The Day I Died

I was driving my brand new truck with my friend and talking. I had a dodge Laramie 2013 the color forest green. I worked two whole summers to get that truck. It was really expensive but I had it and that was the best. The engine on that thing was super powerful and had a lot of torque. That truck can start peeling out on pavement when I floored it, very powerful vehicle.

I was driving and talking with my friend. He was a pretty cool and funny guy. Every time he would say something funny I would laugh and look at him. One time he said something funny and I laughed and looked at him, something appeared on the road. I couldn’t swerve away from it because it was right in the middle of the road. I tried but it hit my front right headlight. I slammed on the brakes and got out of the truck. The object that I hit looked like a man lying on the ground. I couldn’t make it out in the dark, so I got in the truck feeling sorry for it, turned around and stopped by the object. It was a man, his neck looked broken and it looked like the bone in his wrist was sticking out. I got really scared and asked my friend what I have to do because my mind was a total blank.

My headlight was hanging on a couple wires, but I didn’t care, I checked the man’s pulse, and there was no heartbeat. My heartbeat started to go faster. I told my friend to help me flip him over and check the man’s wallet, maybe he’s got a driver’s license. A name, I needed a name. I took his wallet, and opened it, and took out the driver’s license. It said John  Smith, Age: 37, Eye color: brown, Weight: 175. I decided we should take this man to the police station and admit what I have done. It still wasn’t my fault, but when we came to the police station there was nobody there. I didn’t know what to do, I can’t leave him in the truck I thought to myself so I just told my friend to just leave the body by the front door and wrote them a letter saying that I did it and gave them all my information.

The next morning I woke up and decided to Google John Smith and see who that guy was. I haven’t received any phone calls so I thought maybe the police officers haven’t got the body yet. I Googled that guy and went to images. I saw a guy that kind of looked like him and clicked on the picture. I went to the website. It said that he died two years ago. I was confused, and kind of scared. I clicked on another website that he was on and it said the same thing. I went through all the websites that had information about him. It said he died in a fire. I called my friend and told him to look it up. He couldn’t believe it either. I told him I was going to pick him up and check out where he lives. But when I went outside, my truck was all sparkly and the headlight was not broken. It was like I haven’t went out the day before. At this time my mind didn’t know what to think. I got myself in the truck confusingly and drove away. I came to my friends house and his face looked very weird too when he walked out of the house.

We drove for an hour and came to that guy’s place. It said “The Smith’s” at the beginning of the driveway. I thought to myself, well okay that makes sense so far, but when we drove up to the house, it was burned down. I thought we had the wrong house but then it all started to make sense. He died in a fire, and his house was burned. The frame of the house was still standing. The firemen must’ve put it out before it could burn all the way down. We walked inside and everything was covered in leaves. I started to look around for clues. Maybe he had a family somewhere that we could talk to. We found a couple pictures of him and no one else in there with him. I thought he was the only one living in that house but when I went upstairs, all that changed. There was a little crib and I thought he was just preparing for the future. I looked inside the crib and there was a figure that looked like a doll. Maybe he was practicing. I rolled it over and that was an actual skeleton. I didn’t think it was real because the firemen would’ve taken the baby when they put out the fire but then I started to think that, that baby was a secret.

I went home a couple hours later to research more about John Smith. I found out where his son lived and called him. I talked to him about when he died and how he died. He said he died in the fire of his home and he was babysitting my baby boy but the police said they never found him.

“Really, is that what they told you?” I asked.

“Yes that’s exactly what they told me.”

“Well I have news for you my friend, I was just at that house and I seen a baby skeleton in a bedroom upstairs.”

“Wait, what were you doing at the house?”

I told him about everything and he decided to come to the house and check it out. He lived in England and didn’t have a lot of money to travel. I waited for him at the house but he never showed up. I went back home and researched again. But what I didn’t check out was that he died a long time ago too. Before his dad even. I got very confused and thought that I could talk to dead people now. I went back to the burned house and just stood there for hours thinking this is all a big dream. Then I heard a whistling noise. At first I thought it was the wind but it sounded like a human whistling. I looked around and seen a human shaped figure sitting in the corner, looking at me in a creepy way. Goosebumps ran through my body.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

The figure didn’t say anything, and growled like a scary monster. I walked a little closer to it and it moved away from me like he was frightened of me. When I walked closer to it, it walked backward away from me. I got a little mad and asked if he was the one doing this to me and the creature just walked backward moving its head like was infected.

“Hey, answer me,” I yelled and threw a stick at the creature. It fell to the ground and stood up and kept walking. I started running and the creature also started running and went into the woods over a little hill. I went over it and seen a bunch of trees but no creature. I yelled for him. I really wish I hadn’t had done that because a lot of them came out from the back of the tree. I was very terrified and wanted to run away but my legs couldn’t move, like they were nailed to the ground. i looked down and there were real nails in my feet and they were bleeding really bad. I couldn’t feel it at first, because I was so scared but I then I started to feel it. The creatures did that to me with their evilness.

“What do you creatures want from me?” I asked.

They didn’t reply and walked closer to me and I could finally make out what kind of creatures they were. They were zombies. They ran very fast and could go through stuff. One zombie walked through a tree and it didn’t even move. One zombie started running very fast and disappeared. It appeared in back of me so I hit it in the head but It didn’t even feel it and hit me in the head. I was bleeding so bad and another one came and started biting my legs. I grabbed a stick and started hitting them but they just took the stick away from like I was just an insect. I was screaming my head off.

The the biggest of them all came to me and the zombies stepped off. My bloody legs were trembling with fright. The zombie must’ve been seven and a half feet tall and weighed over 400 pounds. He raised his right hand like he was about to rip my head off and went straight for my heart. It felt like a trained had ran into my chest and went out the same way. I seen a few stars and then everything became black. I opened my eyes and I seen a paramedic in the front. ”Phew” I thought. My life is saved, but then I seen my own body going into a body bag. I was confused but then I thought, ok. I am dead and there is no way backJ

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