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The weather was bad when I was going hunting. The journey was boring until I was attacked be a pack of wolves and saved by a petty girl which I married. Fiction.  



The rain was pouring hard. The whole village was filled with fog. The rivers flowed high, eroding the dirt on both sides of the bank. It was hunting season. I loaded my rifle, my side arm and stashed in the holster. I put on my hunting gear and sharpened my knives before storing them in the cooler that I was taking with myself. I also grabbed some food, rope, matches and other equipment.

I strapped the cooler on the four-wheeler and I was off.  I was driving so fast that my eyes stung from all the rain. I had to stop occasionally to dry them off so that I could see better. Plus there were a lot of creeks and it’s dangerous to drive fast on them. Finally I got to my campsite. I was tired of sitting on the wheeler, so I got off and started searching for a place to start a fire. After I found a good spot and made fire, I add a lot of wood to it so that it would not burn out while I was hunting.

I walked around everywhere but I did not see any moose. I was kind of bored because I wanted to shoot something. Right after thinking that, a duck flew by me and landed in the swamp. I unsnapped my rifle and aimed at the duck. Pulled the trigger, I shot the heck out of it, blowing its guts everywhere. I laughed and laughed until my sides ached.

I’d been gone for a while and I worried the fire might have burned out. I did not feel like having to reset the fire because I spent too much time laughing. I thought that when it stopped raining some moose would come out. I stayed at the camp site for a couple hours.

I finally decided to go home after I was soaking wet and my gear weighed a ton. After getting all my gear, I drove home. It took me longer to get back because the weather was bad and it was harder to look out for potholes. When I came home, mom asked me if I got a moose. I told her that I did not see any. After eating I hung up all my wet gear and went to bed. At Six a.m. my alarm woke me. I got dressed and checked my hunting gear to see if it was dry. Then I made some food, gathered all my gear and went hunting again. This time I went to a different place then before. It was all swampy; I had to drive on the trail so I wouldn’t get stuck in the swamp. It took me a while to get to the spot, but it was worth it. Because when I got there I saw a moose standing next to a creek. I felt my adrenaline rush and my heart began to race. Taking some deep breaths, I took out my gun.

I loaded my rifle, aimed it at the moose, and pulled the trigger. BAM!! The moose went down with a thud. The moose was still twitching when I got there so I took out my side arm and shot it twice in the head before slitting its throat.  The blood gushed out of its throat and poured down the stream. It took me almost six hours to gut and clean the moose. Finally it was time to get the moose home which made me worried because I barely drove through without the moose’s   weight.

I cut it into smaller chunks so it would be easier to travel with, but by the time I was finished it was dark and I heard wolves nearby. I lit a fire by the meat so I’d know were to find it when I came back. When I started my four wheeler, turning the lights on, I could see 40 or 50 pairs of glowing eyes in the bushes. I realized that I was surrounded by the wolves, so I panicked and shot at them with my rifle but there were too many of them.

I eventually ran out of ammo for my rifle, so I took out my side arm and started shoot again. I killed about 15 of them before they charged me and swallowed me whole. While I was in one of the wolvers tummy, I heard karate noises. I thought it was Jackie Chan. A knife cut open the wolves’ stomach and I could see light again. In that light I saw a vision, a beautiful girl. After she got me out, she told me that she was famous wolf hunter known as the little Red Riding Hood. I felt like my heart was struck with lightning as we instantly fell In love.

She took me home on her four-wheeler, though it took twice as long because we couldn’t keep eyes off each other. We later got married and spent the rest of our lives in love and hunting for wolves in the forest wearing our signature red as a disguise.


6 Responses to Julian’s Page

  1. katya says:

    Awww… very cute ending. (:

  2. Mike says:

    Perty cool dude! 😀 i liked how you mixed up the story a bit. kin of funny too. :p

  3. mariamia says:

    Julian, I Loved your story! I really liked how you described their eyes at night “glowing”. i laughed when you thought it was Jackie Chan who was making the karate moves. You always intend to put “Girls” in your assignments. haha! i thought your story was good and didnt need any changes. Awesome job with the ending too!

  4. Fetina says:

    Ha-Ha-Ha! Julian Great story! I love how you said that when you saw the duck and you shot at it like crazy and you laughed about it. And I like how you got saved by a girl and that you both fell in love! 🙂

  5. julian says:

    The weather was bad when I was going hunting. The journey was boring until I was attacked be a pack of wolves and saved by a petty girl which I married. Fiction.

  6. Varya(: says:

    Hahaha, when I first started reading your story it seemed real, but at the end I realized it’s definitly not a true story. But it was a very well written with good details and also quite intense.

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