April 19 – Youth Court Conference

Hello Students.  I’m not at school today because I’m in town at the Youth Court Conference.  Today, I’d like you to continue working on your Multigenre Projects.  But first,  read one of your classmates stories from the “The Day I Died” link on the tool bar.  I’m very impressed with all of your stories.  Some are funny, despite or in spite of the main characters death.  Stay in touch, Ms. Suzanne

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Hello!  Be sure to look at Friday’s post of things to keep you on track.

Today, please post a reply with a couple sentences about your research topic and how the research is going so far.

z and sz

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Multigenre Research Project

Wawoo!  I gave you a whole lot of information today about our 4th Quarter research project.

Here’s a list to help you keep track of things:

  • Grocery / Research List – steps 1-10 should be completed and ready to turn in to me on Wednesday April 10
  • Complete FQI (Facts, Questions, Interpretations) as you research
  • Refer – often! – to the checklist to keep yourself on track!
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Argumentative Essays

Students, please post your essay to the blog by commenting to this post.  Thanks and happy proving your points!

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Ms. Suzanne’s Sick Day

Hello Students,

Since I am not able to be at school with you today, I want you to comment to this post.  Tell me your Argumentative essay topic, where you are in the steps listed in the previous post, and if you have found one resource using the Digital Pipeline.  I will try and be on-line during class and will post replies.

Remember that you have two pieces of writing happening this week.  Top priority is the Argumentative essay with specific focus on conventions, word choice and sentence fluency. The second is a “light”, fun, creative fiction piece with the ominous title “The Day I Died”.

See you Tuesday,  Ms. Suzanne

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Argumentative Essay

  1. Choose a topic from the handout (with the noted exceptions).  Choose something you feel strongly about or have a fairly strong opinion.  If you don’t care about your topic – neither will your reader.
  2. Brainstorm – what do you already know about the topic?  What is your opinion?
  3. Complete Class Pass Worksheet.
  4. Research using the databases available on the Homer Public Library website:  http://www.cityofhomer-ak.gov/library  Right column, click on “Databases & Websites”, and finally choose Newspapers & Magazines.
  5. Read the article, take notes WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE RESOURCE!
  6. Make a plan.
  7. Do four square for introductory and conclusion paragraphs.  Remember there is such a thing as a well-written and descriptive two sentence introductory or conclusion paragraph.
  8. Block out essay.
  9. Draft.
  10. Peer review.
  11. Revise, edit, and publish (post to blog).
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Homer Council of the Arts Writing Contest announced the winners on February 7, 2013.  The following students earned Honorable Mentions! Good writing!

Katya – poetry “The Rain”

Alik – fiction “Writer’s Block”

Varvara – fiction “The Phone Call”

Leedia – fiction “White Roses”

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Read, comment, enjoy

All the stories are up on the Blog from first semesters writing.  Please read and enjoy!  Students need to make several sentence comments on every story they read (for points). Make sure your comment is appropriate and kind.

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Saw / Seen

Aaaaaa the misuse of SEEN for SAW – let’s end it, right here, right now!

But, first, a review of verb tenses:

  • Present (states an action that is happening now or that happens regularly):  I see, you see, he/she/it sees, we see, you see, they see
  • Past (states an action that happened at a specific time in the past):  I saw, you saw, he/she/it saw, we saw, you saw, they saw
  • Future (states an action that will take place):  I shall see, you will see, he/she/it will see, we shall see, you will see, they will see
  • Present Perfect (states an action that began in the past and is still going on.  Add has or have):  I have seen, you have seen, he/she/it has seen, we have seen, you have seen, they have seen
  • Past Perfect (states an action began and was completed in the past.  Add had):  I had seen, you had seen, he/she/it had seen, we had seen, you had seen, they had seen
  • Future Perfect (states an action that will begin in the future and end at a specific time in the future.  Add will have):  I shall have seen, you will have seen, he/she/it will have seen, we shall have seen, you will have seen, they will have seen

What we hear way too much:

  • I seen that movie last week at the theatre.
  • Betty seen her cousin at the Winter Carnival last February.
  • Did you know we seen some seals off the beach in September?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – here’s the easy RULE:

Use SAW ONLY when you are speaking or writing in the PAST TENSE and when HAS, HAVE or HAD is NOT a part of the verb.

  • Example:  I SAW the hockey game last weekend.

The hockey game obviously happened in the past (last weekend) and HAS, HAVE, or HAD is not a part of the verb.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – here’s the easy RULE:

Use SEEN ONLY when you are using HAS, HAVE, or HAD as part of the verb.

  • Example:  Bob HAD SEEN that TV program several times by the time Tom saw it.

SEEN is correct because HAD is part of the verb.

Some sentences for you to try:

  1. Ivan (saw, seen) his four-wheeler used as a float in the parade.
  2. I never (saw, seen) such a big brown bear!
  3. Have you (saw, seen) the pelmini made at Katya’s house this week?
  4. Alexander (saw, seen) his sister’s purse hanging on the back of the chair.
  5. Mr. Miller had (saw, seen) many apples disappear from his desk until he decided to catch the culprit.


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More deadlines and due dates . . . .

Finished writing is due to Ms. Suzanne no later than November 21.  However, we are no longer having Writing Workshop after next week (last class day will be Friday, November 9).

Kenai Peninsula Writing Contest deadline has been extended to Wednesday, November  21.  If you want to enter this contest, you have time to continue revising, refining and making it the very best after the due date to me.  Go to the web site for more information:  http://www.homerart.org/programs/kenai-peninsula-writers-contest/

Elesey and Ms. Suzanne.

Elesey won an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Kenai Peninsula Writing Contest.

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