“Two Boys That Could Create & Destroy” by Ignaty

The two boys who could create and destroy.

A long time ago there lived a boy who had the power that could destroy the planet. The gods wanted to make sure the boy would not use it to destroy the planet, so they needed to take his powers away. However, they needed the boy to willingly give his powers away.

“We want to take your powers away but we need you to give them up willingly” the gods stated.

The boy said “I will let you take away my powers but I want the power to move things with my mind”.

“Ok is there anything else that you want” asked the gods.

“Yes I want to be reborn every thousand years” said the boy.

“Ok” answered the gods.

What the gods didn’t know was that on the other side of the world another boy also had powers and what the gods did not know was that the two boys were connected. When the first boy’s powers went away the other boy also lost his powers he became angry that they took his powers away so he became evil. He started to work for the devil. Years went by and they bought died.

A thousand years later the two boys were reborn. One was good and the other evil. The boy on the good side was named Alex. He had blond hair and he was about 7 foot tall and had blue eyes. The boy on the evil side was named Bob, but he called himself Bob the Destroyer. He had long black hair and he had dark brown eyes they almost looked black.  They did not know that they had the powers. When they grew in to teens they had already found out about their powers. They did not tell anyone but the two of them met and became best friends until they met a girl who had long golden like blond hair and a cute little nose. Her name was Jessica. They both liked her and that is when they started to fight over her.

“I like Alex better then you” Jessica announced to Bob strait in the face.

“Ye” blurted Alex.

“She likes me better then you” chuckled Alex.

“I will kill you bought” roared Bob.

“Not if I kill you first” shouted Alex.


They could not kill each other so Alex asked the gods if he could have his powers back. The gods did not want Alex to have his powers back because if they gave Alex the powers Bob would get the powers too. They knew Bob would try to destroy earth but if they didn’t give Alex his powers Bob would kill a lot of people including Jessica. The gods decided that they would give Alex his powers back but the gods said “if you don’t kill Bob before he tries to destroy earth they would kill them both”.

Alex agreed and the gods gave him back his powers. As soon as Alex got his powers he went off to find Bob. Alex found Bob and they started to fight but they still could not kill each other.

“May I have more powers so I can kill bob” he asked the gods.

“No we will not give you more powers we are afraid that the powers will consume you and you will turn evil” replied the gods.

“Dam” Alex mumbled.

“But we will tell you can find more powers” assured the gods.

“Goody” screamed Alex.

“Go and find an old man he is the only one who can give you more powers” clarified the gods.

”Ok” replied Alex.

“But before you go know this that if you have a little bit of evil in you will explode like a balloon full of meat. So far the people that tried to get the power died because the powers consumed them even a god tried to get the powers and died” clarified the gods.

“How will I find the old man” asked Alex.

“He has long white beard but no side burns but we don’t know where he lives” answered the gods.

Bob asked the devil “where can I get more powers”

The devil told him the same thing as the gods said to Alex and he told him that there was a way that he could trick the old man in to giving him the powers.

“You have to kill the old man and the only way to do that is to shoot him whit the bow of Epirus” interpreted the devil.

Alex went off to find the old man. Bob went off to find the bow. Alex searched and searched but he could not find the old man. He did find a monk who knew the way to the old man.

Alex asked the monk ”where can I find the old man.”

You have to find me three things first I need a sword that was made by the gods, a man who was the purest of heart and a diamond only found in the lost city of Atlantis” replied the monk.

Meanwhile Bob went off to locate the bow. He did not uncover it but he did find a wall that described a way to get the bow, it was written in a language that he did not understand so he went off to find a person who could read it but it turns out that the only one who could read it was the monk that was helping Alex. But Bob did not know that.

Alex went off to find the things and the city of Atlantis. Alex asked the creators of earth for the sword. The creators said that there was only one left in the world. It was the sword of Michael and the gods did not know where it was. It was lost on the planet. Alex went off and found a map that showed where the sword was but it was not on the planet, but in the earth. Alex had to go inside earth and in the planet was the underworld. The underworld is a place where demons live, and that is where Lucifer lives. You may know him as the devil. Lucifer rules the underworld. He is the strongest person in the underworld. Lucifer was once an angel but he wanted to rule the people so the gods cast him down to hell.

Bob found the monk but the monk said the same thing to Bob as he said to Alex “Go find me three things a sword created by the gods, a man purest of heart and a diamond only found in the lost city of Atlantis.” Bob went off to find the diamond first. He found the lost city of Atlantis, but it was under water in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean the Marianas Trench. Bob was determined to find the diamond so he stole a sub and went underwater. He went down until he could not go any more because the pressure was too much for the sub. So he went back up to find another way down. On the way up he saw mermaids going down. He thought if the mermaids can do it, then I will ask them to bring me the diamond.

Alex went in to the underworld. He had to sneak in. The only way to do that was to pretend to be a demon and sneak in. He found the sword but it was with Lucifer. Lucifer did not know that it was the sword that was created by the gods at night Alex went in to Lucifer’s bedroom and took it. Alex got out of the underworld and went off to find the person with the purest of heart. It turned out that it was Jessica.

Bob asked one of the mermaids “swim down and get the diamond in return I will give you whatever you want.”

The mermaids agreed and went down to get it when they returned one of them had a big diamond the size of a fist.

“We want a book on how to turn human” asked the mermaids.

But he used his power of moving things with his mind and stole it right out of the mermaids hand and ran away.

Alex found the Jessica and asked her to help him. She said yes because she liked him better than Bob. They set of to find the last thing the diamond. They went to the same place as bob did and asked the mermaids to do it and they said not until you have a book about how to turn mermaids in to humans so Alex went to find the book the book was whit the gods. Alex asked the gods and they gave it to him because they wanted Alex to win not Bob. Alex took the book and went to the mermaids and he gave them the book and they gave him another diamond. There was more than one diamond.

Bob found out that Alex had the rest of the stuff and decided to steal them. Bob followed Alex until he stopped for the night Bob sneaked in to the hotel and stole the sword and kidnaped the Jessica. Then he went to the old man and gave him the stuff. The old man read what was on the wall and it said that the bow was in the wall.

When Alex woke up he just knew that Bob had took the tings Alex went after Bob but it was too late he had already gave the things to the monk and the monk read the wall for him. Bob got the bow and went off to find the old man when Alex came to the monk.

The monk said “I will show you the way to the old man because I only needed one of all those things you will find the old man at the top of the mount Olympus.”

Alex knew where that was because he had already been there it was the mountain the gos lived. Alex want there and he found the old man it was the monks’ father.

Alex asked the old man he said you may die but since I am such a nice guy I will give you the power. When Alex got the powers he went off to kill Bob. He found bob and used his powers to kill bob but just as bob was about to die he shot Alex whit the bow and the bought died but Bob exploded like a balloon full of meat. Alex woke up in the underworld and he had no powers and Bob was there to they were in the underworld.

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