“Broken Heart” by Ksenia

Broken Heart       

“Hey, Kate. We should just be friends,” Troy said as nice as he could. Without mentioning that he wanted to ask out Helena.

One year earlier …….. Kate and her friends Victoria, Mona, and Kelly they saw all their friends at the gathering they said hi to everyone.

Kate, “I need to get away from Troy,” whispered Victoria.

“Well lets go some were he might not find us,” said Kate.

They then ran up a hill and sat down they babbled for a little bit then they went back to the gathering. She didn’t want anything to do with him because he cheated on her. So right in front of him she took this guy called Marco and kissed him in front of troy. Troy got so mad so he left to another vehicle and started flirting with Kate. Kate thought he was doing that because he liked her but he didn’t like her he liked Victoria and he was trying to make Victoria jealous but Kate didn’t know that so she kissed with troy the whole night then when he was giving good bye kiss to Kate he was looking at Victoria and Kate was so furious so she left him standing there alone.

The next day Troy texted Kate, she didn’t reply back because she was super mad. Victoria on behalf of troy came over and apologized. “But Kate he really is sorry,”

“Well I don’t care if he is I really don’t!” Kate blurted out.  Days passed Troy texted Kate on a phone but he changed his number and Kate didn’t know.  She texted him day and night not knowing that it was him she asked over and over who it was but he didn’t want to say he was. When he texted her he wrote the most adorable things ever.

The biggest holiday of the year was very close. They all got excited they bought new clothes and stuff. Kate was super excited to go out with all her friends from Sunday to the other Sunday. Kate’s friend Stefan picked her up at ten o’clock he picked up the rest of Kate’s friends up and went to town. Then troy came along and ruined everything because Kate was having fun until she saw Troy.

“Hey Kate what’s up?” Troy asked,

“Oh nothing just sitting here trying not to get in a fight with you,” Kate replied. He just walked away to his guy friends without saying anything. He then later came over again they sat in silence for a while then they started kissing they kissed for a long time then Troy said something and Kate stood up and left him sitting alone. He sat there for a long time then he finally ran after Kate.

“I’m sorry Kate I didn’t mean to say all those things I love you but I’m just weird sometimes all I can say is that I’m a very complicated dude,” exclaimed Troy. Kate didn’t say anything she stood up and left. The whole week flew by so fast before they knew it there was two days left of Easter. Kate’s parents left and they trusted her to stay home alone since she was the only child. Right after her parents left all her friends came over they had a little get together Troy came over to they played card games and some other games. They were having so much fun she never knew how much fun it could be with troy they played some games upstairs and they were all going down stairs and troy tripped and fell down the stairs everyone laughed it was funny at first but Kate ran over and checked if he was okay and he was. All her friends went to the garage to play some games but Kate stayed behind she wanted to go to bed so she lay down and just as she was about to drift off to bed Troy came in.

“Kate have you seen my cap? I think I left it some were in your room. “

“No I have not seen it but your more than welcome to look for it if you want to.” Kate informed troy.

They sat there for a while then out of know were he blurted out,

“Did you know that I wanted to ask you out?”

“What no I didn’t!” Kate said.

“But I was just too scared because I thought you would say no!” he said awkwardly.

“What no I would totally say yes.” Kate exclaimed

They talked for hours and just as there friends came in they faked like they were sleeping. Just because they wanted to talk some more.  After the friends left to the other room troy stood up and kissed her on the cheek.

“Well sweet dreams beautiful.”  He said in a very raspy voice.

Just as he left she fell asleep right away. When she awoke and saw how the house was upside down she cleaned the whole house and then made breakfast for all her friends. They all said thanks then they left. Couple minutes later her other friends like Kale, Steven, Mona, Victoria, Kally, and Frank came over and picked her up. They then went to a barbecue they were all having a blast. They grilled some steaks, hotdogs, and marshmallows. They mostly dropped all the hotdogs because they were super-hot. It was a very long day they all talked until eleven o’clock. Kate wanted to go home so she walked for about half an hour without telling anyone. Then out of know were the boys drove up.

“Kate don’t ever do that again you scared us half to death, we thought you got eaten by a bear.” They all said angrily.

“Well next time don’t take so long.” Stumbled Kate

“Oh well what can we do know? Whatever just get in we will take you home.” They ordered Kate.

Just as they were driving into her driveway Kate said,

“I’m so sorry for leaving without saying anything I won’t ever do that again.”

She walked into her room the first thing she did was put on her pajamas because she was super tiered. Just as she lay down she fell asleep. The next morning her friends texted her asking if she wanted to go out with them. She said she would love to go with them. Half an hour later they picked her up, they were having a blast for the first couple of hours. But then it began getting boring so Kate and Victoria walked home and made lemonade. When they made it they went out onto the porch and drank it in the blazing sun.

They were having so much fun they listened to music. They laughed so hard they started crying. Kate’s neighbor texted her and said man you guys laugh a lot all I can hear from your house is ha-ha he-he. Kate and Victoria took some interesting pictures when they got bored they went inside. They watched a movie for half hour until they both fell asleep. They slept until nine o’clock. Victoria awoke and put on her jacket to go home. They said there good byes and then Victoria left. Kate waited up until her parents came home. They bought her some very interesting things like socks, sweaters, and shoes. She said thanks and went to bed.

The next morning Kate had to get up for school it was her senior year she was super excited. She dressed up and drove her black BMW to school. All the juniors were looking at her BMW when she walked out of the car she said

“Man isn’t she a beauty.”

“Yes she totally is” they all said with a weird sarcastic voice.

As she was walking in the school the rest of her friends popped up next to her. They all walked in like four mean girls they went straight to the jocks because Victoria had a boyfriend and his name was Andy and he was the Quarter back. Kate tagged along to see the rest of the football players because she secretly had a crush on one of them. She blushed every single time she met with his cute, bright, shiny, adorable, little, blue eyes. She said hi to all of them and went to her English class. She day dreamed the whole day about her crush. But she knew she could never have him. All Kate’s friends said

“Hey Kate who are thinking about?”  Kate then answered

“Well you know about my life.”

Because that’s the first thing that popped into her brain at the time. The whole week passed by really fast before she knew it, it was Sunday. She dressed up and Sam picked Victoria, Mona, Kelly, and her up. They went to town they went to the bowling place and she saw all her friends she was super happy.

“Hey Victoria, Mona, Kelly no one is going to stop me from having fun not even troy. Kate said

Just as she said that she saw her crush and troy. They were both in the same ride and they both said at the same time.

“Hey Kate want to sit with me?”

She didn’t know who to pick so she just went to her own ride witch was Sam. She was really mad for not picking one of them. She sat there until they left to a barbecue. When she got there she went to troy. She sat with him the whole night until Troy’s ex-girlfriend came along and ruined everything. Troy as he was right there and then forgot all about her. She was very mad she stood up in front of Troy and kissed this random stranger. When he saw her he became so mad he ignored her the rest of the night until the end. On the end of the barbecue when almost everyone was leaving they started a bonfire. So Kate and the random stranger sat by the the fire because it was a very cold evening. Troy sat right across from them with another girl. He was fake laughing with her just to make Kate jealous. Kate was so mad at him she told the stranger she would come back right away. She came up to troy and said

“Hey I want to talk to you.”

They both went aside were no one would hear them.

“Hey why are you doing this to me.” Kate exclaimed

“Well first of all don’t kiss random strangers in front of me.” Troy said

“Hey don’t tell me what to do I’m not your girlfriend or wife okay and plus you don’t pay enough attention to me especially when your little blonde ex- girlfriend comes around.” Shouted Kate

“Well it’s not my fault okay.” Troy trembled

“You know what I’ am sick and tired of fighting with so whatever I don’t care about you or neither do I ever want to speak to you ever again.” Shrieked Kate

“Oh really well you know what I loved you ever sense this day. But now sense you messed up I don’t. You broke my heart in half.” Uttered Troy

Then he stood up and left. Kate sat there for a couple of minutes crying to herself hating herself for what she had done. She cried so much that she looked like a raccoon. She wanted to run after him but she didn’t have enough courage. She went back to the fire until sam said

“Hey you need a ride home? If you do I can take you home”

“Yea that would awesome if you did take me home. If you don’t mind.” Kate said

“No I don’t mind get in.” he said very nicely

He dropped her off she walked up to her room and drifted off bed she dreamt of how much she would miss her friends when she left to visit her grandma in Paris there was three more days left until she would leave everything behind for more than half a month. She was going over to help her grandma out because she was expecting to die of heart failure very soon.

Couple of weeks past the two love birds didn’t talk at all Kate tried to apologize but he didn’t want to listen or talk to her at all.

She packed all the clothes she would need she packed about four giant suit cases of junk. Let’s just say more than half her room was in those suit cases this was her last day before she would leave to Paris. Mona called Kate and said

“Hey do you want to go out for a pizza for your last day out here?”

“Yea I would love to.” Kate replied

“Well get ready we are in your driveway.”

She hung up the phone and put on her jacket she ran over and saw all her girlfriends in there she climbed in and said

“Well hello there ladies.”

They all laughed and drove off to olive gardens they ate and laughed they talked about how much they would miss each other. They were out for three hours  after that they went over to Kate’s house and dropped her off they all gave her hugs and said well you better not get awesome friends out there and text us every day they stared crying then they left. She sat there looking at the phone tempted to call Troy but then she thought if he really wanted her so bad he would call or even actually show up to talk to her so she got everything ready for the next morning and went to bed. She woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon she got ready and went to the kitchen. When she finished her breakfast she went and took all her suit cases to the front door. Then her dad put all of them into the car they then drove off to the airport. The airport was only ten minutes away just as they were driving up to the gate she became a little sick because this was going to be her first time flying some were without her parents. They took out all her suit case and put them on the luggage cart.

“Mom, dad I will miss you so much and I love you with all my heart even though I back talk to you sometimes.” She said with a sad voice.

They all hugged and she left inside the airport. She waited for a little bit then they said flight to Paris all aboard they all went into the plane they sat there for a while then the plane started moving. They took off and when they were flying in the air a flight attendant asked her if she wanted anything she didn’t so she left. Kate closed her eyes to relax and not think of the things that could happen while she was gone. While they were flying there was a lot of turbulence. It took them fourteen hours to fly to Paris they stopped three times to refuel. Then out of know were the captain alerted the passengers that they were going to land in fifteen minutes. Kate looked outside her window and she saw the Eiffel tower she was shocked as how big it was. Plus the Eiffel tower glowed during the night. Just as the plane was descending she thought of all the painful moments she had with Troy and that he was not worth it at all. When she got to her grandmas her grandma was standing there waiting for a hug from her one and only granddaughter.


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