The day I died                                                                                       Yakov Kuzmin

I was running like crazy across the docks. The reason behind this was because I was running away from a chicken. This chicken was determined to get me at any cost. I dashed behind some crates and stayed hidden. The chicken ran past me and turned a corner of a building. That was a close one I thought. Then I heard a growl above me. I slowly shifted my head upwards to see what it was and the thing lunged at me.

All right lets back up a bit. I guess it sounds strange that I was running away from a chicken, I mean they are very small and aren’t any real threat to a humans. But this one was. It was one dangerous creature and I’m lucky it didn’t get me at all. But let’s back up to how this all began.

I was born to a smart rich class family. Everybody in my family was practically a genius. My parents, Jackson and Janice, who were both professor’s that taught at UCLA and MIT. I also had two siblings, Joey and Jackie, both older than me. My name was Jacob and I was the young dumb one of the family or so they thought. I never admitted this to them, but I had an IQ of 199 which basically was the highest I my entire family and I kept it secret. My sisters IQ was only 161 and they considered it to be highest in the whole family. The reason I kept my intelligence hidden was because it’s hard as it is getting picked on by the jocks at school for being too smart, I didn’t want the Government to investigate my brain or something like that. I was only 15 and I already knew how to create a nuclear weapon out of what I could almost find in my home. Anyways let’s get on with the story.

It all started a short while ago. I was getting ready for the Summer Science Festival. Every year the Institute of Scientific Discoveries does this festival to see what people thought up of over a year. Thousands of people show off their latest gadgets and toys every year to win the ultimate grand prize, 1 million dollars and meetings with all the greats, such as Stephen hawking. And if you got lucky, a lot of companies were looking to hire.

This year, I planned to win the contest. My favorite subject was chemistry. I loved to do studies on toxins, medicines, animals and etc. This year, I seriously wanted to blow everyone’s mind at the festival. I planned to pull off the greatest animal experiment in our history. I was going to try getting an animal to grow at a super-fast rate. I decided to do it on a baby chick. My trials would be allowed to go on for about 20 minutes, and then the judges would move on. So, I had a rough couple of weeks of experimenting to do before the Science Festival.

I began by getting a batch of baby chicks that were just born. After that, the tests started. I ran experimentations on the chicks DNA, isolated specific genes and characteristics, and created a drug that would revolutionize the medical world forever, or so I believed. The first few drugs I made weren’t really working or up to date. One made the chicks die several minutes after ingesting my remedy. Another one died from organ failure. The rest of the tests just made them grow an extra wing or a beak larger than average.

I almost gave up several times, but I couldn’t give up. I worked every day and whenever I could. Eventually my 31st try showed some promise. Subject 31’s growth rate rapidly increased by at least 15%. In less than 30 minutes, the baby chick grew into a young adult chicken. But it shortly died after that phenomenon. It resulted in a complete organ shutdown. While the chicken didn’t look that old on the outside, its insides growth rate quadrupled, so its growth was about 95% faster inside the body. I was genuinely surprised by this. Since I knew the problem, all I had to do was reverse the effects of the drug. Then all would be excellent.

I worked on the problem until I thought I got it completely right. As I tried the new drug on the next chick, everything happened perfectly. It grew up from a baby to an old chicken in about 25 minutes. From that moment, I was quite proud of myself for accomplishing this tremendous feat. I believed I had accomplished my goal.

After I left, test subject 31, the chicken that the serum worked on was going crazy. It kept attacking the cage door. After a few failures, it finally crashed through the door. It ran around the table where I did my experiments. It noticed a few vials at the edge of the table. It walked up right next to them. Near the vials were a few of my pills that were part of the drug that didn’t work out. The chicken picked up one of them and tried to swallow it. It didn’t quite feel right to the chicken so it dropped it into an open vial with some liquid in it. This liquid was the same drug that worked on this very chicken.

As I got up the next day, everything felt right. Today was the Annual Summer Science Festival. It was being held at a pier next to the Los Angeles harbor. I got up to the Festival a little early and got set up. I was disappointed that my chicken, which the drug worked on, died the very next day. I was sort of freaked that it got out, but everything looked in order.

After a few hours after of me getting there, the judges would soon roll up to my stand in the Festival. I got the drug ready and the chicken as well. Next was the waiting game. I saw some amazing things at the Festival, such as neon frogs and gloves specifically designed to be used to climb walls like spider –man. Next thing I knew, the judges got to my table. They asked questions about who I was and what my project was. I explained everything that I could but they didn’t believe me when I said I could make my baby chick grow at a rapid rate. I told them I could make it an adult in less than 30 minutes. So then the process began. I took out the vial, got out my necessary tools. I slowly and carefully injected the chick and watched it grow. At first the baby chick started to turn white, its feathers got larger and its entire body exponentially grew.

I turned around and said,” Now see how it works.”

“Um, I think there’s something wrong with your chicken,” said one of the judges.

I turned around again to see something that blew my mind. The chicken was now twice the average size of an adult chicken and it didn’t stop there. As it was growing, it accidently kicked the vial with the drug into the air and it landed at another booth. The vial landed in a fountain of water for another experiment with animals.

As I turned back after looking at the other booth, I saw that the chicken had grown up to 9 feet high. The crowd of people looking at my presentation went crazy. They all ran everywhere and anywhere. The chicken looked down and stared right at me. This was crazy I thought. But it was eyeing me the whole time. Then I got this sudden urge and bolted for the closest booth. The chicken did the exact, right after me. As I got to the booth, I saw something that even scared me more out of my mind. A large creature passed right in front of me. I just stood motionless as possible, not trying to breath. An old man was running up to me, screaming for help. Just before he got to me, the creature’s mouth grabbed him. I was looking at a 5 foot high, 11 feet long and 4 feet wide rat. As far as I could see, there were several rats running around attacking people. I could hear screams all around. Then I remembered about the chicken and ran toward the harbor with the chicken chasing me.

The rat leaped straight at me. But I quickly dodged out of the way and the rat slammed into the ground. After that, the rat moved in for the kill. But out of the blue, the chicken rammed into the rat, pecking at its face. The two battled fiercely for a while, but the chicken won out in the end. Then it turned its attention to me. I gulped really hard and prayed for the next few seconds. The last thing I saw was the chicken’s claws right next to my face. Next thing I knew my head was flying sky high and my body falling down.

Now that’s the story of how I died. Very interesting isn’t it, and it’s based on a true story as well. I just hope that chicken gets caught and barbecued at Fourth of July.


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