By: Ignaty Kuzmin

The day I died

People die every day, but this is how I died. I am 18 years old and I’m a rich kid. My dad gave me half of his company on my 18 birth day. To celebrate, I went to Alaska to snow board.

When I arrived I was ready to snow board the whole month that I was going to be there.  I stopped at Alyeska it is right beside Anchorage and the best place to snow board. Every day, I would go up and down the mountain. After a week of my legs were tired. Then I bought a snow machine a 2014 ski-doo 800 the newest and the best. It was red with black.

One day my buddies flew from California one was named Jack and the other one was Larry.

“We should go snow machining tomorrow”. Jack said.

Then I replied

“Ye we should, I’m tired of snowboarding”

The next day we went snow machining on the mountains in ptarmigan pass. We went up and down hills and mountains. It was way better than snowboarding.

“I’m low on gas, I’ll go back and get some from the truck then come back I wony be longer than 20 minutes” said Jake.

We said “ok” and watched him drive away we waited for him for an hour and he didn’t come back. We waited for him for an hour and he didn’t come back.

“He should be back already. It only takes half of an hour to go there and back” I said to Larry.

“What do you think happened?” asked Larry.

“I don’t know, but we should check on him” I said.


So we went back to the truck and he was not there.

“Maybe he got lost” I said.

“We should go look for him” replied Larry.

We searched two different places. I went up a mountain and Larry went to the forest. When I went up the mountain, I saw snow machine tracks and followed them, I found Jacks snow machine and he was sitting next to it waving to

“What happened?”

“I got lost, the next thing I knew, I was out of gas and my snow machine died then I waited for you guys to come and find me”.

I told him to get on and we drove on the trail back to the truck then my snow machine died I checked my gas and it was empty.

“The truck is not far from here let’s walk” I said.

We walked until we came upon a step hill. Then we heard a rumbling sound. We looked back, it was an avalanche! We started to run but it was too late. The avalanche was rolled towards us and before we knew it we were eaten up by the snow.

The next thing I know I was under 10 feet of snow. It was so cold I wanted to go to sleep, when I woke up and no one could see me anymore except Jack he went to the hospital and then he saw ghosts who died in the hospital. He went crazy saying that he sees ghosts. I believe him because I see them too maybe it’s because I’m dead too now he lives in a mental hospital and I talk to him every day.

3 Responses to Ignaty

  1. Vars says:

    This story is funny and very interesting. I like it because you mentioned snowmachines and snowboards and those are probably the most fun things to do in the winter. Alyeska is the best place to go snowboarding in Alaska that I know of. It is very steep and perfect for snowboarding. Snowmaching is also really fun on big hills. It is really fun in Ptarmigan pass mountains too. Snowmaching and snowboarding are awesome sports but also thay are really dangerous.

  2. Konstantin says:

    I really liked how you wrote that he got half the business and he went to Alaska out of all places. Its really cool that they were driving on the new 2014 ski-doo sleds. The story was really great and the best part was when they die because of an avalanche. when it ended it was great when they could see other ghosts also.

  3. Mike says:

    Hhaaha that was awesome. You were great on the ending. Good job. Best so far.

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