“Plane Crash” by Mariamia

The Plane Crash


I walked out of my parent’s room with my eyes wide open, and a smile up to my eyebrows. I couldn’t believe it! My parents actually bought me a ticket to go Paris! I never thought in a million years that my dream would come true! It was my dream to go and explore Paris. To see what it’s like out there. I had to tell somebody, I grabbed the phone and dialed my friend Ksenia.

(Phone ringing..)


“You will never believe, what dad just bought me!”

“A Barbie doll?” Ksenia laughed.

“You’re still not dropping that joke huh? But no, it’s more exciting. Dad bought a ticket to Paris!” I yell with excitement, as I jump up and down while telling her the news.

“What! I don’t believe you. Are you serious??” Ksenia yelled over the phone. I took the phone away from my ear from her voice being so loud.

“Yes I am serious! Come over!” I said with an exciting feeling. I wanted to show her the ticket and talk to her about so much stuff that I wanted to do in Paris.

I hear loud thumps outside my room; my door opened and Ksenia ran in,

“Where’s the ticket?” she asked while she was trying to get a breath of air into her lungs, from all that running. I ran across the room and grabbed the paper that was sitting on my white dusty drawer, and handed it to Ksenia. She opened her eyes wide with wonder.

“I still can’t believe that your dad bought the ticket for you!” she said

“I know me too. It’s crazy how long I’ve been begging him to buy it for me. But it was all worth it.” I laughed. Still having that exited feeling about the trip. “But it would be awesome if you tagged along with me, and we could go explore Paris together.” I said with a smile as I was hinting her to go and talk her parents into buying her a ticket for Paris too. Lightly punching her arm. “Huh? Huh? Isn’t that a good idea?” I say.

“That would be so awesome if we both go!” she said.

“I know right? You should totally ask your parents if they could buy the ticket for you.”

“Me, going to Paris? Yeah right, my parents would never let me go.” She exclaimed. “They barely let me drive to town, and you want me to ask if they could buy a ticket? Woman you’re crazy!” replied Ksenia.

“You never know what they might say. And this time you’re going to fly not, drive.” I said with a smart remark, and laughed. “I mean it’s worth a shot, you never know what they might say.”

“Ok whatever, but I doubt they will let me go.” We walk out of the door and start walking slowly to Ksenia’s house, thinking of how we could ask her parents. Thought of so many ways but they were all lame and not good enough. We both walk in the house and sat down on the barstools while Ksenia’s mom was cooking dinner.

“What are you guys up to?” Ksenia’s mom asked, while was chopped up vegetables.

“Eeeh, nothing much.” I look at Ksenia with a smirk on my face, and silently said, “Oh my gosh, ask her already!”

“Okay fine.” She replied with a scared face. Like she knew her mom would say no right away.

“So mom, just out of curiosity… would you let me go to Paris with Mia?” Her mom started laughing, while Ksenia’s face was dead serious. Ksenia’s mom stopped laughing when she saw her face.

“You’re kidding right?” We both look at her with a straight face, and nod.

“No, actually she’s not kidding.” I said. “Can she please go with me? I really need someone to go with me.” I sounded desperate, but maybe that would let her let Ksenia come on the trip with me.

“Well, I don’t mind you going. It’s just your dad I need to talk to. You know how he is about our kids traveling alone. Especially flying alone. But any who, I’ll let you know after dinner.”

“Thanks mom!”  We both ran upstairs into the room. Ksenia started praying that her dad would let her go. I was laughing at how she was reacting.

“Chill out!” I say as she became more nervous of her parents answers. After dinner, Ksenia’s parents called us out into the living room.

“Oh boy, what if they’ll say no??”

“Ksenia, stop it! You’re over exaggerating. You don’t know that.” She was doubting herself all the way down the stairs. I felt so annoyed of it. I smacked her and told her to stop doing that. “Gosh you’re so annoying! Stop saying that.” As we walked down the hallway, Ksenia sees her parents talking.

“This can’t is good. They have their serious faces on.”

“So?” I say, with confusion. Like I was supposed to know what that meant. Ksenia kept quiet, we walked in, and Ksenia’s parents looked at us and started talking.

“So, we have made our decision… You can go to Paris with Mia.” They said.

“Really?!!” her face lit up with excitement as she screamed.

“No.” her excitement went from a level of hundred-twenty to a negative fifty-nine.

“What? See I told you they would never let me go. They never ever let me go anywhere!” she yelled with disappointment! Even looked like there was steam coming out of her ears how furious she was with her parents.

“Ah were just kidding! Yes you can go to Paris!” her parents laughed it off. “Oh that was a good joke.” They were still laughing. The look on Ksenia’s face was too funny to look at. After that interesting meeting about Paris, Ksenia ran to the attic and grabbed the biggest suitcase she saw.

“I hope this isn’t a dream.” Ksenia said with a little giggle.

“Oh trust me it’s not a dream! This is really happening!” I say.

It took us forever to pack, picking out outfits for each day we were going to wear them on. Both of us went shopping, and walked through malls, and more stores searching for the cutest clothes. Ksenia and I both shopped until our legs were about to give out on us. We walked into the room with a bunch of grocery bags hanging on our arms. Both of us dropped dead on the bed.

“Okay, wake up! I think we slept for a few hours. We have to hurry up and pack!” I say.

Like there was no time or something. Both of us barely walking, took our luggage’s and started filling them up with clothes. I was finally done packing and was already zipping up my luggage. The zipper was making the sound like it didn’t want to close on me. My fingers already turning red from the zippers force, with all my might, finally closed it. We both rolled the suitcases through the hallway, and put them into the trunk of the car. We got things done quickly, or maybe it was the excitement that helped us move quickly around the house. My mind was just saying ‘I can’t believe it!!’ it was just exiting for me. Time was going down fast, and our eyes grew drearier and already shutting down on us. I set my alarm clock to five o’clock am, just in case my parents would still be sleeping. I pressed the ok button on my cellphone and fell asleep.

We woke up to a rooster singing, through the speaker on full volume. I jumped up with a frightened feeling from the sound of the alarm clock. I look down and start laughing. I wiped the drool from my face and started shaking Ksenia’s body. “Wake up sleepy head!”

“Eeeh, go away!” she whined with an exhausted voice.

“Have you forgotten that we have a flight to catch in two and a half hours?” Ksenia jumped up like she was shocked with an electrical wire, she shot out of bed like a bullet and started getting her things together!

We both stood in the bathroom in front of the big old rustic mirror and started curling our hair. I finished making my hair and put it into a pony tail. I walk out of the bathroom and sat at my desk. I typed in the password to my computer and went online to check the weather out in Paris. I looked at the weather report and it said that there would be absolutely beautiful weather. The temperature was going to be in the 80’s and 90’s!

“The weather is going to be perfect Ksenia! It’s going to be so hot.”

“Awesome! Just what I was hoping for.” Ksenia walked out of the bathroom with her hair done. “Alright I’m done, and I’ll meet you downstairs.” She said.

I skipped through the hallway, and jumped happily down the stairs. I smelled delicious aroma while im on the stairs, and I didn’t get to the kitchen yet. The delicious smell made my stomach growl, like I was a hungry bear. I walked into the kitchen where my mother cooked breakfast. The table was beautifully set. Plates filled with fresh fried bacon, eggs on the side, fresh baked Italian bread, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Mother finished the table with a vase filled with lilies.

“Wow mom! That’s beautiful.”

“Aww, thanks sweetie. I wanted to make you guys a special breakfast. Won’t be seeing you for three long weeks.” She said, almost tearing up.

“Mom please don’t cry, let’s just sit down and have some breakfast!” Ksenia came downstairs and joined us for breakfast.

“Ooo!” Ksenia awed about the table setting, “this is nice.”

“I know right?” we all pulled out the chairs from inside the table and sat down. I went straight for the bacon and the Italian bread. “Mom this is delicious.”

“Why thank you sweetie.” Mom smiled from that nice comment. “Well girls, eat up I have to drop you off at the airport soon.”

We both took a couple more bites and were off to the airport. On the drive their, mother was torturing us with all her lectures.

“Okay mom, we get it.” My voice sounded irritated. Next thing you know I see the airport. “Finally!” I say. Mom parked the car and we all got out.

“Oh my baby girl is going to Paris.” She squealed with some tears coming out of her eyes.

“Mom, seriously? It’s not like I’m going to be gone forever.” Mom laughed and gave me the tightest hug ever. “Okay mom, you can let go now.” I whispered to her ear, how hard she was hugging me I was running out of breathe.

Ksenia and I took our luggage and started checking us in. We both waited for an hour before we could go in the plane. “Ladies and gentlemen the flight to Paris, France will be boarding in a couple minutes.” The flight attendant spoke at the front desk. We took our purses and started walking to the desk.

“Tickets please,” the tall blue-eyed blonde asked. We both gave her the tickets. She scanned both of them under a red scanner. “Okay girls, you are good to go. Have a safe flight.” She said with a friendly smile. We both give her a smile and return and say thank you. We walk into the plane and find our seats.

“I see our seats Mia!” Ksenia exclaimed, with a big smile on her face. We both quickly run to our seats and sit down. There was so much commotion going on, babies crying, boys shouting, and mothers screaming at their young ones. That was painful to listen to. Thirty minutes of that didn’t fly by that fast, but it did. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please be seated, and we will take off in a minute.” The plane was already speeding up and I got a little nervous while we were about to take off. I looked outside my fogged up window, and saw the wing shaking like crazy. Looked like it was about to fall off. I was hoping it would be in good condition during the flight.

Already hour in a half into the flight, the weather was all good. The flight attendants rolled the food cart by. “Excuse me. Could I get water?”

“Sure sweetie.” She takes the cup and fills it up with crystal looking icicles, and fills it up with ice cold water. “Here you go.”  She hands over the cup and spills it on my skirt. “ So sorry, darn turbulence. Hate when that happens, let me get you a napkin.”

“Oh it’s fine, really.” I tell her. While I was talking to her, I spilled the rest of my cup on myself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to have to ask you to be seated for the flight. We’re running into a bad storm. This ride will get bumpy, so just sit back and make sure your safety belts are on. Thank you.”

“I had a feeling this would happen. I hate flying!” I whisper into Ksenia’s ear.

“It’ll be fine. Just don’t think of anything bad, okay?” she replies. I grab the handle tightly, when I felt the strong turbulence.

“Ahh, were going to die!” I squealed with a tears.

“Shut up! We’re not going to die.” She tells me, with her eyes wide open and a mad face.  The turbulence got worse and worse every time we flew by a little storm. The flight attendants were holding onto the passengers’ seat, and looking if everyone was okay. One flight attendant was passing me,

“excuse me. Where are we?” I asked a passing flight attendant.

“We are flying over Russia right now.”

I look out of the fogged window flying over nowhere. Trees everywhere, as far as the eye can see. I felt the strong winds shake the plane, Ksenia and I got frightened. Out of nowhere the plane stopped shaking and everything went back to being still. Everyone cheered and was all relieved. Half hour has passed by and the crowd of people calmed down, the plane went back to dead silence. Everybody was quietly sleeping, I look out the window again and see that it got darker and frost was building up into the windows. I hear the speaker come on,

“Hello everyone, this is your captain speaking. As you can see, we got out of that nasty snow storm and we are currently still flying over Russia, and will be in Russia for another approximately three hours. We will be landing in Paris before you know it. You can now unfasten your seatbelts and use the restrooms. Thank you.” The speaker goes off.

“Ugh, I can’t wait till this flight is done and over with!” Ksenia remarked.

“I know, me too.” I calmly place my head on Ksenia’s shoulder and we both fall asleep.

The plane ran into turbulence again, I shrugged and had woke from it. This time we flew into worse weather, and the plane shook crazily. Next thing you know the plane lost control and it went down fast. The oxygen masks dropped down and I could not reach it. I could barely lift my hand up, I tried lifting my head up and wasn’t even close to lifting it up. I turn my head sideways, and seen that the wing of the plane shook and flabbed up and down. I look confused for a second; squint my eyes and concentrate on what going on with the wing. I open my eyes wide.

“Oh no!!” Ksenia looked at me and yelled.

“What’s wrong?!”

“The wing is going to fall off any minute now!!” I yelled.

We both look at each other and start screaming our lungs out. The thought of death going through my mind the whole time. I didn’t want to die right now, not today. My one and only dream came true today, and this plane decides to go through a storm and crash? Worst thing I could ever imagine happen and being with my best friend. The roof of the airplane chipping off little by little, by the strong stormy weather.

Soon enough the roof of the plane was gone. The cold wind blew on all of the passengers. The wind was extremely freezing, I could feel my face numbing up at the first few seconds. I took a look at Ksenia and then blacked out. Some parts I could not hear what was going on, but I could feel everything that happened around me. I felt the plane crash into the ground. My vision was blurry, but I tried my best to keep my eyes open. I lifted my head up and glanced over to where Ksenia was sitting. She wasn’t there; a pile of snow was replaced by her. I scraped some snow off and there she was. Freezing, her face looked like she had been beat up.

I tried getting up but something wasn’t letting me, something big and painful. I look down at my stomach and there was a enormous piece of glass stabbed into my stomach. I lay down and tried taking out the glass out of my bruised up stomach. I moved the glass just a little and blood stared gushing out, like there was no tomorrow. I lay there and look at Ksenia, our eyes slowly closing down on each other. I slowly dragged my hand painfully over to hers. She opened her eyes as she felt my hand touch hers.

“I’m sorry for everything.”

I woke up to a rock song, covered with cold sweats, and breathing hard. “Holy cow, that was an intense dream.” I came into the kitchen and there was breakfast on the table. Eggs and bacon. I walk passed the table and open the front door,

“darling, aren’t you going to eat breakfast?”

“Not today mom.” I slammed the door behind me and walked to school.

As I walk in the school I go straight to my lockers, and grabbed my books. I walked in my geography classroom and sat down in the back room, thinking about what happened in the dream. Ms. Rogers shouted out, “I have an announcement to make. Our school has raised enough money to go on a field trip out of this country.” The whole classroom started talking with excitement “Everybody quiet down please. I was thinking that since we’ve been studying about French artifacts, and everything, that we would go on a field trip to..” she smiles at all the students and was quiet for a moment, and then she continued “Paris, France!” my eyes opened wide. I was thinking that no way that I was going on that trip. Never.

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