Ms. Suzanne’s Sick Day

Hello Students,

Since I am not able to be at school with you today, I want you to comment to this post.  Tell me your Argumentative essay topic, where you are in the steps listed in the previous post, and if you have found one resource using the Digital Pipeline.  I will try and be on-line during class and will post replies.

Remember that you have two pieces of writing happening this week.  Top priority is the Argumentative essay with specific focus on conventions, word choice and sentence fluency. The second is a “light”, fun, creative fiction piece with the ominous title “The Day I Died”.

See you Tuesday,  Ms. Suzanne

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13 Responses to Ms. Suzanne’s Sick Day

  1. Kosta says:

    My argumentative essay is about should we ban violent and dangerous sports. finished with the planning and wrote one paragraph.

  2. Mariamia says:

    My topic is; Should laws get stricter for drunk driving (DUI)? and I was on the homer library website looking for a story. Thats how far i got..

  3. Katya says:

    My topic is about permitting cell phone use while driving. I am still in the process of finding a article for my argumentive essay. I had a little hard time figuring it out. I forgot what you explained on Thursday. hee hee And nice picture, looks like you! jk

  4. Firce says:

    Im writing about if all americans should have an ID chips implanted in us. Im writing the story

  5. Vars says:

    My argumentative essay is about we should ban violent dangerous sports, i am writing about football because i couldnt find any info on all sports. I found an article on football, read it and started writing, thats it.

  6. Mike Reutov says:

    Topic: Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom

    I’m finishing step five and about to make a plan. and i don’t know what you mean by “if I have found one resource using the Digital Pipeline”…its a monday.

  7. Varya says:

    I’m writing about how cell phone use while driving should be prohibited. I did the planning thing, and went onto the Homer Library website and looked at some articles. But most of us are having trouble on how to print the article in the way you described it earlier, so we just printed them normally. And I’m on my third paragraph on the essay. Get well soon! (if you’re really sick) Heehee.

  8. Ksenia says:

    My argumenative essay is about if teenagers and children need curfew laws i didnt start on it yet but after i get everything ready i will start writing.

  9. Yakov Kuzmin says:

    Im writing about should all americans citizens be required to have an ID chip implanted. Im against the whole idea about it. Im still writing the draft and i sort of looked at a few sources.

  10. ignaty says:

    im writing a story about cell phone use while driving. im makeing a plan and then i will start my draft.

  11. Xander says:

    I am writing an argumentative essay about whether or not the defendant of a case should be paid for damages and expenses by the person who sued him, if the person who was suing lost the case.

    I am now going to look for a resource using the Digital Pipeline.

    • Xander says:

      I cannot find anything related to my topic using Digital Pipeline. I shall create this essay using just my own opinions about this topic.

  12. Evgeny says:

    I’m writing about Auto Insurance for teen. I’m arguing that it needs to be much lower. I was not here on Monday so i’m going to go to the websites.

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