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“Be quiet you moron! Are you trying to get us killed? If the Mahomlis men hear us, we’re dead,” said his commanding officer Snake Doc. “Watch where you’re stepping next time, fool. Hold still and bite on this stick while I’ll try to take it out.”

Dogwatch put a stick in his mouth and gritted his teeth. Snake Doc ripped the spike out, and blood gushed out of his leg. “Aaaahhh!” Dogwatch screamed in pain.

“Be quiet, you baby, it will be as good as new in no time.” said Snake Doc. While he was patching up Dogwatch’s wound, a branch snapped right behind them. He quickly turned and took out his side arm in less than a second, ready to shoot whoever was behind him, but only found his other team mates.

“What are you guys doing here?” Said Snake Doc. “I thought everybody died during that ambush a few hours ago, where we tried to breach into the fortress and kill Mahomli, our target.”

Whiplash, one of the surviving team mates, replied. “We lucked out. Just as we were about to breach the fortress, I saw movement in the forest. Luckily, Cool Breeze was with me. He had a riot shield with him. Those fools started firing at us but Cool Breeze saved our lives, we took cover behind him and our sharpshooter picked them off one by one. There must have been a dozen of them out there. How come they knew exactly where we were?” asked Whiplash.

Snake Doc sighed. “Someone must have sold us out. Nobody knew where we would be, except for some of the higher ups back in Pentagon. Is there anybody else left alive?”

“Sadly no, these ugly Africans killed all of them. This was supposed to be our element of surprise, not the other way around. The rest of the team never saw it coming; they got mowed down like dogs from behind with 50 Cal. What do we do now boss!?”

“Abort mission were going back home and find out what the hell happened here”

“We don’t have any communications to get a word out to the Pentagon so they can send a copper to pick us up, the guy who had the satellite phone died during the ambush.”

“Well there is an extraction point about 20 miles from where we are now. Just in case something like this ever happened, but getting there would be extremely difficult, we would have to pass through this booby trap forest and who knows if there are any enemies out there waiting for us.”

“Well alright boss let’s get a move on, to the extraction point” said Whiplash

“Well since it’s just us six then we have to be extremely careful” said Snake Doc, they gathered everything checked their weapons and ammo and headed off. It took long time just to travel a mile but surprisingly they haven’t run into any enemies. After a few miles later, some of the men began tripping over their own feet, some the equipment they carried started to fall onto the ground they lazily picked it up and carried on, it was getting dark now; the sun began setting behind the mountain the mosquitos were getting less things finally started to quiet down.

“I think it’s a good time to stop and rest here.” Snake Doc said. We can’t travel during the night we might not be able to see some booby traps and might get killed.”

“I’ll take the first watch,” said Cool Breeze” Everybody else dropped onto the mud from exhaustion, made themselves comfortable, and fell asleep. Four hours later, Cool Breeze woke up Whiplash and quietly told him that it’s his turn to take watch. Whiplash took his ACR rifle and went on watch. After a few minutes of silence, Whiplash noticed something on the far side of the forest. Something or someone was moving like a ghost with the fog toward them. Quietly Whiplash woke Snake Doc and showed what he saw, but it wasn’t there anymore.

“I swear I saw something there…..” before he could finish his sentence a bright light shot into the air and showed what and where everything was. Both of them saw about 20 Africans making their way towards them. Just as Snake Doc was about to yell to wake up the rest of the guys, a flash grenade exploded not five feet away from them. Things happened fast after that. The guys woke up confused don’t know what’s going on, Snake Doc was yelling orders at them

“Get up!!! Get up!! Take your position and return fire!!! The men managed find a good position and started shooting back. Muzzle flashes were everywhere no matter how much Snake Doc and his team killed them, they just kept on coming. A few minutes of none stop gunshots when the grenade went off 15 feet from him it sending mud into the air and making his ears ringing.

“That’s it!!! Said Snake Doc he had enough, of them getting butts kicked. He called Cool Breeze to get his riot shield and run toward him. Snake Doc has a plan on how to make them run and kick their butts for a chance. As soon as Cool Breeze came with his shield

Snake Doc said “Do you still have that 50 Cal with you?”

He chuckled mischievously. “Yeah, but it’s back where we made camp. I’m going to need some cover if you want me to get it.”

“Alright I will cover you while you get that 50. Get ready to mow these fools down. Show them they’re not the only people with heavy weapons.”

“Hahahaha! Will do, Boss.” As Snake Doc was covering Cool Breeze, one of the bullets slammed right into Snake Doc.  Snake Doc fell down and gasped for air. His mouth opened but he couldn’t breathe, his vision turned fuzzy and then things started to look red. “that’s it,” thought Snake Doc. “This would be the end.”

Finally he heard his team mates saying “Boss is down! Boss is down! Cover me I’ll go help him.” Thoooth Thoooth as the 50 Cal went off even 50 feet away the sound was still deafening, as Tinny was shooting them down. Snake Doc laying their helplessly as Bill came running over, he took him by the arms lifted him up and carried him to safe spot he put him down

“Were you are hit?” Snake Doc mumbled something then pointed toward his chest. Bill tour off his jacket to see how bad it was but started laughing

“You are one lucky person the body armor saved your sorry life, you will be fine give it about an hour or so you will find it better to breath. I will go out and help finish kill the rest of the Africans.”

Twenty minutes later the gun fire became smaller and smaller until it was dead silent.  Snake Doc laying their finally able to breath better didn’t know who won so he barely managed to take out his handgun and waited for the enemy, he managed to sit up lean against the tree and waited for Whiplash to come. Finally after a few minutes of silents he heard someone coming toward him but in a weird way, like something was being dragged. Then he saw bloody hand coming towards him. Snake Doc aimed and waited to see who it was before putting a bullet into his head.

He saw that it was Whiplash crawling barely alive, blood was all over his face, he managed just to say “Rrruuunnnn” before a bullet went straight through his brain. Bill laid their still, silent, and unmoving right in front of Snake Doc. Snake Doc didn’t know what happen out their but he knew that all of his team mates were dead. He took his handgun, pissed that all of his close friends were dead, stood up and started shooting the rest of the Africans who still remained alive. Snake Doc managed to kill five of them before he ran out of ammo, quickly Snake Doc sat back down and started to reload but before he could finish, a hand grenade dropped right by his legs. That’s the last thing he ever saw.  The End.

4 Responses to Faliley’s Page

  1. Danno says:

    yeah, now this story is one bloody battle I loved it. Your story is awesome the way you wrote it, very bloody and awesome.

  2. Xander says:

    I have two words for your story: Your story is action wrapped in emotion filled with awesomeness, then SET ON FIRE!!!

  3. mia says:

    Wow! Haha The first sentence made me laugh! This is a great story. made me want to read more of it. hehe! This was also a very gory story. Oh my gosh!

  4. Fetina says:

    Haha! This is a great story Fal. I enjoyed reading it. It made me laugh! And the starting of the story how they already started talking and you made it interesting on the first sentence. Good job! I really liked it. 🙂

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