“Paintballing” by Alexander



One morning my parents decided to go to Anchorage to do a little shopping. I decided to tag along to do some of my own shopping. We arrived to Anchorage it was hot like in the Sahara desert. It was almost ninety degrease! Our first stop was a Diamond mall I bought some sweaters and some pants. Next, my dad and my mom wanted to go and stop by Fred Meyers. When my parents left the car I went my separate way. I went by the gun store and their it was what I always wanted ,a paintball gun. Not just any paintball gun it was a tipman x7 one of the top of the line paintball gun. It had fifteen inch barrel with a grip and an acog scope.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to go home and go paint balling with my buddies. When we were heading out of anchorage I texted all of my friends who had paintball guns to go paintballing the next day.  They got ready for the next day’s paintball fight we were going to have in anchor point they have this special place just for paintballing.  On the next day when I came from anchorage me and all my friends got together and in our cars and headed out.

When we got there, there where nobody there eat the battle field which was awesome. We didn’t have to wait for anyone to leave before we could play there.  We started to gear up our paintball gear so nobody would get injured. We had our face masks, paintball pants, gloves, armor for our bodies, and our paintball guns. We all divided into teams and set out our game plan. We each have flags on each side of the paintball field and one of our teammates had to retrieve the flag without getting shot and bring it to the other side of the field.

We all agreed to the plan and headed out. Each side had five guys we picked the side we wanted. After about five minutes to go and prepare for the match to begin I went to a big tree and camouflage myself to the environment around me .Once the five minutes had passed my teammates and I slowly stared to go to the other side somehow to retrieve the flag without being shot. One of my teammates was in front so he could scout the place so we wouldn’t get into any surprise. Then suddenly I heard a sound like a branch break or something. My heart started to pound faster and faster, and then I saw a square which was a relief, for a second there I thought my heart was going to literally pop out. When everything was quite again I thought we were on the clear, but then suddenly someone was shooting at someone.

I looked around me and I saw one of my teammates was under heavy fire so I snuck up to the shooter without him noticing me and BAM! He went down I slowly asked everyone, is everyone ok? I heard them say yea we are fine let’s keep moving one of them yelled. So we did but man what adrenalin I had. I could hear my heart pounding like crazy like giant stomping as hard as he could. When we were walking slowly by the trees I saw something so I told my teammate to go on both sides were I thought I saw someone  they started to go around him and then something started to  shoot at me I quickly ducked so I wouldn’t get shot .Then suddenly the shooting stopped.

Then I saw one of my teammates waving his arm to me saying everything is clear. So I rushed to him and I saw two men were down and were out of the game.one was ours and one wasn’t.  I asked what happened. He told me that when we got there just when we were about to shoot him he turned around and shot our teammate. I told them ok that’s fine we only have one man down and they have to so we are ok.we walked about twenty feet and bam there it was, the flag. I looked around, I knew something was wrong it was awfully quiet one of my teammates was just about to get it and yelled STOP! It’s a trap then I saw someone on the tree by the fag waiting to shoot us I pointed up to one of my team mates and he nodded and gave me a thumbs up .He carefully aimed to the top of the tree and shot him. He was out he climbed down and walked away. I went towards the flag and grabbed it.


Now all we had to do is get the flag to our side of the field. I walked to one of my teammates and said go in front of us and scout the place to make sure we don’t run into any surprises.  He ran quietly in front of us and told us if we were good to go. About thirty yards out he was just about to wave his arm to say that the coast was clear splat he was hit from the side .We all reacted fast, and looked, I saw someone, it looked like it came from the hill under the log and he was holding our flag.

I told my teammates that we have to take him down or else they will win they are not that far from winning. Then I saw the other guy with the sniper I knew he was the shooter. S o I gave the flag to my partner and said” get this to the other side”.

He ran as fast as possible to the other side. The other team tried to shoot him, from their side. I told him cover fire for me I’m going to try to run after him”.  Go! I said then he stated to fire at the other teammates I cleaned my helmet so it wouldn’t be so fogged up and then put it on and took a good grip of my gun and started to run .at first I didn’t see where he was so I went to the direction were he went and saw him sneaking up on my teammate .Then bam! I shot him in the back twice and he surrendered.

We won! We all left of the forest and started to take our gear off, man saw us and said” good game guy ear our cars I was waiting for the field to be empty so I could go and play with my team. I’m from the NPPL I came here to have a little fun to get away from home for a while before I go back to Los Angeles to play with the pros. had seen you guys play and you guys are not that bad. You guys should go pro man. Then he left see you guys later maybe. Before he got in to his car he called up there and said, ’you should totally try out I think you would be a good paintballer.He gave his card to me and said if you ever change your mind you call me and I will hook you up and the pay Is really good. We got our gear off and headed out.

Since that day, I practiced shooting straight, I become very good shooter six months later I called him and flew to LA to meet him. He showed me all the cool places to paint ball and I went to some training in order to be qualified for the pros. After I had training, I went to play with the pros. The rules were simple. When we started to play we had teams that were from different states and whichever team wins gets money and trophies.

The first team we played was from Oregon .Each team had twenty people. When played it was pretty scary .When playing for fun, it is not nearly as scary. A starts the game and you have ten minutes to discuss with your teammates what the plan is going to be. Our captain told us what we needed to do. Everyone one was assigned a task. Mine was to get us to a higher place and shoot the enemy, which was wearing different uniforms we had black with dark green and their uniforms were blue and white, and our were black and dark green.

When I heard that whistle blow I was scared out of my mind! I, I had one advantage over the enemy; it was easier for me to see them. The field was around a couple thousand feet by a thousand feet. The place was awesome. They had houses with ammo if we run out and I had about 2000 paintballs with me and two 20oz of co2 tanks. It was very important that they didn’t see me or else they would shoot me until I give up.

I saw one of the other side’s teammates tried to sneak up on to my team. I aimed really good at him and slowly press the trigger and I got him. He was out 19 more to go I said then suddenly I heard a paintball splat near me someone was trying to shoot me .I duck and waited for him to stop firing at me.looks like he saw me when I was shooting one of their guys. I had no choice but to start shooting him or else he would gain ground on me and I would be in big trouble so I slowly peeked out to see if anyone else was around. but I didn’t see anyone which was good the less bad guys the better .so I knew his persist location looking for and waiting when the best time would to be too strike him that would be when he had to reload his hopper.

I took off my mask and put it out just enough for him to fire at me, I had to hold my mask long enough that he ran out of paintballs. After about five minutes shooting, I knew that he was out and was reloading his hopper. I slowly climbed down from my spot and went around him without him noticing me and when I saw the back of his body .He was out.

I went back to my spot to see if anyone was coming. I remembered that I was kind of low on paint balls I had only about 1000 left which was not lot if I was going to last up here.so went down to get some more paintballs .I remembered that I saw some house which was more closer to the enemy. I had to risk it in order to win .I slowly sneaked up toward the house didn’t see anyone I knew that was clear so I went in to this room where I saw paintballs and were I could refill me tanks if I needed to but I was good on co2 for now. Just when I was about to leave the house I saw some kind of cage which was locked. But the lock was not that big .But in side of that cage was some sort of weapons I saw paintball grenades, some kind of paintball guns the one I had never seen before but they looked strong .there were snipers rifles, assault rifles, and a shot gun.

I said to myself I had to get myself one of those shot guns. So I tried to break the lock but it didn’t break. I looked around the room and looked for something to break that lock with. Then I saw the co2 tank were I could refill my tanks.co2 is very cold I could freeze the lock and break it easily. First I refilled my co2 tanks and emptied the hopper so I could only shoot co2 out of the gun. So I went to the lock pointed my barrel at the lock and started to pull the trigger until the tank was empty. I could see that it was starting to freeze. When the tank was empty I quickly switched the empty co2 tank for a full one and started to shoot it again .The lock become so cold that it started to steam. I found a rock and smashed it into pieces.

I got in the cage and took the shot gun and couple of other weird guns that I had never seen before. I tried to shoot with it but there was only about twenty paintballs in there so I didn’t. These paintball balls weren’t ordinary, they were four times as big. Then I strapped it to my back and refilled my co2 tanks took what I needed and got out of there.  I went back to looking for someone to shoot then I heard a noise in the back, I quickly hid by some kind of cover.

I waited for someone to come out then I saw a group of people walking out the forest. They were not friendly. It was the other the other team there was about five of them. I knew they would see me so I had to attack them before the curve, that’s when the will see me and shoot me.  I took my biggest big gun that shoots big paint balls.  I got low to the ground hid beside some sort of bush and waited for them to come to me.

When I saw the enemies feet I went full out on them .I shot all of my rounds shooting randomly everywhere. When I was out I took my shot gun jumped up and looked they were all down whining from the pain. Then I heard a noise coming from the back, oh “no I said, not again.” But then a soon as I saw the colors of my team I was relieved. They asked me,” what you are doing here”. I said, “I was getting some ammo, when I ran into them.” wow, “one guy replied. You took all of them down by yourself? Yes I said again and explained what happed .Before I knew it we had won and we haven’t even lost that many teammates. So all of us went to the stage and some guy announced the winners.

They called my name out first. I didn’t understand at first and the guy on the stage told me why. He said, you are one of our freshmen paint ballers and you played excellently. Taking down that many opponents for your fist time we are honored to have you on our team. I didn’t understand how they knew what I did it was too far away for anyone to see. Then he explained that they have cameras everywhere.

Then they gave me a medal and gave an envelope. I opened it and it was a check to me and it said 1,000,000 dollars. Wow I said,” that’s a lot”. Not as much you’re going to get if you play the best, said the announcer. Everyone clapped and said good luck on your next game .So I waited for the next game .I had some time on my hands so I went to Hawaii. After a few games I had won they pronounced me the best paintball player in the world.

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