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My writing is about space I won a free ticket to go to another planet and so did another 15 people but there were 50 people going total and they had to pay $1.5 million dollars. I found out that aliens lived on the planet Hope, the planet we went to see. We lived on it for two years we then later left home in the summer on earth something were diffrent.

Outer Space

By Firce.Kuzmin

One day I heard a broadcast on the radio about outer space. There is another planet that could sustain life on it. It was discovered a long time ago, but now scientists know for sure it can sustain life. They are offering a chance for 15 people to go for free. It’s a writing contest and the best fifteen stories will win a free ticket.

I always wanted to go outer space. Now, was my chance, but they needed to do one thing and win it. It was to write a story about to why they wanted to go there, what was the purpose.

So I started to write about why I wanted to go to outer space. When I was finished I thought that I’m from small town would never win but I still sent it to them. Then the radio announced worldwide that who got to go. They said a couple of names and then they said my name! I almost fainted. My family said good bye at the airport. I was off on a shuttle to another ship in orbit that is a lot bigger.

After we boarded the ship, called the Aroma, We went to our quarters to settle in and then went to what they called a mess hall I called it the cafeteria like a normal person I guess. There were 50 people only 15 were here for free like me others had to pay to get up here they all paid 1.5 million dollars. Then I was sure I was lucky because our village where I live have that much only if the whole village paid together. So they were rich to spend that kind of money to go up here.

We left the outer orbit of Earth, and headed to a planet called Hope. It meant that it was the hope for our very survival, our entire planets cultures, and the way we live our lives. Hope was almost the same size but bigger. Earth holds 7 billion people, and Hope can hold 12 billion people. It will probably be next place that we call home. It’s a similar looking planet to earth but it has more land than water.

A man on the ships loud speakers woke me with an announcement that we were halfway there. So I went to the mess hall because I couldn’t sleep anymore. I almost got lost then, I asked a worker how to get to the messhall. He pointed me in to the right direction. I arrived at the messhall there were some people there to talking about the ship. Then I saw were the food was I quickly went for the last piece of pie that was there. It is a vanilla pie it was ok I guess then I had some sandwiches while I was eating I looked out a window and I saw that we just past a planet size of Jupiter. We are going so fast that we past the planet in matter of seconds I was amazed after I finished eating quickly and went to look at a bigger window. It was cool everything was moving so fast but I got bored so I went to the TV and watched a movie “The Avatar”. After the movie I thought about how cool it would be to see an alien it would be like the movie that I just watched. We meet some aliens and have a war with them or be friends. I wish that we did meet some advance alien race that looks like us. But that will most likely never happen because aliens don’t exist we are the only race that does exist. After I came back to the real word from my imagination I went to explore the big ship Aroma.

The ship is like a maze but I still kept going around exploring it was fascinating. After a whole half an hour I was starting to feel like I’m walking around in circles but then I came to where it the pilot drives the ship but it was not like a plane this was a lot bigger people can walk around. I assumed it was the Capitan who was sitting in the captain’s chair. He was telling his workers what to do I was spotted by a worker he told me to go to the captain. When I arrived before him he told me that “I should not wander around this ship alone that I could get lost”. He then showed me something cool. It was a tablet of some kind and made from solid gold it probably is worth a lot and it had some kind of writing on it.

I asked him “where did you find the tablet”

“I found it on the planet Hope” he said

“Are there aliens on the planet” I asked

“No but there maybe was or otherwise how would the writing get on the tablet” he said

I asked him “do you know what the writing says”

“No but It is in some kind of alien language of course. And we hope to get it translated” captain replied.

Then we were interrupted by one of the workers on the ship. He needed to speak to the captain alone in private. So I went back to my room by a guide given by one of the workers. When I arrived to my room I jumped on my bed and fell fast asleep I was worn out.

One more day has passed on the ship when we finally arrived. The captain set the Aroma down one to the planet’s surface. We all were very excited we all were all packed waiting to go on to the planet. After a couple minutes passed we finally left the ship we saw the world from the ground it looked almost the same as earth. We saw were the houses were built we were assigned to our houses it was like a small village. Ever one had a roommate I had a roommate that was old as me and he funny and cool. We couldn’t believe that we had our own house it was big bigger then mine at home on earth. Me Joe went to explore the house it was like a mansion for me but Joe who paid to a lot of money to be here had a bigger house at on earth. Our house had everything it was like a big penthouse and we even had our own pools they were outside on the balcony it so cool. I have never seen a pool that were like that. I wondered why they would spend so much time and money building so expensive looking houses on the planet. I figured that they built these houses like this for the rich people so they felt like they were at home. After we finished looking around the house we went on a tour led by the captain.

I went up to the captain and asked him “can you show me were the tablet was found”

“Later after this tour only a few people know about this so don’t tell anyone” he said

After the awesome tour, we went to where he found the tablet. After some 30-50min of walking we came to a stop I asked “why are we stopping”

“We are here” he said

“Finally” I said to myself after walking that long my legs were tired. We entered some kind of a secret tunnel that led to underground like a cave. It was amazing there were paintings on the wall; I couldn’t believe that there is other alien race out in space somewhere. They have been here I almost fainted of being over exited. I finally calmed down, the captain showed me what I have never thought was possible or true. Then later the captain said “we needed to be going back now to the alpha site”.

Alpha site huh I thought so that’s what they called our village. When we came back it was almost midnight so we went to our houses. Joe was already asleep so I went quietly past his bedroom and went to sleep in my own bed. We awoke about 10:30am we ate took showers and went outside to have fun. Later that day he asked me “where were you the whole day after the tour”.

I then remembered that the captain said not to tell anyone about that. So I lied to him, told him “I was out with the captain talking about how they came across this planet, how he became the captain of the ship”.

Joe bought my story so I was in the clear. We became best friends to the ending of the trip we stayed on Hope for two years. We did all kid of things there in the winter. It was weird it stayed at the same temperature the whole winter; it was weird that never happens on earth. We had like 20-30 feet of snow on the mountains and it was all powder. We got dropped off on the top of the mountains, by a chopper I asked the captain for a little favor we had became buddies. It was better than Alyeska, there was a half-pipe my friend Joe did a back flip on it. It was awesome I was afraid to do it, but I finally got the courage to do it later, as I did the back flip I felt like I was flying it was awesome. We also went snow machining, sledding mostly almost everything there is to do on snow.

When summer came we heard that we will be leaving soon I was kind of bummed about it because I was going to miss this old place not very old most likely new but you know what I mean, but I’m  going to see my family again. Being gone that long something probably changed on Earth might be something good or bad. I couldn’t wait to go see my old village with all friends’ family there. I wondered if they forgot about me well I was going to find out soon. We were already boarding the Aroma it took us about 40sec to reach space from the planet’s surface. Everything was shaking when we were taking off like on a plane I guess.

When we finally arrived to earth I was anxious to go home my family was waiting at were we landed on an airport. My family hasn’t really changed except some gray hair on the sides of my dad’s head. But the rest seemed the same, when we were driving home they were asking me a lot I mean a lot of questions. They finally stopped nagging me after some hours have gone by, then I started asking questions like what happened while I was gone and so.

When we came to a stop in a driveway that I didn’t recognized I said “why we are here isn’t our driveway on the other side of the village”.

Mom replied “that we live here now, couple months later after you left won a 2 billion dollar lottery ticket”.

I said “wow seriously that much wow that’s a lot of money”.

As I entered the house it was bigger than the one we stayed on the Planet hope I went to my room it was huge more then I always wanted. After the family reunion with my relatives I went to one of my friend’s house. Man did he change his voice was different and his face a little bit changed I almost didn’t recognize him. We then went to his room and talked about what has happened and stuff.

The End

2 Responses to Firce’s Page

  1. Mr. R. says:

    I enjoyed reading your story. I particularly enjoyed how you were able to weave together a few favorite movies of mine:
    Star Trek (2009)
    Gattaca (1997)
    I also noticed that you illustrated the concept of traveling through space at the speed of light, where people age faster on earth. According to this theory, the faster a person travels–reaching near the speed of light–their biological clock slows and consequently slows their aging.
    Golden tablets with strange language? Where have I hear that before?


  2. mia says:

    I really like your story. It was quite interesting. But interesting in a good way. I liked that you went to space, to the one planet. And there was actually some sort of village there! That I thought was something new. Like it alot! Great job! =)

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