“Joe you’re going to be late for the bank.” Shrieked Mary. “The bank closes in an hour, and it always takes you forever to get there.”

“Okay, almost done.” He yelled out of the bathroom, while doing touch-ups on his beard. “Okay I’m all set. You’re going to watch out for Alexandra right?”

“Oh yeah, I totally forgot. Urrg. I got a call from Frank; he wanted me to review a script for an episode that is coming up. So you’re stuck doing it.” Mary said.

“Okay that’s no problem.” Mary walked in Alexandra’s room and reminded her that she was going to review a script and she won’t be coming home on time. She kissed her goodbye and left the room. Alexandra just nodded and smiled. She was a very quiet, shy child.

“Man she didn’t say goodbye.” Mary said.

“Yeah, she didn’t take her medication for a week already.” Joe answered. Mary felt fine with that.

“Uh oh, I better go; I’m going to be late. Later Hun!” as she kissed him quickly and ran out of the door in no time!

“Alexandra! Hurry up, I’m leaving in a couple minutes!” there was no answer. Joe yelled again. Still no answer. “What the heck is going on!?” Joe asked himself in a quiet whisper. He ran up the stairs to check if she was there. When he opened the door she wasn’t even there. “What the heck!” Joe was confused. So he started to look for her everywhere. Alexandra didn’t say much, so Joe wasn’t very surprised. After looking everywhere in the house he didn’t have luck. He ran outside, with sweat coming down his forehead. After looking behind the house, in the barn, he still didn’t know where she was. He started freaking out.

He took out his phone and dialed up Mary’s number.

“Hello?” Mary answered.

“I’m freaking out!” Joe yelled through the phone, while he was breathing hard from running everywhere. “I can’t find her anywhere Mary.”

“Wooah, calm down. What happened?”

“I don’t know, I called Alexandra downstairs, and wanted to let her know that I was leaving soon, but I heard no answer from her!! I checked up on her, and she was gone!” he was talking so fast, that it was starting to freak out Mary.

Alexandra on the other hand was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, and looking at her father running his fingers through his sweaty hair. “What is he doing?” she thought to herself. She quietly came out of the car and, came up to him from the back, and tapped him on the back. “What’s taking you so long daddy?” Alexandra asked her father.


“AAAAHHH!!” Joe screamed and, jumped up. When he turned out and seen it was Alexandra he freaked out and hugged her. “Where were you? I was freaking out!”

“WHATS GOING ON??!!” Mary yelled through the phone.

“Is that mommy on the phone?” Alexandra asked him with a smile.

“Never mind Hun, she’s right here.” He told her.

“Oh my gosh! Is she okay?” she asked Joe.

“Yeah looks like she’s okay.” He answered, while he was looking into her eyes and hugging the crap outta her.

“Give her, her medication she hasn’t taken them in for weeks. Don’t forget.”

“Okay.” Joe hung up and, told Alexandra to go sit in the car and wait for him there. She walked to the car and sat in the seat, while Joe went back into the house and took her medication. He sat in the car, and started driving through the dirt road. “You can do that Alexandra!” he yelled.

“Do what?” she asked innocently.

“Did what you just did. Why didn’t you say anything that you were going to the car? You left me looking everywhere for you.”

“I’m sorry?” she said. The rest of the drive to the bank was quiet.

Joe was sweating like a pig; he opened the window and, was breathing in the cold air that was blowing into his face. They drove into town and, went straight to the bank.

‘Skreeeek.’ The car made a loud noise when Joe pressed on the brakes to hard. He was still shaken up by what happened back home. He didn’t say anything and, left to the bank with an envelope in his hand. Joe rubbed his hand over his forehead, wiping off all the sweat. Again..

He came into the bank and, seen the longest line ever! ‘Man!’ He whispered. He was standing in line for thirty minutes and he wasn’t even close to being closer to the front desk. Another hour passed by and the line was in slow movement.

“I can help you out sir.” A man behind him yelled softly.

“Thanks man! Greatly appreciate it.” He shook his hand and they got to business right away. The paperwork took forever to complete. Joe was running into complications with the bills to pay off and was having a trouble understanding everything that the man was telling him. He looked at his watch and another fifty minutes just flew by.

“Aaah, man! It’s really hot in here. Do you guys have an air conditioner?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m afraid it’s already on. Sorry about that. Would you want something cold to drink?” The man asked Joe.

“Yes please. That would awesome.” He smiled. Joe’s phone rang and it was Mary calling.

“Hey Hun, what’s up?”

“Did you give Alexandra her medication?” she asked. Joe didn’t even answer back, he dropped his cellphone and, ran outside to the car. He started running and, didn’t spot a semi that was going his way. Joe moved out of the way at the right moment and, fell on the ground. When he forced his head up, his face was in shock. The semi had rammed into the car. Joe ran to the car, looked into the window and, spotted Alexandra’s body.

“Oh my god.” Joe said, and whispering a prayer that the semi hit the driver side. He opened the door on the passenger side and, took out Alexandra. He touched her forehead, and it was on fire. Joe couldn’t wake her up in any way.

People from all kinds of directions were running out and looking at what happened.

“HELP! SOMEBODY! PLEASE, HEEELP!” Joe begged and, cried, while holding Alexandra in his arms and, rocking her in his arms. His eyes were filled with tears. Minutes later sirens were coming closer and closer. The nurses grabbed both of Joe and, Alexandra in the Ambulance and started driving to the hospital. They were doing the best they could to revive her. But all they got was a pulse of zero on the assimilator.

Joe was in the corner of the seat and crying his eyes out. He couldn’t even look at her, of how it hurt him that he left her in the car.

Mary was drinking her coffee while looking through the shoot, when her phone rang; she ignored the first couple rings and continued looking at the screen. The phone started ringing again. “What the heck!” she shrieked. When she heard the words coming from Joe’s mouth she dropped her cup of coffee on the ground and, went straight to the hospital.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital and, took Alexandra into a room. Still not giving up on her the nurses kept cranking up the stimulator and trying their best to get a pulse. Joe was leaning against the window of Alexandra’s room. His hands shaking and didn’t know what to do. Mary was running through the hallways and looking for room 119. When she spotted Joe leaning against the window she quickly ran over, “Where is she?”

“In here,” he answered. Mary ran inside the room with her eyes filled with tears.

“Please, bring her back to me! Please! I’m Begging you.” She fell to the ground crying.

“Nurses get her out. She is not allowed in here.” The doctor yelled. Mary was sitting on the bench in the hallway still crying. Both of them just sat quiet in the hallway and waited for one of the doctors to come out with results.

The door opened and, both Joe, and Mary stood up. The doctor nodded. Joe started tearing up again. “I’m sorry, she couldn’t make it.” The doctor said, as he was taking off the plastic gloves. Joe turned around and walked through the hallways furious with himself. He knocked things off the shelf in the hallway and walked out of the hospital.

A year passed by, and he was still waking up with guilt in his gut. Later that day, Joe ate breakfast with Mary on a hot sunny afternoon. “You like the eggs?” Mary asked.

“Yeah.” He answered. He didn’t talk much.

“What wrong Hun?” Mary asked.

“Oh nothing.” As he stabbed his sausage on the plate. “Hey I’m going to go and do some errands in the bank.”

“Okay.. That’s fine with me. You want me to come with you?” She asked.

“Oh no, don’t worry about it.” And he left the house. He drove out of the driveway and, parked his car by the dumpster, across his house. The sun was gleaming hot. Joe cranked up the heat in the car, and was sitting in there for ten minutes taking the pain that his daughter did on that same day. He was feeling weak. Very weak. In his last minutes of life, he took out a pen and paper, and wrote down a couple of words. Joe’s pen fell on the ground and, his eyes closed slowly on him. The beat of his heart was slowly beating softly and stopped. A tear fell from his cheek onto the picture of his daughter.

Mary was washing the dishes, looked outside the kitchen window, and realized Joe didn’t go anywhere. She ran outside, and went straight to the car. Mary found her husband completely dead, holding a picture of Alexandra, and a note that said..

“I couldn’t handle the guilt in me anymore Mary. Love you. Always.”

Her eyes were filled with tears, and her heart broken in half, and holding Joe in her arms…

…. Thee End….


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