“Behind Enemy Lines” by Firce

Behind enemy lines

“Mission complete. Return home soldiers,” said the scrambler through the radio.

“You heard the man. Move it, Marines,” commanded Colonel Jackson


There were total of five guys in the team and with Colonel Jackson the commander of the team. This is the team that goes on top secret missions, there best of what they do.

They went through jungles, swamps, and rivers to get back where it’s safe from the rebels, to be picked up on the helicopter.


“Finally” expressed one of the soldiers, as they approached the chopper.

Jackson knew something wasn’t right, they hadn’t seen a single rebel on the way back to the chopper. He turned to look into the woods, as his team stopped too. They looked at the commander.

One of them asked, “What’s wrong”

Jackson saw someone in the woods running, He yelled “it’s a trap. Run for the trees. Go! Go! Go!”

A rocket flew and destroyed the chopper; the team got knocked of their feet by the explosion. Quickly they got up, bullets started flying everywhere, and the team ran for the trees. They shot back at the rebels and barely made it into the woods. The rebels fired another missile at team and missed, but hit a tree. The team sprang to their feet and ran further into the forest. For about an hour or so and lost the rebels.

They were walking they saw a deer run by, one of the men chased after it. Then later a gun shot came, the team approached from the direction the gun shot came from. The dear is dead on the ground and a marine standing beside it.

“Well, let’s get a fire going. It’s going to be dark soon. Let’s cook the deer” ordered the colonel.

They made the fire, and cooked the deer. The team went to sleep but Jackson stood up and kept an eye out for trouble. As the sun rose up, the team was ready, and walked to the top of the hill. They needed a better signal for the radios to call for help. It took them about half a day of walking to get there; when they approached the top of the hill everyone was looking for any rebels that might be waiting to kill them. When Jackson reached the spot, he tried the radio, but all he heard was static.

“All right. Listen up. We have no way to get help. We are one our own, for now,” explained Colonel Jackson

“So what’s next” asked a marine

“We are going to need a stronger radio. There is only one place that’s close with what we need that has it” paused Jackson “It’s at the rebel’s main camp.”

The team set off to the camp, as they were walking there they made a plan. Hours later they came to the camp. The team spread out to their positions, they observed the camp and saw a lot of rebels near thirty were there. In the team there was a marine he was the best in the world. The sniper set up on top of a hill and could see everything. The colonel was more of an assault kind of person; he set up on the ground level and was ready to move.

“All right is everyone ready” asked Colonel Jackson over the radio

“Ready, ready, ready, ready” said every person on the team

“Ok the radio is in that building. It is heavily guarded. This won’t be easy, so don’t try to raise the alarm. Go quit. From this point turn off all your radios,” ordered Jackson

The team turned off their radios, the sniper had a silencer so he took out the two guards which were on the tower keeping an eye out for any trouble. The sniper was so fast that it looked like they died at the same time, both head shots nobody noticed anything. The team moved in and killed as many as they could quietly. Which was everybody outside. Next the team moved inside the building, but the sniper stayed and kept an eye out for any more of the rebels. As he looked at the camp, he counted the bodies. There were 38. He smiled and whispered quietly to himself “guess we are the best!”

The team moved to the room where they could call for rescue. They reached the door to the radio station place; the colonel put a small c4 explosive on the door. As they detonated the explosive the rebels inside the room were caught off guard, some were dead but some ears were ringing from the explosion. The team finished off the rest of them it was a blood bath in there. Blood covering the floor so it was slippery, Colonel Jackson hurried and went to call for help. Seven minutes later the sniper saw them running out of the building like they saw a ghost. As they ran to safety the whole place exploded, pieces of the building flew everywhere. The team regrouped in the woods.

“What happened, did you radio for help?” the sniper asked.

“Yes it worked. We have to be at the rendevou site he showed the location on the map by tomorrow at 7:40am.” Said Colonel Jackson

“Ok it’s 6:00pm, we can make it there in eight hours, if we start moving now.” Said Jackson

They moved to the location, the team walked and walked until they got there. They rested for a while, and then they made a place for them to stay safe until the rescue arrives. They got a good defense position and waited. As morning came the soldiers got ready, it was 7:30am and they searched for any rebels that might be hiding in the woods. They weren’t about to make the same mistake again. The team searched the woods and then as the chopper was coming they went into the field. The chopper landed everyone got on quickly, and then it took off, and flew home. They were happy to be out of that jungle. At home base they reported to general about what happened. After the briefing, the team went out and grabbed some food at a diner and had fun.

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