“To Kill A Dragon” revised by Mike

To Kill a Dragon

Prologue: In a dark forest, it was all still. Not a whistle of the wind, not a cry of a bird. Nothing. There was a crash of lighting, but something was different. It was a gold flash that erupted to the ground. Then it went still again. Then a bot, not very old, stood up from where the lightning hit. He had blonde hair and a green coat matched his eyes. He scanned the forest, looking for any sign of life. ”Find the egg, get a wish. Find the egg, get a wish.” He repeated over and over again. He was freaking out and sweat trickled off his face. ”Why me? I’m not a wizard. Is he crazy? Don’t worry Z, you’ll be fine. Great, I’m talking to myself now.” He chose a path and walked.




Jack woke to the sound of New York City and sunlight in his eyes. He smiled because he knew there was no school for another three months. Jack was in 11th grade and yesterday had been the last day of school. He was going to be in senior next year and got his driver’s license two days ago.

He got out of bed, not tired at all, got dressed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. When he finished washing, he looked in the mirror and jumped back with fright. His eyes glimmered with gold. Confused, Jack quickly rubbed his eyes, and looked at the mirror again to see his normal brown eyes. He shook his head and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Jack walked passed his sister’s room, music blaring from inside. Jack knocked…no reply. Jack smiled and continued to the stairs. Jack took out some eggs and bread and made some French toast.

“Hey Jack!” Said Jack’s big sister, Emily, as she strolled into the kitchen.

“Hey sis, you’re in a good mood today. What’s up?” Jack said with a full mouth.

“It’s none of your biz,” she said with a smile. ”You and your full mouth don’t need to know.”

“Yeah, yeah, just curious. Where’s mom?” He said after swallowing.

“There’s a note on the counter!” She shouted as she started to climb the stairs. Jack looked around and found the note that hung on the fridge with a McDonald’s hamburger magnet. Jack came up to it and put his hands in his pocket and read his mother’s note.


“Dear Emily and Jack,

I’m going to Montana for an unexpected business trip. The number is: 1-406-499-2383. Call if you have any questions or problems. Don’t crash the Camaro! You’re lucky I left the keys, ok? And share it; your father and I bought it for both of you. Love Mom

P.S. Dad is coming home next two weeks; I’ll be home in three weeks. Have fun!


“Cool, no school and parents.” he said as he walked back to finish breakfast.


Jack took his leather jacket that sat on his chair and car keys that hung near by the fridge. Just then when Emily shouted from her room, “Dibs on the car!”

“Oh man, why do I always forget to call on things?” Jack said as he put the keys back.

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re a loser that forgets things.” Emily said. She stood dressed in a red t-shirt that said ‘REBEL’ in black and with a short pink skirt. She kneeled down to tie on her white sneakers. “Can you give me the keys, Baby Brother?”

“Very funny.” Jack said sarcastically. ”I’m almost 17, ok sis, 17.”  He took the keys and threw them to Emily. Because she was the best baseball player in school, she caught it behind her back. ”Show off.” Jack said mordantly, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t tell me you aren’t impressed.” She smiled and closed the door. Jack laughed. He had to admit, it was a bit impressive. Jack went back to the kitchen and the phone rang.

“Hello?” Jack said still laughing.

“Yes. Is this Jack Coleman?” Said a rough, loud voice.

“Yes. This is?” Jack inquired.

“Not important. What is important is that you meet me at your high school soccer field in half hour.” said the man.

“Why there?” asked Jack.

“Because you’re familiar with it. Please.”

Jack was silent. “You know what? I waited all school year to stay away from that place, so no.” Jack said.

“Again, please” said the voice.

“Ok, fine. I’m bored anyway. What time again?” Jack looked at his watch.

“Right now would be best, faster would even better.” The man hung up. Jack looked at the phone confused.

“This day is getting weirder by the minute.” Jack opened the door and waved at his sister to wait. She drove back and opened the window; Jack put his arms on the window sill.

“This better be good.” Said Emily, “what do you want?”

“A ride to the soccer field at our school, don’t ask.”

His sister narrowed her eyes. “Ok. Get in.” His sister said after the pause. Jack got in their red Camaro, smiling. “You owe me.”

“I love you, too.” Jack said putting on his seat belt.


They drove to the soccer field where Jack could see a man standing in the middle. He was an elderly man, wearing a gold robe and holding a golden staff. At the tip of the staff was a red, perfect, oval ruby “Nice touch.” Jack thought. The staff glowed as the sun brightly shone on the old man’s stick. Just then Jacks vision got bright. Gold was everywhere he looked; he looked at the side mirror and saw his eyes once again gold. The vision slowly went back to normal but his eyes stayed gold. He looked away from Emily so she wouldn’t see.

“What‘s going, Jack?” Emily asked as she stopped the car.

“What?” Jack asked getting out.

“That.” Emily said and pointed at the old man.

“Nothing. You can leave now, Emily. “Jack said closing the door.

“You bet I will. I am not sticking around this place. I’m going to be at my boyfriend’s place. Ok?” Jack put his thumbs up, still not looking to her, and Emily drove away.

“Jack Coleman?” the old man asked.

“The same, what do you want?” Jack asked putting his hands in his jacket pockets. He gazed at a golden halo that surrounded his finger. Jack couldn’t help but stare. The man hid the ring behind his back and broke Jack’s glare.

“Sorry about the confusion. My staff here doesn’t have any manners when he is choosing a young wizard. My name is Gould and I am obviously a wizard. You have been chosen to do an assignment for me.” The wizard stood there watching Jack, cautiously.

“Is this a joke? You? A wizard?” Jack laughed. “What is this, Harry Potter? C’mon man. Who made you do this? Was it Carl? Did he…?” Jack almost fell on the floor laughing. ”Oh, man. Him and his jokes.”

Gould sighed and said “I will send you to the beginning destination.” He snapped his fingers and there was a crack of lightning and Jack stopped laughing and looked around. “This will help you on your journey.” He snapped his fingers again, and then Jack felt something in his pocket. He checked and pulled out a smooth stick with fancy dragon embroidery.

“What is this?” Jack asked confused.

“Your wand. Succeed this mission and you will be granted a wish. Get me the dragon’s egg. When you begin the journey, fallow the path ahead of you and you will obtain more information. Good luck.” Then a lightning bolt struck Jack.

“Wait!” Jack cried. There was a gold flash and was suddenly in a dark forest.




“Where in the world am I?” He chose a path in front of him and walked until he reached a house. The house was about 20 feet away and he caught a scent of burning oil. He slowed down; scanning the small house hoping no one was home. Just then something fuzzy stroked his feet. Jack jolted up and spots a small, brown weasel with a small backpack, “Whoa!”

“Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you!” said the creature.

“What… Why… Where in the world am I? What’s going on?” Jack questioned, freaked out of his mind.

“You are in Claire’s Forest.” The weasel said now looking around nervous.

“OK um… Are you looking for something?” Jack asked the weasel.

“Kind of, I’m just lost and debating what route to take. Mind if I stick around with you for bit?”

“Sure, I guess.” They cautiously treaded to the house and knocked on the door. It instantly shot open.

“Come in” said an old women, sitting by a table with all sorts of dolls and puppets. She sat about 10 feet away from the door.

“How did the door open if she’s still sitting there?” Jack whispered to the weasel. He looked behind the door, no one was there.

“She’s a witch.” The weasel said shrugging.

“Welcome. I am Claire, owner of this forest. May I help you?” She asked, smoothing out her black and red rose skirt. She had white hair that was in a small bun.

“No. I want to ask you a question.” Jack said observing the house.

The lady looked at Jack and sighed. “You are here for the egg of Draco. I cannot believe that Gould would send another one.” The witch said studying Jack.

“What are you talking about? How do you know all this? How do you know Gould?” Jack said sitting down by the witch.

“Gould sent you here to seize the egg from a dragon known as Draco. He looks for young wizards, like you, to obtain it. I know this because I’m a witch and Gould is my husband.” Said Claire, while fiddling with a baby doll that had a torn hand.

“But I’m not a wizard.” Jack said shaking his head.

“Sure you are. You’ll see soon enough.” The witch said.

“OK. Um, where can I get the… egg?” Jack asked.

“Head up north, and fallow the path, after a bit, you should arrive to a river. The mounted should be visible from there. Climb the mountain and there you will find the egg.” The witch pointed where north is and said. “Beware! There are mystical creatures everywhere.”

“Noted.” Jack said closing the door.

Claire looked out the window, “Good choice Gould, I saw the will in him.” She whispered.

“Thank you, Claire” A bright gold flash busted behind the lady and the room was quiet, with the witch watching Jack.




“Hey, I never got your name.” Jack said to the weasel.

“Oh, I am Jeer Jander from the dimension, Genii. Call me JJ. What about you?” JJ asked

“I’m Jack Coleman from the dimension…. from New York City. Call me Jack.” Jack said.

“It’s an honor Jack.” JJ responded.

“So tell about this world full of mystery. I’m still trying to get used to the place.” Jack queried JJ.

“Well, it’s like this.” JJ started, “This world is exactly like your world except a different dimension. In your world we are in a continent of South America, and I think in your world this place is the country Brazil. This world just has more…um … what’s that word…” JJ said, stammered.

“Mystery?” Jack guessed

“No… more like fantasy” JJ corrected.

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Jack said after a pause. “Ok. And how do you know all this?”

“My uncle traveled through dimensions a lot and he died in this one. That’s how I got here. I’m not even from this dimension.” JJ said grumpily.

“Anything I can do to help?” Jack asked him.

“You’re doing just fine” JJ said to Jack. They smiled and walked further.

They walked for hours until they arrived to a creek. Ahead was a big mountain. “Well, here it is.” JJ said. “I’ve been here before and this water is delicious because of all the minerals and stuff.” Jack took a hand full and had a drink. He smiled and had a couple more. Jack finally finished and they continued to the mountain. From behind, they heard a loud roar. They spun around and saw a huge half man and half bear like creature.

“It’s a Crusher! Run!” yelled JJ. The mysterious creature broke down as he charged out of the forest. He was running right at Jack and JJ. They turned and ran but a tree landed in front of them, blocking their escape. Then JJ saw the wand in Jack’s pocket.

“The wand, use it!” JJ yelled pointing at the pocket.

Jack took it and pointed at the Crusher. Instantly the beast stopped moving. It stood still quivering, turned around and ran back into the forest. “That was close. Why did it stop?” Jack said laying down almost all pale.

“The wand is like a part of you. It took in your fear and used it to threaten the Crusher, so it fled.” JJ said taking a seat beside Jack. From behind someone yelled,

“That was not bad. But I could have done better if I had what you have.” Jack sat up, the sun blinding him, and saw a teenage boy with blonde hair and a green jacket. He was about same height and. “Gould must have given you the wand to get the egg. He told me that I was the chosen one, but his magic staff made a mistake by not choosing a young wizard.  The staff literally does everything for him. What a lazy bum, right?” The kid said.

“Oh yeah, you’re the other guy that got sent here.” JJ said. The boy narrowed his eyes at JJ and looked at Jack.

“My name is Zany Becket. Call me Z.”  He put his fist up.

“I’m Jack.” informed Jack pounding Z’s fist.

Suddenly the tree that the Crusher threw started to move and rock, and there was a strange noise. A spider twice as big as Jack, revealed itself from inside the tree. It was all black with 12 eyes, two big ones and two rows of five little one. Its black head had a red stripe going down from its forehead to its back. It screeched in anger.

“Not again.” Whined Jack, “Everybody! Up the mountain! We have to find shelter!” He yelled out.

They all hustle the rocky mountain and soon enough, there was a cave and they all ran inside. Luckily, the spider was too big to enter. The cave was dark and had only one entrance. The spider looked inside and backed away and it all became quiet. Then a white thick string started to cover the hole.

“The spider is going to try to suffocating us by closing the hole!” The cave went into complete darkness. It was cold and damp and wasn’t very big.

“Great,” Jack said as he sat down, “this day keeps getting better and better.” He took his wand and inside his heads he said, “Let us free.” But, nothing happened.

“Don’t bother trying, Jack. The web is stronger. You have to be an advanced wizard to break through that.” JJ sat down alongside Jack.

“No he doesn’t. Jack you were chosen because Gould saw a great wizard in you. I was chosen by mistake and I’m no wizard. You can get us out of here. That wand is part of you now and together you’re no different than that old hag!” Z said persuasively.

”He just might be right, Jack.” JJ said after a pause

Jack got up, and thought in his mind,

“OK, concentrate.” He let out a big breath. “Concentrate.” And for the first time in his life he felt powerful and unbeatable. He thought about his life with the people he loved and that there was a good future. He had the power that no one like him will ever have. Jack pointed the wand at the blockage.

On the other side of the web it was quiet. Then a gold flash burst through the web and Jack felt warmth again. “That a boy, Jack.” JJ said clapping his hands. Z smiled like he was the smartest person in the world.

The group proceeded up the mountain. When light began to fade JJ suggested, “We should stop for the night because it will be twice as hard to climb tomorrow.”

“He’s right.” Said Z looking at the cliffs, “and we are going need the energy to fight a dragon.”

“OK” Jack said looking around “We need a fire.” Jack said.

“I got that covered. I have an emergency kit.” JJ pulled out a kit from his backpack and revealed a box of matches.




After a while something chirped in the night sky. “Since when do birds chirp at night?” Jack asked JJ.

“They’re not birds. Those are gargoyles. They look like people, are usually gray and,”

“OK, I think I know what they are now, and it’s a bit scary.” Jack said looking up.

“They’re actually very kind. They only eat bugs and stuff, like bats except human-looking.” Z said picking at the fire.

“Well that’s good; don’t want them to smother me in my sleep. I’m going to hit the sack now, see you guys tomorrow.” Jack remarked. He yawned and shut his eyes, hoping that tomorrow he can return home. JJ laid down facing the fire, slowly closing his eyes. Z looked at both of Jack and JJ, grinning.

In the middle of the night, Jack felt something in his pockets. His eyes shot open and saw Z reaching for his wand. Realizing he woke Jack up, he grabbed Jack’s throat and started to choke him. JJ heard Jack cough and jumped on Z and bit his left ear. Z jumped back, howling in pain. Jack got up holding his throat wheezing. He looked at Z in confusion. Z betrayed Jack and he was mad. Jack was in a few school fights and has a powerful arm. He ran up to Z and punched him square in the face and Z trampled backwards. He got back up and Jack pointed the wand at him. JJ just stood there blood staining his teeth.

“Why?” Jack screamed at Z.

“The wand can get me out of this stupid world! Hand it over!” Z demanded

“No! You betrayed me and JJ. We could have been out of this world.” Jack said. Z slowly smiled at Jack, blood pouring out of his right eye and left ear.

“You just don’t get it, do you?” Z grimaced “You can’t defeat the dragon, Draco. He has destroyed people stronger than you. It’s a dragon! Think about it!” He slowly backs away against the cliff side. Jack wasn’t thinking and his eyes turned gold and he ran up to Z and kicked him off the edge. Z twirled and spun for minutes until he hit the base of the mountain, blood pouring out of his mouth. Jack knew he was dead. He knew that no one could have survived a fall like that.

Jack looked at JJ, “Thanks for the help.” Jack said, still coughing.

“You’re my only friend right now and I don’t want to lose another buddy.” JJ stated. Jack let out a big sigh. “You ok? Your face is pale.” JJ queried.

“It’s just that I never killed anybody. Someone out there will be looking for him and will never find him.” Jack explained.

“You’re not the only one” JJ implied.

“Really? How?” JJ took settled near Jack.

“My uncle and I travel through dimension using this device called a Crusader. On our journey we came here and we found a city called Kanina. We needed someone that was familiar with the world and so found a teenager. He 16 and was very generous to show us around. When he learned about the Crusader, he… he killed my uncle for it. I panicked and dove into a brush. After he left, I ran as far away as I could. For weeks I taught myself to survive from the most dangerous creatures. I took my uncles place in our family to do what he did best: explore, travel and reveal all the mysteries in different dimensions.”

“I’m sorry about your uncle. Luckily you’re alive to fulfill your uncle’s destiny.” Said Jack and patted JJ on the back.

“You really think so?” JJ asked.

“I don’t know, maybe. I watch a lot of fantasy movies so I thought this was the best thing to say.” They both laughed and got up. “Thanks for the easing the moment, man.”

“Thanks for reminding me about my destiny. Shall we proceed?” JJ said, wiping tears off his fuzzy, brown cheeks.

Jack nodded. Once again they started climbing up the mysterious mountain.




After a while, the skies turned a dark gray, then black. It smelled like ash and was hot. JJ was ahead of Jack and they climbed the ragged cliff side

“We’re almost there!” yelled JJ. Jack nodded and they proceeded. “So, Jack. Tell me about yourself.” JJ said after a grunt.

“Well, I’m a teenage human and I was sent here by a wizard and luckily I’m not dead.” Jack said sarcastically. JJ laughed, “I’m 17 years old and don’t I have a girlfriend.”

JJ laughed, “Trust me, when you succeed this mission, you’ll be a witch magnet.”

“Sure, that would be nice.” They both laughed. JJ grasped a rock and pushed himself up, but the rock suddenly broke off the cliff and JJ started to fall. Jack held out his hand and caught JJ by his leg.

“Holly! “ JJ yelled out. The sound echoed through the empty mountain valleys. Jack hurled JJ up and he clutched to a rock. “Thanks, man.” JJ thanked.

“No prob.” Jack said and they continued.


Half an hour later, they reached the top which was all flat and was long as basketball court. In the middle, stood a shiny stand with gold dragon sculptures on its side, holding a gold egg. It dazzled in the sunlight like nothing Jack or JJ laid their eyes on. It was a thing of beauty.

“Finally, the golden egg is right in front of us. Now that’s one awesome egg.” Said JJ,

“I know, right? Wow. I wonder why Gould sent me for this egg. Aren’t dragons bad pets?” Jack asked, exchanging looks with JJ.

“Probably,” said JJ. As they took a step toward the egg, there was a loud roar.

“That doesn’t sound good.” Jack said looking around. The smoke around them got thicker and rose until there was nothing visible through them.

“Where is all this smoke coming from?” asked Jack. Then a black dragon appeared through the smoke and roared again, black smoke and fire came out of his mouth and nostrils. Its gold horns sticking out of the head and tail, it too was blistering in the sun’s light. Its spine, sticking out of the back with a gold outline as it went all the way down to the tip of the tail.

“Does that answer your question?” JJ said, frozen on his spot.

Jack whimpered and trembled. The dragon slowly bent down and charged at Jack.  Jack panicked and jumped to the left and landed with a thud. JJ stood there waiting for the dragon.

“JJ, quickly move out of the way!” But he didn’t and the dragon charged past Jack and JJ disappeared. “Why didn’t he move?” Jack asked himself.

He got up and looked at the egg, the gold sparkling like the sunlight reflecting off the sea. Just before he took the egg, there was a swooping sound. Jack turned around to glimpse the dragon flying. It landed near him and charged again. Jack thought he was helpless. He tried to take his wand but panicked with fright and accidentally dropped it. It rolled down the mountain side and he was powerless. Jack jumped to the side but it wasn’t far enough and the dragon turned to him. The dragon was just about to crush Jack but then stopped and howled. On its head was a small animal clawing at the dragons eyes. “JJ?” Jack said. “What is he doing?”

JJ then yelled out while the dragon tried to shake him off, “Jack, get the egg! As soon as you do, you will be taken to your own world!”

“What about you? I want you to come with me!” Jack yelled back.

“Someone has to hold off the dragon! Now go!” JJ yelled holding on for his life. Jack looked at the egg and then at the dragon.

“Not without you.” He said and ran at the dragon’s tail. The spikes whizzed by him and he grabbed it. He held on as the dragon now tried to shake all of them off. He spewed fire everywhere and it was getting even hotter. If the dragon keeps it up, Jack and JJ will be burned to a crisp. Jack grabbed a spike broke off it off the tail. Draco roared in pain and flicked Jack off. Jack landed on his back and got up slowly. Draco flicked JJ and hit the ground to a dead stop.

“No!” Jack yelled. He dragon slowly lowered its head and started to run at him. Jack stood his ground, waiting. Draco tried to bite Jack but due to JJ clawing, he missed and Jack took the spike and ran up the dragon’s neck. The dragon roared and hit Jack with his arm. Jack flew aside and landed near JJ. The dragon rocked side to side, trying to keep its balance and collapsed with the spike stabbed in the neck. Jack could see the death in Draco’s eyes. Jack tuned to JJ lying in a puddle of blood. “JJ… oh, man. Dude, you’re going to be fine. Ok buddy?” Jack said picking him up.

“Don’t worry Jack. I’m ready to die.” He said with a smile and coughed out more blood. “Thanks for a great adventure Jack. Thank you for being a great friend.” He said closing his eyes.

“Yeah, no problem, thanks for helping me.” Jack smiled at him and listened to JJ’s last breath. A tear ran down Jacks cheek. He put JJ down and went to take the egg. There was gold lightning everywhere, Jack looked back at JJ and said, “Good-bye buddy.” A lightning bolt hit Jack with a loud crack and Jack woke up in his bed all normal. He sat up and stared at the wall. “Was it all a dream?” Jack questioned himself.

“No it wasn’t, Jack.” Gould said with a chuckle. Jack turned to notice Gould standing near the doorway.

“Yeah, I figured.” Jack said sighing.

“Hey. Don’t look so down. I’m sorry for your loss but you still get a wish, remember?” reminded Gould. He sat down near Jack and Jack looked in Gould’s eyes and was surprised. Gould was right; Jack had a wish, one wish.

“I can fix this. I can get back all I lost.” He responded looking at Gould nodding. As if he read Jack’s mind, there was a gold flash and JJ appeared on the floor. His eye shot open and he gasped for air.

“Nice doing business with you Jack” Gould snapped his fingers and disappeared with a gold flash. JJ sat up and looked at Jack.

“Nice to have you back” Jack said and JJ ran into Jack’s arms.

“Always nice to be back,” JJ replied. He let go of Jack.

“Hungry?“ Jack requested. They went down stairs and Jack saw a note on the table that said:

Hey Jack, I’m at my friend’s house if you need me. Later!


“Cool.” Jack said. He got his jacket and they headed outside. They walked for a couple of blocks and entered Taco Bell. They sat there laughing and talking about their awesome adventure. It seemed though a man sat by them and herd them. He got up and sat across of Jack. He put up his cap he wore and revealed himself. “Seems like you boys know about magic and dimensions.” He said chewing his gum. He had black hair which smoothed out to the back with gel. He wore a green hoodie and his green cap matched his dark glasses.

“That’s good. I need an assignment done. Get what I’m saying?”

Jack looked at JJ, “What? We just got back from one.” Jack said to him, “Whoever you are.”

“Sorry, where are my manners. My name is Greene, a wizard of dimension Gafani.” He offered his hand to Jack and JJ to shake and they did.

“We are…” Jack started.

“I know everything about you.” Greene interrupted,” I have a gift which allows me to learn anything about you Jack and JJ.”

“Ok. I will do the assignment, on one condition.” Jack said putting his hand out. There was a pause,

“Smart kid” Greene said.” Ok. What do you want?”

“I want a wand.” Jack confirmed. Greene stood silent for a moment.

“Ok, fine.” He unzipped his hoodie and took out a green, smooth, stick that had fancy embroidery. He handed it to Jack carefully, “This wand isn’t like anything else. It’s a killer so better be careful. In return for your service, you will get another wish. Do understand?” Jack nodded. “Ok then. Your mission is going to be difficult and deadly. I want you to steal the egg from Gould.” Jack and JJ exchanged looks.

“Oh drat.” Jack uttered.



Epilogue: The mountain top was still smoking where Draco, the defeated dragon lay, but on the bottom of the mountain, Zany Becket was still on the ground. A chilly wind blew alongside him, as a shadow coated over Z .It’s fingers touched Z’s face and there was a whisper. The finger slowly lifted revealing a gold ring on the index finger, glimmering in the moonlight and it disappeared into the night. It was once again quiet and Z’s eyes slowly opened as they revealed gold eyes. He whispered something with the wind; his lipped slowly moved and came out a whisper. A shady, snarl as Z gasped for air. It was all quiet the a few words came out of his mouth, “My turn, Jack.”


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