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My writing is fiction romantic horror.

Jenny has a normal life and a normal family but something totally not normal happens to her. She gets staulked and kidnapped. But before the kidnapper can do anymore harm to her, John saves her and becomes her hero! but is she really saved?… 

Sweet Feeling of Revenge

Katya Konev

She closed her locker and turned to her friend Kristie.

“ I hate these lockers. They are so old! “ said Jenny. Kristie without looking up from her book, nodded. “ You are such a bookworm, “ laughed Jenny. Kristie smiled. “ Let`s get to class. “ Without looking, Jenny turned to go and bumped right into someone. Wham, everything fell on the floor. “ I`m so sorry! “ said Jenny picking up the papers and books.

“ No problem, “ the guy said with a deep voice. Ooh, he must be cute thought Jenny. But when she looked up and gave him his books, he was so ugly she almost dropped them again.

“ Here, “ said Jenny with a smile. “ I got to get to class and sorry again. “ Before Jenny started to go he added flirtingly.

“ How about I walk you to class. I don`t want you to bump into any other kids. “ Jenny didn`t want to hurt his feelings but she did not want to be seen with him.

“ I think I can handle it, “ said Jenny trying not to sound too self-centered. His face immediately turned sad and disappointed.

“ Oh, okay, I guess, “ said the guy. While walking to class she couldn`t help but feeling guilty. It took her a couple minutes to change her mind about it. That’s the moment she sat down at a desk and saw him walk into the classroom. Oh my Gosh, thought Jenny. It`s going to be a long 45 minutes. Every time she looked at him, he was staring at her.

After school, she sat in the car and waited for her sister Carrie while listening to music. When she looked up, she saw him staring at her and almost had a heart attack.

“ Oh my Gosh! What a creep! “ said Jenny to Carrie when she got in.

“ Who? “ asked Carrie. Jenny pointed to his direction.

“ Ah…“ nodded Carrie.

Jenny helped her mom make dinner. They were talking in the kitchen when Jenny heard something outside. The window was open. She looked out and no one was there. Probably a squirrel or something thought Jenny, but decided to investigate anyway. On the bench facing the kitchen windows, the ground looked like it had recently been walked on. She got up to see up close and saw they were a man’s footsteps. By the footsteps was a blue gum wrapper. She picked it up and it smelled like cotton candy. She couldn`t believe it, someone was spying on them. She didn`t tell her parents. She didn`t want to worry them because it might be nothing.

The next day at lunch time Jenny and her friends sat at the table in the middle of the room. They didn`t even notice him walk up to their table until he cleared his throat. They all looked at him at the same time and that made him blush.

“ Hi, “ he said. But Jenny just looked at him confused.

“ Umm… Hi? Can I help you? “ asked Jenny.

“ Don`t you remember me? “

“ Nope, “ said Jenny shaking her head. Before he could say anything else, they all got up and walked away. “ I can`t believe he thought he could hang out with us, “ laughed Jenny making herself look like she didn`t care. She didn`t realize that he heard her and so did the whole cafeteria. His face got hot with rage.  I`m going to get her for this he thought.

Jenny drove home alone this time because Carrie had a dentist appointment. She stopped at the gas station for some gas. While it was filling up Jenny sat in her car and listened to music. She heard a weird clunking noise outside. She paused the music and decided to check it out. She saw writing on her back window. “I`m watching you. “ Jenny thought her friends must have written it as a joke or something. Then she saw someone standing in the shadows of the propane tank watching her. She freaked out and jumped into her car. Her hands were shaking and she couldn`t turn on the car. Finally she zoomed out of the gas station. Her heart started beating properly only after she got home and put on her fuzzy pajamas. She closed all her shades and locked all her windows.

It was Saturday and she had plans with her friends. She was out all day. Her parents and Carrie went to a ball game in the city. Jenny was alone when she came home. She locked all the doors and windows downstairs before she made dinner for herself. It was already nine when she went upstairs to her room. It was Jenny`s routine to brush her hair until it was smooth. She opened her drawer but her brush wasn`t there. She looked around in the drawer but couldn`t find it. Jenny looked around her room twice, but it was nowhere. She picked up her blanket to look under the bed and saw a blue gum wrapper. She brought it up to her nose and it smelled like cotton candy. It was exactly the same wrapper she found outside their kitchen window. Jenny stayed up till 12 worrying until she was so exhausted she just fell asleep.

Monday morning she didn`t want to get out of her car when she got to school but still did. She figured she`d be safe, school is a crowded place where there are lots of witnesses. She didn`t know for sure who the guy was in her room or in their yard, but she didn`t want to take any chances. She went straight to her first class. She didn`t even realize that she sat down next to, the guy from the cafeteria. The whole class Jenny could smell cotton candy. Jenny got up to go and he quickly got up as well.

“ Want some gum? “ He asked. The stick of gum was covered in a blue wrapper. “ Its cotton candy my favorite. “

Late on Monday, when it was already dark, she needed a flashlight to walk to the garbage can outside. She heard someone by the trees. Before she could ask who it was, someone grabbed her from behind and she screamed. She tried to call for help but he covered her mouth with a tissue that smelled like alcohol. She tried to get free but everything went dark.

Inside the house, her parents heard the scream but thought she probably saw a rat or something. After a bit when she didn’t return, her dad went out to check. Five minutes later, he returned holding Jenny`s flashlight.

“ She`s gone! “ He said in whisper thinking if he said it really low, it would not be true. Jenny`s mom ran to the phone and dialed 911. Carrie just stood there not knowing what to do. The whole family was in shock about Jenny being kidnapped.

Everything was dark when Jenny woke up. Her heart pounded like someone playing the drums: Boom, Boom, Boom. She tried to sit up but her head spinned which made her stomach hurt. When she was finally able to sit up, her eyes started to adjust. She could tell that she was in a shed that smelled like mold. Where am I? What happened? She thought. She tried to get free of the ropes that were tied around her hands. Tugging and squirming made the rope dig deeper into her skin and blood started to run down her hands. Her eyes filled up with water and she screamed for help. Not knowing if anyone was listening. She tried getting up but couldn`t get a good grip to hold herself still, stumbled and fell. Tears ran down her face looking like little rivers on a dirt road. She tried to get free of the ropes one more time but gave up because her hands felt like they were in a river and lied back down on the moist ground. Closed her eyes and hoped someone heard her scream for help.

John Bohman was riding on his bike in the pine forest that day. He wanted to go for a long time, because he just got a new two-wheeler and wanted to try it out. It was already five when he stopped for a break. His mom packed him a snack. Half way through his sandwich he heard a cry for help. He immediately stopped chewing and listened to where it was coming from.  Lunch all packed and garbage picked up, he looked at his compass and drove where he thought the sound came from. A few minutes later, he saw a little shed covered in black mold. Huh? He thought. Maybe that’s where it came from. Almost there, he could tell that a bike had been there. He parked and came up to the shed. When he looked in, he saw a girl lying with her clothes and hair tattered and messed up. Her hands were tied and covered in blood. He tried to break the door. After a couple kicks, the door broke in two. He kneeled beside her and covered her with his jacket because he could see her shivering.

“ Your safe now, “ he whispered into her ear. But before John could do anything, someone ran in.

“ What are you doing?! “ Yelled the kidnapper. Before John knew, the kidnapper scratched his face and tried to bite his arm. John shoved him off and got on his feet. The kidnapper stumbled and fell on the ground. Before he could get up, John punched him and he was out cold. “ Yes! Three years of boxing, Wahoo! “

Jenny was barely conscious when he picked her up and carried her to his bike. He set her in front of him and kept a tight grip around her. Jenny`s hands were around him barely holding on. It took them thirty minutes to get to his house. Jenny was shivering like crazy. He quickly brought her inside and covered her in blankets and put her by the furnace. After a couple minutes she opened her mouth and said,

“ The…The…Thank you for s…Saving me. “

“ No problem, my names John, what`s yours? “

“ J… J… Jenny, “ she replied weakly.

“ Oh you’re Carries sister? “ asked John. She nodded. “ I know her number, we went out a couple times,“ he said while looking through his phone. “ Hello? “ He asked. “ Is this Carrie? “

“ Yeah, but I can`t talk right now. My sister is missing. “ She said, sounding like she was crying.

“ I found her, “ He said smiling. “ We are at my house. “

“ Oh my god! Is she okay? “ asked Carrie. “ We`ll be right there. “

Ten minutes later, Jenny`s family came.  Jenny was all warmed up. Jenny`s parents hugged her until the cops came to ask some questions. They asked what she remembered but she only remembered her mouth being covered with a tissue and everything going dark, and then waking up in the shed. They asked John what he was doing in the forest, where he found Jenny and what happened. He told them he bought a new bike, the scream for help, the shed and the kidnapper that attacked him. After the questions, Jenny`s parents took her home.

At home, Jenny took a long hot shower and felt much better when she put on her favorite top and fuzzy pajamas. When she got downstairs, her family made her favorite food, pasta salad with pizza.

“ We are so happy that you`re okay, “ said Jenny`s mom with a smile. Jenny just smiled and hugged her mom. Tears started to roll down Jenny`s cheeks.

“ I love you, “

“ I love you too baby, “ answered Jenny`s mom and kissed the top of her head. Let’s eat. After dinner the police called and said they got her kidnapper. She was overjoyed and fell asleep smiling.

The next day at school was very hard for Jenny. Everyone was staring at her, whispering about what happened, but too scared to go and talk to her face to face. When Jenny saw John talking to some friends, she walked up to him.

“ Hey, my hero, “ said Jenny behind John. He turned around and smiled at Jenny. I didn`t notice how cute his smile was, thought Jenny and smiled back.

“ Hey, “ he said. “ How you feeling? “

“ All right, thanks to you, “ said Jenny flirtingly.

“ Anything I could do for Carrie`s sister. “ said John. Jenny couldn`t believe what was happening. She was flirting with him and he was thinking about her sister. She had to fix that.

At lunch time she looked around the room for John. When she saw him sitting all the way across the room, she walked right over to him.

“ Can I join you guys? “ She asked sweetly with a smile. They just sat there quietly looking at her.

“ Umm… why aren`t you with your friends? “ asked John`s friend.

“ I want to sit with John, “ said Jenny smiling. He almost choked on his water. After recovering, he looked up at her with bugged out eyes. Jenny just kept smiling.

“ I`m actually done eating, “ said John quickly, and left the table. Jenny felt so weird. She couldn`t believe he could leave her standing like that. For the rest of the day Jenny felt awkward around everyone. She practically ran out of the school when the bell rang.

She just sat in the car and waited for Carrie. Opening her water bottle, she dropped the cap. When she bend over to pick it up and saw in the right window that Carrie was talking to John. She flipped out and spilled all her water. But she didn`t care that everything was wet; she only cared about what was not going to happen between Carrie and her hero, John. When Carrie finally got in, Jenny had a plan.

It was Friday night and Jenny knew that Carrie had a date with John at eight at the Teeny Tiny Tea Shop. Jenny got there at seven and waited for John. Carrie was going to meet John at the coffee shop. Jenny had already ordered her cappuccino when John arrived. Walking by she pretended that she just realized he was sitting there.

“Oh my Gosh! “ She exclaimed. “ What are you doing here? “

“Oh, I`m just waiting for someone, “ he said looking around her at the door.

“Can I join you? “ She asked. Before he could say anything Jenny sat down. She talked nonstop. John couldn`t even put a word in, in reply to what she said. She even a couple times touched his arm, held his hand and rubbed her leg against his. John felt so awkward that he almost left but decided not to. He didn`t want Carrie to come and he not be there. It was almost an hour later when Jenny said she had to go. John felt happy and even smiled when Jenny walked out. He would finally have the date he wanted with Carrie. But Carrie never showed.

When Jenny came home, she didn`t see Carrie until the next morning. Carrie`s eyes were puffy like she cried all night. Jenny felt satisfied. She even tried to have a conversation with Carrie, like she didn`t know why she was upset. But she never even made eye-contact with her sister.

In school Jenny stood by the water fountain when John walked up to her. Jenny smiled at him but he just looked at her coldly and said,

“ What is your problem?!“ Jenny looked at him confused but knew exactly what he was talking about.  “ I don`t like you okay. I`m in love with Carrie so stop messing around with us! “ He exclaimed furiously and stormed off. Jenny couldn`t believe it. John didn`t want her, but her younger sister. She ran to the bathroom wiping away her tears. A whole box of tissues later she came up with a plan for revenge.

It was already dark when John came home. Just before he put the key into the lock, something hit him over the head and he fell. A couple seconds later he opened his eyes and everything was blurry. Everything cleared up after a little bit of blinking and he sees Jenny. Her makeup was all messed up and she was holding a knife. He couldn`t do anything because she sat on him and his head was spinning. Just before Jenny stuck the knife into his heart she said,

“If I can`t have you, no one can! “

The End

5 Responses to Katya’s Page

  1. Max says:

    haha girls are so weird:P

  2. Mike says:

    wow…crazy.nice story, u mixed it up a bit cool ;D

  3. Leedia says:

    I really liked the way you made Jenny just as crazy as her kidnapper. I didn’t really get why Carrie didn’t show up to the cafe on the date with Johnny though. Did she see him and Jenny sitting together or something? You should maybe add a couple more details about that. The ending was great! I loved the way Jenny said, “If I can’t have you, no one can!” as she plunged the knife into Johnny’s heart. It was very ironic how he saved her life and he ended up getting killed by her.

  4. elesey says:

    Wow.. The overall idea was good, but if this was a longer story, it might have been better because you could’ve been more discriptive. I like the last line,(“If I can’t have you, no one can”)I think I saw that in a movie somewhere.
    It’s kinda freaky that someone like you wrote this because you’re one of the nicest people I know.

  5. mom Konev says:

    really liked the story overall. didn’t like that the hero dies in the end.
    hey, nice detail about the girls helping mom in the kitchen cook! really kreepy that underneat all that good behaver was so much jelousy.

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