Argumentative Essay

  1. Choose a topic from the handout (with the noted exceptions).  Choose something you feel strongly about or have a fairly strong opinion.  If you don’t care about your topic – neither will your reader.
  2. Brainstorm – what do you already know about the topic?  What is your opinion?
  3. Complete Class Pass Worksheet.
  4. Research using the databases available on the Homer Public Library website:  Right column, click on “Databases & Websites”, and finally choose Newspapers & Magazines.
  5. Read the article, take notes WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE RESOURCE!
  6. Make a plan.
  7. Do four square for introductory and conclusion paragraphs.  Remember there is such a thing as a well-written and descriptive two sentence introductory or conclusion paragraph.
  8. Block out essay.
  9. Draft.
  10. Peer review.
  11. Revise, edit, and publish (post to blog).
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