The Day I Died

            I died but that’s more ahead of the story, it all started when I met the most amazing girl. Then later I met her father, he was a very big guy, scary too. Well it was a normal day at Jameson Public High School on a Monday, man everyone hated Monday even the teachers. I started the morning off by eating cereal for breakfast and took my bike too school. I met up with Scooter my best friend and school prankster. ”Hey, Scooter, wait up”, I said.

“Why”, asked Scooter “you can’t catch up with me even on your bike “.

“Right, just as you don’t understand the difference of their, there”, I answered.

“Ooh man that is stinky!” said Scooter. “What’s stinky” I asked.

“That joke you just made”, he said in a mocking way.

“Ok, I walked right into that one Scooter, sorry for that”, I answered.

“Apology excepted Shane ”, said Scooter.

We arrived at school twenty minutes early with nothing to do, so we both went to the basketball court to throw some hoops. Five minutes before the bell we went inside to get ready for Monday madness, which was basically a normal Monday. When I arrived with scooter at home room it was loud the jocks were in one corner, the nerds in the other and the sane in the front. I was one of the sane of course. I sat by Julie the most beautiful girl in class and my eleven year neighbor, a big gothic guy and a jock named Jack who sat behind me and not just any jock he was the most stupid and bothersome of them all, and his friends “Break & Give back” but that’s another story. At the beginning of class we had gotten a new student in our school. We all greeted her and then we began class, it was dull and the same just as usual. Jack bothered everyone by shooting them with cap erasers. At lunch I ate my bag lunch and me and scooter talked shop about joining a kind of sport team for credits.

“So did you choose a sport you want to play yet”, asked Scooter as he approached our table.

“I’ve been thinking about it and well I might join the football team but only next year when were in eleventh grade”, I said while I ate my PB&J sandwich “and because my parents won’t let me join it this year”.

After school we headed toward the theaters so we could catch the new action film at 3:45. Hurry up said Scooter as I raced to catch up to him on my bike. We arrived at the movie theatre just in time 3:43 I said when I looked at my watch. Well we made it I said as I took out my wallet to pay for the tickets. We headed inside when we saw Jake and his buddies Break & Give back. We dodged into the theatre and found a spot to sit. We sat there for five minutes then Scooter went to get some popcorn.

After the movie had ended we headed towards Scooters house at 7 o’clock I headed home and that was day one of the day I died or part one of the cause. I was going home when I saw the new girl at the mini-mart I headed towards her as I was approaching I said “Hi, names Shane, you’re the new girl at school aren’t you”. “Yes my names Casandra” She replied shyly. We talked for a while, than the next day we had lunch in the cafeteria together, a week later I decided to ask her out. I found out where she lived and was headed to her house I had just seen her and sped up on my bike to get there faster when this big guy got right in front of me I hit the brakes like no tomorrow, hit the pavement then started doing a summersault and fell on the cement got up and said “I’m okay”, Then I heard this sound BEEEEEP!!!!!!!

That’s all I could remember when I woke up I could see my body lying there on a hospital bed from what I could tell I had been in a coma or something because they were putting a dead guy tag on my toe and my parents were sad then I realized I was a ghost which was awesome because me and Scooter use to argue about it. Then I overheard some doctor saying I was hit by a transport bus which sucks because if I died by a Lambourhghini it would have been way more awesome.

Since then I’ve been wandering around for over 15 years I checked on Casandra and turns out that big guy who had gotten in front of me was her father. So basically what I said was true I did meet her father just not in the way you imagined being a ghost is awesome.

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