her, her bags, Lizzi grabbed them and started walking away from him. Dexter grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“Lizzi lets run away together! I’ll break off the engagement and we can be together! I love you, and I have always loved you. Ever since the day I first met you, I knew you were the one for me. I feel more complete with you in my life.”

“I cant.” Lizzi replied and left. The wedding was coming closer and closer. Lizzi ignored all 54 calls that Dexter made to her. The last hours of her work she decided to go home and sleep on it. As she was walking down the hallway to her door, she seen Dexter at her door.

“Why are you here?”

“Why don’t you return my calls?”

“Well…” she had no idea what to say.

“I broke it off with me and Anne.”

“WHAT!! Are you serious?” she asked with shock!

“Yes, I can’t marry her when I’m still deeply and madly in love with you. Can we talk inside?” he asked her with a quick smile that turned to a straight face.

“Sure.” They both walked inside and sat down on the sofa. “What now?”

“Let’s run away together! I was thinking France.” Lizzi was thinking Dexter was crazy. But they both loved each other.

“LIZZI!!! Open the door! HURRY!” Anne yelled with more of a sobbing voice.

“Dexter, hide! Now! Anne is here!” very fast Dexter went into the kitchen. Lizzi opened the door and Anne walked in crying.

“Dexter broke it off! I can’t believe it.”

“Why would he do such a thing?” she asked. They talked for about ten minutes and Anne decided to go home.

“Well okay I’m going home, to go sleep it off.”

“Okay. I’m so sorry to hear the bad news.” Anne slammed the door and left.

Lizzi was standing by the door with silence and just circling around her coat rack. Minutes later, someone was knocking on the door again. Lizzi opened the door and Anne walked in again.

“Is that Dexter’s blazer?”

“What?! Ptssh… no.” she said turning red. She was found guilty.

“Lizzi. Dexter wore this today to our rehearsal dinner. Is he here? Dexter you here?” she yelled. “Dexter! I know you are here! Come out! Let me see you.” Seconds later Dexter comes out. “Oh My God! Are you serious right now? You broke it off because of Lizzi huh?”

“I can explain Anne.”

“Uum. . .actually no you can’t! You’re such a liar! All that time you were making up excuses just to see Lizzi?” she said with more of a serious voice. “ I cannot believe you Lizzi. He was my fiancé! How could you? BEHIND YOUR BEST FRIENDS BACK!” she yelled. “I don’t ever want to see you again. Ever! Same for you Dexter.” She ran out of the door and never came back. As for Dexter and Lizzi they finally got back together and left off sitting in the Tile Bar and enjoying their last moment when he was touching her hand when Anne interrupted them, but this time she didn’t interrupt them. They both lived a happy life together.

“Lizzi, I Love You.”

“Love You Too Dexter.” Dexter kissed her on the lips, and they walked out of the Tile Bar holding hands and smiling at each other.

The boy who saved and found his love.            By: Mariamia Reutov

Long ago, there had been a couple who badly wanted to have children of their own. But it never worked out for the poor couple. Each day she became more depressed. She started praying to God that someday she could have a child. When the angel heard the woman’s sad voice, she knew how she felt, because she couldn’t have children too.

A year later the sad couple was the happiest couple ever! They were absolutely ecstatic with their baby boy they named George! That evening the boy was born, the angel started looking out for him every single day. She was his ‘Guardian Angel’ for life. After several years, George grew bigger, muscular, and quite handsome! Every morning he would wake up, and work all day outside on the farms, and then he would travel and sell food in the Far, Far, Away Kingdom. George was surely proud of himself for his work in the garden. He stacked all the food into his rusty, wagon until it was overflowing with all the good harvested food. George started his trip to the Kingdom. His long ride was painful. The horses were getting weak from carrying a big load of goods in the wagon. George had made a couple stops at some shacks that were on the way to the kingdom. On the second stop on his trip, he sold some food to a family, and earned his first money of the trip.

George was planning on getting to the kingdom in less than two days. George kept pushing hard on the horses, to keep going. The weather got nasty; the grey clouds rolled in and covered the beautiful blue sky. George lifted his head up high and looked up in the sky; a little droplet of rain fell down softly and landed on his cheek. Rain, he thought to himself, the worst thing that could happen right now. Later that evening he came across a big hill, and a sign that said Far, Far Away Kingdom. He used his whip to speed the horses and get to the market, before all the spots were taken.

As George rolled into the kingdom with his old, wooden wagon behind him, he smiled. George was proud that he made it in time! Once he got a spot at the market, he put himself to work once again. George organized all his food. Sat down in comfort and glanced at the streets. About an hour later he heard the Kingdom’s bell ring. Everybody dropped everything and ran to the King’s castle. George didn’t know what to do, but he just followed the rest of the people.

He stood there with patience along with a couple other thousand people, or so. George glanced at the queen and saw her sobbing and whipping her tears with a white, fancy handkerchief.  The king stood up on the platform.

“My people! I appreciate you all coming here and hearing my announcement! Uuuuhhmm.. My daughter has been missing for several days, now. The Dark Knight has taken her away. We’ve sent three dozen troops to, bring her home safely, but they failed. No mere soldier is safe out there, someone who is very strong and very brave to go out there and save my daughter, I will give you the biggest reward I could ever offer! Thank you!”

While George was listening to the king talk, he wondered if he should go and save the life of the princess. All the men beside him were debating whether or not to go. George thought about his strengths and the glory of saving her. He walked straight to the king, bowed down to the waist and said:

“King, I volunteer to go and save your daughter’s life!” exclaimed George.

The king turned around with a shocked face! The Queen heard George, and her tears stopped dripping down her red cherry cheeks. George at six foot and nine inches and buff just standing there, the queen ran up to him and hugged him. George lowered a little bit and hugged her too.

“Thank you stranger!” Queen whispered in his ears as she was still hugging him.

“Call me George, your majesty.”

“Thank you, George.”

The king and queen wanted George to get supplied with food before he left to find their missing daughter. The queen gave him a backpack to carry just in case of an accident, just to bring the two of them home safely. George was full from the feast that he had at the castle. Now George was prepared!

Later that evening, George jumped on his horse and rode down the narrow path heading toward the sunset. George rode all night. When sunrise arrived, George had reached the ‘Black Land’ where the princess had been taken. There was a black metal fence around the biggest castle he had ever seen. He climbed on top of a little hill and could see everything. The castle was evil and scary looking. It was made of black stone and iron. It had heavily armed troops guarding the whole castle. As he was looking around, he saw skeletons everywhere around the metal fences.

George had no fear at all of this castle and everything guarding it. The brave young man started making plans of how he could distract the guards. When sunset arrived he waited another four hours until it would strike midnight. He looked through the backpack, found some matches, and some bombs. George took a handful of that and jumped on the horse and rode to the other side of the castle. He placed the bombs around. He left and waited at the entrance until they blew up. George was patient, a couple seconds later the bombs went ‘KABOOM!!’

“Hmmm, that should distract all of them pretty good!” George said to himself.

As George was going into the property of the evil castle, guards were running around like stupid idiots and screaming! They all ended up going to the back of the castle. George was so proud of himself that he distracted the guards. George was running through the entrance, there was two ways to get to the tallest room in the castle. He had grabbed more of those bombs in his backpack. George was running, and running every breathe got heavier on him. But the angel up on top gave him more strength so he would have enough time to save the King’s daughters life before all the guards came back to guard the entrance.

George ran to the door, he was lucky it was unlocked. With the door open just a tad bit, George walked in, he took a look at the princess, and his jaw dropped, her sparkling eyes caught his attention, he got lost for a second of two.

“I am here to take you home!” George whispered so the guards wouldn’t hear him.

“Who sent you here?” she asked George.

“Your father, Princess!” exclaimed George.

“Call me Isabelle!” she said.

George took her hand and ran out of the room, down the long stairs. Both of them ran out of the property! They both made it out of the ‘Black Land’. Isabelle was so relieved that she wasn’t a prisoner in that horrible castle anymore. Isabelle ran to George and hugged him.

“Who are you?” Isabelle asked.

“George.” He replied

“Thank you, George! You saved my life!” She told George while she was hugging him tightly.

“No problem.”

The trip back to the kingdom Isabelle and George were talking to each other. Isabelle wanted to know who George was, since he saved her life. She asked so many questions about him and he answered all of them! Isabelle started liking George. He was a sweetheart and much more. After a long night of riding on the horse, morning came. They rode into the kingdom and people started whistling, and clapping that he saved the princess’ life. The king and queen ran out of the castle and came running to Isabelle. Isabelle jumped off the horse and came into the arms of parents.

“My dear! Thank goodness you’re safe.” The queen said happily as she was holding her in her arms.

“Me too mother. Thank George he saved my life.”

“Well here you go, here’s the reward I told you that I would give to whoever saved my daughter’s life.” The king said.

“Father could I hand over the reward to George since he saved my life?” asked Isabelle as her father handed over the bag to Isabelle.

“Thank you, again George. Couldn’t thank you enough for saving me.” Isabelle said with a smile, as she handed over the reward.

“It’s no problem. Thank you for the opportunity.”

George sat on his horse and rode off. He stopped at the market and grabbed his wagon and went back to his home. As the days passed by, George couldn’t stop thinking of Isabelle. George knew that he really liked her. As for Isabelle she stood outside of her window every night and looking up to the moon and thinking of George. She liked him so much and couldn’t stop thinking of him. As both of them lay in bed, 200 miles away from each other, and can’t sleep, and thinking of each other, it grew harder and harder. A year has passed by, the time of year came right back and George was working in his garden so he could sell food at the market. He started working in the garden, the day passed by so quickly and before he knew it, George was all done. Walked into the barn grabbed his rusty wagon and started putting the food in there. George rested for the night and in the morning he started to get ready and go to the kingdom.

Six long hours of riding, he arrived at the kingdom. George already forgot how it looked like. He set up the stuff and was reading the kingdom’s newspaper. Isabelle was in her room and reading the newspaper, when she came across a little reminder that today was another day at the market to buy fresh food.

“Isabelle, darling, can you go by the market and buy some fresh food?” Isabelle’s mother asked her politely as she was writing a list of what king of food to buy.

“Yes, I was still thinking about going to the market today.” Isabelle was getting ready; she put on her fine champagne beaded dress and her shall, and was ready to go. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and left her room. She was walking down the street, and looking through the list of food that her mother had given her. She came to the market and went straight to the vegetable section where George was.

“Good afternoon, miss.” George said with a smile as he put the newspaper down.

“Afternoon to you too.” Isabelle replied with a smile.

“Can I help you with anything today?”

“No thank you.” I’m just looking around. George lifted up the newspaper and started reading. Isabelle started humming and singing in a quiet, sweet voice and enjoying her time picking out what she wanted. George lowered his paper so that he could take a look at her, and when he did, his eyes almost popped! Quickly and nervously George stood up and came up to her.

“Isabelle?” he asked.

“Yeah. How do you know my name?” she asked George with a frightened face.

“I knew you looked familiar! I’m George, remember me from a year ago?” he said.

“Oh my goodness! How could I forget that? I didn’t even recognize you, you’ve gotten so much bigger and your face has changed so much since the last time I seen you! How have you been?”

“Pretty good, could have been better. This year was kind of rough on me.” He replied to Isabelle, and was thinking about this year that he was thinking about her and how he forgot about her. George forgot about her because he thought she was too good for him and he would never have a chance with her.

“This last year has been rough on me too, but this year seems to be working out fine for me.” When Isabelle realized it was George from that moment on she had a warm feeling in her heart.

“Do you want to go to dinner with me this evening?”

“Sure, I suppose I could fit that in my schedule.”

“Great! See you in the evening then.” As Isabelle walked away with a basket full of food George waited for her to leave, and then he jumped up and smiled with happiness! Isabelle ran to her room, slammed the door and screamed! She couldn’t believe he came back! They both got ready and met at a romantic restaurant. They both enjoyed their dinner, and George ended the evening with a kiss on the lips. This thing between them went on for 6 months, and both of them were so happy together. As the seventh month was rolling in George had saved up enough money to buy Isabelle a ring.

On a fine Saturday evening sitting in a little row boat, out in an open lake, George and Isabelle were enjoying their time together. George was so nervous his hands were shaking.

“Are you okay darling?”

“Yes, of course.” George replied with a nervous voice.

“Okay then.” Isabelle was very worried of how he was acting. George stood up and turned away from Isabelle put his hand in his pocket and looked up into the sky and prayed to God that she would say yes. His Guardian Angel heard him pray, and she herself prayed for him too. The angel wanted him to have a happy life. George turned around and kneeled.

“Isabelle, will you marry me?” her face got red and her jaw just dropped when she seen the gorgeous ring.

“YES! Absolutely yes!” she was so happy that this day had actually came to her, the man she loves, had just proposed to her!

The next month, the wedding was already planned. It was going to be a royal wedding at castle. The invitations were handed out to the whole kingdom. The day of the wedding Isabelle was so nervous that her hands were shaking. In the room across Isabelle’s, George was nervous himself. An hour of getting ready, they were all ready to go! George was standing at the alter waiting patiently when the music started playing everybody stood up and looked to the back of the room, there Isabelle was walking down the aisle. Isabelle kissed her father on the cheek and took Isabelle’s hand. Isabelle’s father looked at George and said.

“You take care of my girl.”

“Yes sir. I will keep her safe. You have my word.” George and Isabelle then said their vows and kissed. They walked out of the church happily, and climbed in an old vintage white car, drove off, and enjoyed the rest of their evening somewhere romantic. The angel up above watched the ceremony, and now that Isabelle is George’s wife, she will protect Isabelle as well. They had two boys and a girl, both of them couldn’t be any happier, then having each other forever!

The End

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